The Minimalist Exercise And Nutrition Program


You have tried several diets over the years (maybe even dozens) and yet none of them provided the long-lasting effects you had hoped for.

You have taken up regular exercising only to discover that it doesn't seem to have had any real effect on improving the shape of your body.

You often deny yourself when it comes to eating what you would really LIKE to eat, but in terms of reward for doing so, it's just not there...

You simply do not have the time or energy to keep on trying NEW approaches to eating and working out in the hope that one of them will finally show some promise.

You sense that there MUST be a way to make a breakthrough because so many others seem to have done so, and yet your attempts to improve your lot simply never quite pan out...

Don't be at all surprised if you find yourself agreeing with MOST of the statements above. That is absolutely normal. In fact, the number of people who ARE able to derive the kinds of benefits from their exercise and nutrition programs that they hoped they would be able to derive is actually depressingly small. I say depressingly because today I am a health and fitness professional whose job it is to help get my clients on the right track, and I know from experience that success does not come easy! Even WITH a trained guide at your side. On top of that, I have slowly come to recognize a simple truth about the apparent elusiveness of long-term health and wellness:

If You Are Failing To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Objectives, Then Part Of The Problem May Be That You Are OVER-COMPLICATING Your Plan Of Action

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The Other Part Of The Problem Arises When You Simply Choose The WRONG FOUNDATION Upon Which To Build Your Plan Of Action

What did I get in return for dedicating myself to a life of cardio? I got fatter. Almost 10 years into this jazzercise excursion of mine it finally dawned on me that both myself AND the class I was taking were getting nowhere as the years rolled on, if not just a little plumper with each passing summer. This proved to be one of the biggest lessons of my life. I had finally learned that exercise, in and of itself, was NOT the answer. You can go through the motions. But if you are doing the wrong thing, you will go NOWHERE. Nor did dieting improve things any for me. I had starved myself on and off during this time period and all it did was leave me feeling emaciated. It was time for the Jazzercise Queen to abdicate her crown. When an injury finally forced me to find a new way to remain physical I got the long-needed nudge in the right direction... Before long I had discovered a whole new approach to getting from exercise exactly what I had always believed should be possible but which until that time I never knew how to pull off. The BREAKTHROUGH came when I learned how to exclude activities and eating plans that were heavy in mental and physical investment but were NOT paying off in terms of tangible results. I learned how to maximize both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the things I was doing in the gym and in my kitchen. It was a watershed experience for me and absolutely changed both my life AND my body. More than 30 years later I have distilled these ideas and put them down in...


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