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You're now a valued member of CLIXLR8 ONLINE and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us for your first of Two free 15 minute consultation to evaluate your business aims and purposes.

Since this is actually a business consultancy service (yes, it is the only difference is, there is an online presence) we can only make available to free members who recent signed up a total of Two sessions.

Premium membership offers a one-on-one business consultancy approach whether you're promoting an affiliate product, running a start up, you have an established small business and want to do the online thingy, a product creator, video marketer, whatever you do and as long as it requires something to be done online i.e branding and awareness, building an email list, starting a WordPress blog, promoting a YouTube video etc, we can help.

Now that you're here, we would like to know a little bit about you and you can tell us by commenting in the Comment area below.

Question: Why did you join the CLIXLR8 ONLINE program, what are you expectations and how would you like us to help you achieve your online marketing goals?

Give us your best answer below in your comments and if your comment is the top comment voted for at the end of each month you win $100.00.

You are allowed to boost your comments, like it, share it all over social media along with engaging with comment posted by other members. You must vote for other comments you like as these comments might even reflect your own feelings.

Of course we will love for you to help others to build an engaging network of people who communicate openly, honestly and professionally with each other.

Bonuses prizes will be awarded by our admin review system throughout the month based the the activities performed by you as you build out your success bit by bit.

Working With The  CLIXLR8 Online Program

Do Not Abandon This Program So Quickly As It's Designed To Help You : so you need to take some time and find out more information about how best this program can help you with your marketing.

Yes {{Name}}, the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program has been developed to help persons to fend for themselves in a distorted, misleading world and unforgiving world called online marketing.

We developed this program based on the most innate need found in humans - the desire to communicate and socialize with like minded opportunity seekers but here's the edge about the program:

You share your thoughts and opinions

You offer solutions to issues - money issues

You participate and you engage with others

You seek our support on what when where how

You make an effort to stick with workables

You make value benefit exchanges (your time)

This Is Not A Fantasy Program

To do all that mentioned above and more you need to understand that in the real world it's not possible one could have their hands in a hundred different projects day in day out and comes out a success - it's impossible for you to work Four full time jobs a day that's 32 hours out of 24!! See where am going here?

You can't just go after every opportunity you see advertised worse the ones promising instant results - do allow marketers to hype solutions that promises Four (4) figures daily without immense effort nothing in digital marketing and entrepreneurship is easy, don't let hype mystics fool you.

You Can Fire The Boss Eventually

Everyone wish they could just fire the boss and rest up a little bit more and make millions from little if any effort, we all dream that dream but in reality whether you're trudging through a soul sucking 9 - 5 or on the internet trying to eke out a living it still takes work and a whole of it.

Find a program that works {{Name}}, put in the time and effort, follow clear instructions, seek support, evaluate your results from your own effort, make the necessary adjustments and push through for the right results.

Every Program Has It's Challenges

Here at CLIXLR8 ONLINE there's an immunified challenge to get the word out as people especially those who were the early adopters in internet marketing 20 odd years ago are stuck in their modality and had refused to adapt to newer fronts and innovative changes but the one thing that remains an eternal constant is that to get results we have to work for them.

CLIXLR8 ONLINE: A user-generated content based program that monetizes your content through various media some more progressive than others but is largely dependent on your valuable contribution {{Name}} as the more the user engage the program the better it works. You are allowed to promote your links in an acceptable, non intrusive and non advertising kind of way as the best way to advertise is not to advertise at all.

Here's How To Make Money With CLIXLR8 Online

The best way to advertise is not to advertise?! Really? What kind of Bull Hock statement is that? Well {{Name}} your reaction is only normal as there seems to be a juxtaposition here.

What we expect from you when promoting your links is to inform your audience, share tips and trips, highlight challenges and offer a recommended solution i.e a product you may wish to represent be it your own or it may very well belong to an affiliate program.

Don't just slap dash come on strong with a sales pitch (people have been dumbed, blinded and have become hearing impaired to instant sales pitches) instead go native, create a topic around which you could highlight the challenges and offer a solution (a product you would love to make some handy commissions from).

Successful Programs Require Real Effort

I've noticed that once a program requires some creative thought process people back out as they're afraid to challenge their own minds and that's where the money is and always will be - Yes, your mind makes money.

But I already am aware that there are a few of us around that will welcome this challenge and are not afraid to take the initiative to put their shoulders to the grind and crunch out some numbers that will benefit us tremendously when the revenue generated is tallied up and distributed among effort makers.

Reward Based Programs Are The New Innovation

CLIXLR8 ONLINE allocates credits (CLX) rewarded for activities such as daily logins, posting content, commenting on posts, sharing posts to social profiles, visiting recommended links and watching videos. All credits are convertible for bonuses, earning views and cash payments.

The fastest and easiest way to earn credits (or CLX Points) you can convert to traffic or cash is to send referral traffic to any posted content on site. All you need to do is add /?mref=Your-Clixlr8-Username to the end of any url of your choice (you can add your referral link to your own posts and ads if you like. Using the following example here is the link to our "Mail 1000 Leads Daily" promoted offer:

We simply select a post we would love to refer and write our referral link like this: (username: shooter)

You will earn 5 CLX point (site credits) for every visitor you send and believe me if you send traffic from our recommended sources this will add up quick and fast putting you in line to earn traffic for you credits and cash bonuses as activity rewards for free member and all that and more for premium member who can choose how they wish to be compensated.

Converting Your Credit Rewards

Every 25000 (CLX) you earn pays you $2.50 as a free member and $25.00 as a premium member and you can earn credits for payment in blocks of 25000 and you will be credited the applicable amount for each block you earn.

To help us to support you and co-promote your content whenever you submit content|post to the site we charge $2.50 per post which is paid back to you through monetization - free member will earn back $7.50 as we monetize your content over time.Premium members will earn unlimited revenue share of monetization as long as your content stays onsite.

Content Marketing Still Works

This program takes a bit of work yes but no more than what is ordinarily required of anyone with a common sense approach to building trust and good relationship that will ultimately result in a value for value benefit exchange as you simply provide us with interesting and engaging content that other users will find useful and informative.

Don't know the what, when, where and how to write? No problem here's a content writing guide you can download here to help you sort your writing out.

This very valuable download here will help you to define your writing style and approach by choosing from 50 different ways you can present your content to monetize and generate well needed income for your family.



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