Top 10 Businesses You Can Do Online


Top 10 Businesses You Can Do Online

by David Hamrick posted on

So you only do safelist marketing and hardly nothing else maybe plugging a few affiliate links here and there sitting back hoping to strike it lucky with only about 3% of your effort actually giving any attention to your ad copy and 97% of your credits clicked going to waste.

If you are interested in trying your hands at other stuff marketing online here are a few ideas from David Hamrick as posted on

Here’s 10 in no particular order:

  1. Start an Amazon FBA private label business. This is what I do full time, personally, and has paid my bills for nearly three years. You research niche products on Amazon, source the products with Alibaba, brand those products with your own label, and sell them on Amazon. Amazon’s FBA program does most of the work for you.
  2. Write a series of eBooks. Pick a popular genre—mystery and romance—and write 2–3 books to start. Give away the first book for free, then charge for the sequels. As a bonus, tie in a Patreon account to make a predictable monthly income.
  3. Do content marketing with an attached sales funnel. Learn everything you can about sales funnels—Russell Brunson is probably the leading voice in this category, but I also like Miles Beckler on YouTube. Content marketing is just a way to drive free traffic to your sales funnel.
  4. Create a drop-shipping company. It takes all of 20 minutes to set up a drop shipping company with Shopify, the Oberlo app, and AliExpress. After that, you just market. Drop shipping is the practice of selling a wholesaler/supplier’s products without having to actually carry the inventory.
  5. Do Amazon/eBay arbitrage. Find cheap products on eBay, Craigs List, or any other website that sell for a lot more on Amazon (in fact, sometimes there’s variance in prices between Amazon merchant-fulfilled and Amazon FBA).
  6. Perform gig-work on Upwork or Fiverr. Whatever skills you have—especially if they’re computer-related—sell on outsourcing, freelance platforms like Upwork (for longer, more involved gigs) or Fiverr (for short, one-off stuff).
  7. Become an Instagram influencer. Build a massive Instagram following, which is pretty easy if you know how, and then start selling your account as a giant “billboard.” You can also do affiliate marketing from your account.
  8. Start an online course. People love to pay to learn things, especially if what they’re learning is in the field of health, wealth, love, and happiness. You can create a course and put it onto Udemy, or you can start a course on your own site.
  9. Create a popular podcast/YouTube channel. These are a bit more involved, and these days work better as a free traffic source than an income source, but still, there are those who make a decent living from products and ads that they’re selling with their podcasts and YouTube channels.
  10. Create tee shirts. T-shirts are pretty easy to make, and you can often do those on-demand, meaning that you sign up with a company that’ll print the shirts and ship them for you when they sell. Your job is to market and advertise it.
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And here’s a few that I recommend you DON’T do, either because those that are selling these ideas have either a) never done what they’re selling you before or b) got lucky with it and suffer from “survivorship bias.” This is the bullshit list (yes, I’ve tried all these and know for a fact they’re rubbish):

  1. Bitcoin mining. Or bitcoin anything.
  2. Binary options. Just stay away from anything with “options” in it altogether.
  3. Domain flipping. Unless you’re a WordPress master who lives in a foreign country where $100 per week is all you need, this is not a profitable field.
  4. MLM. This is how you make your friends and family hate you forever.
  5. Starting an app. Yes, it’s possible to do pretty well doing this, but do NOT do it unless you understand a whole lot about a whole lot of things including marketing and computer science (duh).

Whatever you do, good luck to you!

Hope this was helpful.

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