How Do I Earn From The CLIXLR8 Program?


How Do I Earn From The CLIXLR8 Program?

To start earning traffic and cash simply follow these steps:

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the site
  2. From the top navigation bar click on "Earn Credits"
  3. Engage with the blog content to earn credits (you have to be logged in).
  4. 10 CLX creds will give you 1 unique visitor to any blog post you add to the site
  5. Use the search box at the top of the right sidebar area to search the site to find out if there is a post already submitted similar to the content idea you might have.
  6. If you find a post related to your product but that post has no external link. You simply request we add your link to that post.
  7. If no related post is found you then add the new product as a sponsored guest post review listing the pros and cons of owning and using this product
  8. The credits you earn is then converted to visitors for your sponsored post.

You're are to remain active onsite by referring and posting content for engagement. If you understand the concept of user generated content (OR User Created Content) you will understand our concept.

As a member you benefit from logging in daily to post, read and comment on members content, invite referral to join and interact, the more engagement the better as this will help to monetizes the content.

Premium members - will receive cash payment for the credits you earn from generating referral traffic, referring members , commenting and engaging and from content monetization.
Free members -  will earn traffic for every activity along with our activity bonus program.

We pay you (current rate) $1.00 1000 unique visitors sent to other members' content as a Bronze Premium Members.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Premium members will earn $2.00 and $3.00 per 1000 visitors respectively to any post they send their referral traffic to the posts of fellow members.

(Note: We Deliver 1000 Visits Minimum Per Guest Posts | You Get Paid For Your Referral Traffic To The Posts Of Other Members)

Members also earn traffic rewards (guaranteed visits to your posts) from the credits you earn from all other activities such as logging in, reading and sharing posts, watching videos, referring our affiliate program and taking advantage of the offers we mail to you.

Only active members will benefit from using this site so please keep your account active. Non active accounts will not be considered for payment after Ten (10) days of inactivity and deleted from the system after Thirty (30) days of being notified and the credits converted to revenue and awarded to loyal and active members.


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How Do I Earn From The CLIXLR8…

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