Vidvamp by Explaindio will restore and enhance any video

Vidvamp Review | Vidvamp by Explaindido


Vidvamp Review | Vidvamp by Explaindido

Is your digital marketing using any video creation or editing app?

Do you have any old footage, new videos, or stock videos?

Sure we all have a few of those motion element, video stock footages and video tutorials you downloaded over time.

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we expect you to be super happy with upping your game far and way above your closest competitor with my new app VidVamp.

Traffic Ivy By Cindy Donovan, WildFire Concepts
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Add visual flair and motion element creativity to your videos and have them uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Watch, Daily Motion, Twitch, IGTV by Instagram, Periscope, LBRY, BYTE and VEVO

Our state-of-the-art video editing and enhancement software will get your videos liked more and shared more by viewers giving it a greater chance to go viral on the social media networks.

Videos are the go to source and are quickly becoming the medium which will have people spending more time on major websites giving those websites the opportunity to put their advertising message directly (but subliminally) in front of users.

VidVamp Video Enhancement Software

Product: VidVamp Video Enhancement Editor

Price:   $37.00

Front-end VidVamp Commercial $37.00 with $12.00 for                        early birds. There is a 14 Day Free Trial Offer Available

OTO 1:

VidVamp Deluxe $44.00 use this to double the                          number of special effects and animated overlays

OTO 2:

VidVamp Agency $67.00 Unlocks Advanced                                Mode, 1080p & 4k plus ads 4 licenses.

OTO 3:

VidVamp V.I.P Effects Library $19.95 per month                       comes with 4000 animated overlays

OTO 4:

PicAnimate $47.00 - $67.00 use PicAnimate to                         create a stunning motion element from a single picture

OTO 5:

Explaindio Player $34.65 per month this is a very                    advanced must have video player for all marketers

OTO 6:

Script Vocalizer $69.00 per year Amazon Polly                          powered Text-To-Speed App. Add dialogue to your videos


VidVamp is an app that can turn your videos into visually striking blockbusters that is guaranteed to bring more viewers, generate more leads, and move people to take action from their visual engagement with the VidVamp Software.

Your digital marketing will bring better return on investment by revamping any ole video into visually striking visually enhanced blockbuster that will generate more viewers, generate more leads, and motivate visitors to your squeeze pages to take action and sign up to your offers.

And yes, you will be able to revamp and enhance any kind of video to use with your digital marketing.

VidVamp also offers a commercial license that you can use to add even more substantial revenue to your digital marketing service. You can profit from selling these revamped videos or video revamp services! Get it and go into business with VidVamp Video Editor.

Vidvamp by Explaindio will restore and enhance any video
Click Image To Restore Your Old Videos

Who Is VidVamp For?

VidVamp is for people who want to lower their facebook advertising cost with higher click through rates, run successful youtube channel, have their videos go viral, spice up review videos, and make ecommerce & digital products look more attractive to buy.

VidVamp will also bring new life to old videos and boost your results from other video creation and editing apps.

If you're into digital marketing VidVamp is right up your street and you should take the opportunity to make use of this software:

Digital Marketing consists of the following areas of marketing a product on the internet:-

Affiliate Marketing - what sells your affiliate more than a video sales letter? Internet users have been spoiled motionless into taking less effort to even scroll a page to read through a long sales copy so here comes video sales letter to the rescue.

You have to make your video sales letter pitch more attractive these days by adding alluring transitions and adding elements to your videos to make them even more visually appealing - Vidvamp is just right for this kind of job.

You will have visitors getting more information about what your affiliate product is all about in a shorter time  but you would need to make your videos more compelling than the average.

Traffic Conversion - whether you will using paid traffic campaign from Google, Bing among other paid traffic services, search traffic users will usually go to a Youtube video link found at the top of the search results before they click on a link to an article to read content from a long sales copy.

But what about optimizing for organic traffic? Answer, it's the same reaction, online search users will go to the video link to gather the information as quickly as possible.

You would have noticed by now that GOOGLE gives Youtube video links top of the page treatment sending that "first click traffic" to their Youtube watch pages.

Suppose, everytime you perform a search those first pages of GOOGLE search results were to consist only of Youtube video links, what percentage of traffic would go to page 2, 3, 5 or 5? Just think.

You need to incorporate videos in your digital marketing approach as this will attract more prospects but you need a strong message along with compelling visuals that will keep your visitors eyes on your offers.

Leads Generation - this is simply customer acquisition spelt another way. Businesses need customers, videos when done right with tools such as Vidvamp and a strong solutions solving offer will convert your leads to customers.

Product reviews and special feature informing prospects about your business done in video format are great options you should choose to let your prospects know that you and your business are technologically savvy and are on the cutting edge of innovation.

SEO Audit and Optimization - using video for your offsite and onsite SEO strategy works a million and would get you more organic value especially when your content is properly titles for using Google's voice search.

Combine stunning enhanced videos created with VidVamp by Explaindio with optimizing your content for voice search and boom!! You're there, your ranking will definitely shoot up.

A very neat trick used by advanced SEO practitioners is converting the entire content on the page to a video with article to video converter tools such as Viomatic or Article Video Robot.

For example if you wrote an article on "How To Arbitrage Crypto and Make A Killing Trading On The Exchanges" you would write a very informative guide in this popular niche but instead of only offering a long everlasting scrolling to read through, you simply convert that content to video with any of the above tools, add even more stunning effects using Vidvamp and add your video to the top of your content page.

Local SEO - be the envy of your local community by putting out the best looking videos that tells your prospects that you're miles ahead of your competitors as the videos on your Youtube channel, your Facebook fan pages, your LinkedIn pages or your main websites are the one worth watching.

Local SEO is done to attract and grow your local customer base by ranking top of search results for local users. Videos sitting at the top of local searches reign supreme as these are definitely "first click" assets that will be clicked on and watched first in the search results. You cannot lose from ranking videos for local search.

Global SEO - using videos for global SEO is recommended for ranking by multinational businesses and for people selling digital downloads such as Saas software, Kindle book, WordPress plugins, WordPress Themes, desktop software, general user mobile apps,  videos and music. VidVamp will give your videos the professional edge.

read my Vidvamp review and get my bonuses
Vidvamp Makes Your Videos Visually Stunning

Niche Marketing - look at the popular niche such as online games with millions and millions of searches each month. Preparing a visual "how to play" or creating a "cheat sheet guide" for users will definitely have your game becoming more popular as users will appreciate the strategy guides you uploaded on Youtube and other video hosting platforms.

Vidvamp video enhancement, animated overlays and special effects templates will be suitable for perking up your videos for your users.

Local Marketing - same as local SEO strategy, creating information guides on your products using videos is a perfect fit for marketing at the local level.

Everybody is into videos, that's why the motion picture industry is doing so well in the age of advanced technology as visual appeal triggers and fire the endorphins and serotonin synapses of the brain and is easier to recall and relate therefore offer a higher word of mouth conveyance of your message as people will tell others about your business.

Creating a buzz locally around your business with interesting, appealing and informative video content will increase brand awareness and bring in more customers as your content goes viral.

Email Marketing - as for your email subscribers, what do you think they would prefer? A, a long winding email copy or B, a simple call to action inviting them to take a look at the latest video you uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo? The answer is obvious.

Social Media Branding - use VidVamp to add spice and flavour to you videos, post them to every single social media platform you are allowed to submit a video and see the viral effect and traffic being generated from your videos when you submit A1 quality, professional looking videos made possible with this one of a kind video enhancing tool, the epitome of innovation.

Social Media Advertising - should you advertise on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn (the list goes on...) nothing will grab your  viewers attention more than videos that deliver the message on point with deep mind altering subliminal inserts that will trigger the right actions from viewing your videos such as signing up to your list, clicking on the "buy now" or "get more info" link.

You need videos that speak to the viewer below the surface, thus motivating them to take action by engaging more with your content and subsequently giving you their contact details or even buying from your affiliate or e-commerce store.

Video Marketing - Do you own a video website or focus a lot on your YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting platforms? This is a GODSEND for video marketer and creators.

Video marketers will definitely be crushing the competitors with the force of a neutron star. Your game will be too heavy to be knocked over as you now have a complete immovable advantage over every single one of your competitors.

It doesn't matter what other tool you have been using before, VidVamp should be considered for the advantages that it provides the video marketer now, advantages that were not present before now.

Video marketers using video optimization tools such as Video Marketing Blaster will have even more of a supreme advantage using this video marketing tool with VidVamp By Explaindio

Does your digital marketing fall into any one of the above categories? If it does... then VidVamp is the right product for you to use to add vitality to all your video assets.

VidVamp Free Bonuses For Digital Marketers

A lot of affiliate marketer only promote products for the sake of earning a dollar without thought to the benefits to be delivered.

If someone is offering a prospect a link after which having taken advantage of they become your customer and you become their business supporter by offering after product purchase services.

Offering bonuses has become an industry norm now used by proponents to establish a future relationship with the customers.

We will be making Three bonuses available to those who act now and take advantage of our VidVamp Product Offer:

VidVamp Bonus #1 - 3 Month Free Premium Trial

For our best bonus, you will receive your first Three (3) month free as a Bronze Premium Account right here at CLIXLR8 ONLINE to boost your marketing helping you to reach more prospects, generate more leads and increase your sales for your business.

If you select this bonus, you will be opting for a premium account charged at $0.00 for your first Three (3) months with the option to continue on a paid subscription or cancel your subscription.

Please Click On This Link To Start Your Three (3) Month Free Trial


VidVamp Bonus #2 - Free YouTube Optimization

For each post you create with your Bronze Premium Account we will convert the post content to video, optimize the video with our video marketing SEO tool to be uploaded to your YouTube Channel.

You may create as many native posts as possible for your account.

VidVamp Bonus # 3 - Live Video Marketing Guide

Free download copy of Live Video Marketing for Digital Marketers.

Follow this guide and learn how to drive traffic, generate leads, build awareness, build trust and sell more with Live Video Marketing. This is one the best training guides available right now.

life video marketing techniques for digital marketers
How To Host & Promote Live On Any Platform

To access all of your bonuses, create a support ticket with your username and transaction receipt number and forward it to this our support link and we will setup your bonuses for you.

You can contact us to request any bonus offer you think might help you to define your marketing strategies. Just ask for it and if we have it available we will have it delivered to you as we have thousands of free resources ready to be delivered to our members.

Click Here To Set Up Your VidVamp Account and benefit from our support and business help to see you through to your deserved success.

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