CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program – Why Should I Join?


CLIXLR8 ONLINE is our marketing & support platform for the Ultimate Profit Builders Network where all members are joint owners of the products and services that we sell.

This is the first ever UGC monetization membership blog - members provide the content, admin provides the shared service center for optimizing for page rank, marketing and promoting members content.

We promote services for people treating online marketing including affiliate marketers) like a business and would like to maximize the use of the digital space as if it were a brick and mortar business but in the virtual sense with the same principles that apply to an everyday business.

The list of services we provide are many and members can request our services in any of the following:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Web Development
  • Display Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Site Audit SEO Services
  • Website Performance Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Video Marketing
  • Partnership (JV) Marketing
  • Full Service Website Project Management
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Facebook for Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Promote My Business on Instagram
  • Selling on Amazon SEO Strategy
  • Promote Small Business Services Online
  • SEO for all eCommerce Sites i.e Amazon, Shopify, Ecwid etc;

We have created a number of products that are viable for small businesses:

  • Holiday Campaign Booster
  • Holiday Campaign Reporter
  • Google Business Dominator
  • Sales Trend Affiliate (A Mobile App sales tracker for affiliate marketers)
  • Backlink Resonator
  • The CPA Affiliate Marketer  Training Series

Here's the best thing about CLIXLR8 ONLINE - as a member you earn a share of revenue from the sales of all the above listed products and all you need to do is sign up choose your membership level  and remain active across the site. 100% of the profit made will be shared with our members.

Why? We believe we need to establish a platform for members to make money by either creating interesting content (and advertise without the need to advertise) by engaging with the information posted by your fellow members.

CLIXLR8 ONLINE is designed to to eliminate the constant clicking for email credits instead CLIXLR8 ONLINE users earn credits  which will be used to generate traffic to your guest posts by building up your credits for activities you normally perform on a day to day basis.

We have proven that safelist marketing is naturally low responsive due to aggressive email spam filters and your emails being flagged as spam no matter how many times the recipients whitelist your mails.

Your IP address is at risk of being blacklisted when you visit safelist sites, send emails to safelists or if you are visiting a high number of links each day.

No fault of their own, safelists, safelist marketers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, email marketers are unfairly criminalised by email services Yahoo being the worst of all not to mention AOL and hotmail among other haters of internet marketers. See 100 words you can't use when email marketing

CLIXLR8 ONLINE takes the focus from clicking for email credits to performing site activities to get clicks and views to your affiliate links, sites and ads which will include fellow members engaging with your guest posts and ads.  We will deliver clicks to your posted content from various advertising networks, search engine and social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram Etc;

CLIXLR8 ONLINE will deliver a higher concentration rate, better interaction and keyword centric clicks to your ads unlike safelist mailing.



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