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Hello Fellow Marketer,

Many programs have a great pitch but again many also have the proof behind the pitch which makes their every ounce of credibility go through the roof!

This site smears their proof all over the front page.

Check out these numbers:

- 35,594 members
- Operating for 7 years now
- NEVER a missed payment during that time
- 1,577,346,000 emails sent since launch
- $320,169.37 in commissions earned by members
- High commission potential
- Multiple membership levels available

It's rare to have this much disclosure on a site.

If you are looking for a quality mailer that will
get your ads seen, look no further...

The proof is in the numbers!

Join now and see what it's all about!

Get 100+ Clicks Per Mailing Free


Royan Shaw


2 Replies to “State Of The Art Mailer”

    1. Igor, go to the posting page and set up a Landing Page Offer. We will demonstrate with your content to show you how well the program work so users joining can understand the system.
      P.S – The Satoshi earned for your activity will be exchanged 1:1 for traffic if you are a free member and 1:1.25 or 1:1.5 for traffic if you are a paid member.
      Premium members can sell back their net balance each month and have it converted at 1:1.25 for USD payment.
      If you generate Five (5) referral sales or more each month if you are free or premium member your bonus is even greater based on the revenue share program in place.

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