Wedding Speech


I initially wrote these e-books to help out real people like you and me prepare for speeches at wedding receptions.

Why? Because it's a nerve-wracking experience – even for professional speakers – and we all need a little help sometimes!

If you have these symptoms, there's a good chance your speech needs work! Luckily, we have the solution!

Yes, people are paying attention to what you say, not just how you say it. So make sure you're using the right words!

Some wedding speeches are all emotional and cheesy – but not yours! You lighten the atmosphere and spread some smiles. How? By sharing funny stories about the newlywed couple. You've got the anecdotes – we've got the templates! Just copy the parts you need, and fill in the blanks. Your humorous anecdotes and cracking jokes will make the audience roll with laughter!

Weddings are emotional events. The newlyweds are embarking on a new chapter together. And you want to relate those special moments you shared. But don't let aimless wanderings down memory lane turn your audience off! Instead, plan out your sentimental story with a sentimental template. You'll get your story across in a more entertaining and memorable fashion!

The happy couple are complex people. And you have stories about them that are both comic and romantic. Rather than choosing one or the other, why not go with both? Give your audience a true retelling of fond memories that's still entertaining. How? By mixing your fun stories and sentimental moments using our structured guides!

Take a look at our speech pages for real-world comments from people just like you who made speeches from wedding speeches HQ.


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