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I'll share with you how I did $6300 in my first 4 months of business, and how my gift basket business grew to do at least a quarter of a million dollars in sales per year !

Have you been thinking about starting a gift basket business? Are you researching the internet to find out how to start a gift basket business?

Good news! You have come to the right place. My name is Rita Wilhelm, and I have first hand experience on how to build a successful gift basket business. I want to share my secrets with you, so that you can save precious time and money. I want you to know what works, and what doesn't work.

I started my business on a shoe string, and used a spare bedroom in an apartment which my husband and I rented. We had very little money to get started.

The initial start phase of our company was very rocky to say the least. We had to learn a lot of hard lessons.

For example, I initially purchased the wrong kind of products to put in our gift basket, and had to replace everything. What I thought would be popular gift baskets, were actually not good sellers. Unfortunately at the time, we had printed brochures and business cards that promoted the gift baskets that we couldn't sell. That was money down the drain!

We also initially presented our gift baskets to the wrong decision makers, which wasted alot of time.

Eventually, I learned what worked well, and what didn't work, and I adjusted my business accordingly.

My gift basket business eventually grew to be one of the top gift basket businesses in the country. It grew from something we had in a spare bedroom, to a warehouse location with employees. We ran it for 10 wonderful years. I then successfully sold it (for alot of money) to start a new adventure.

Because of the success we had, I began receiving telephone calls from people wanting information about how to start up their own gift basket company. As the calls continued to come in, my husband and I decided to create a program aimed at helping people like you start their very own gift basket business. We wanted to develop a program that would allow people to avoid the costly pitfalls we endured and benefit from our years of experience.

10 Reasons why you should start a home-based gift basket business and join The Gift Basket Connectory

5. No continuing franchise fees. The Gift Basket Connectory is not a franchise, so you keep all your profits!

8. Businesses and individuals love sending gift baskets. It's a time saver, it's always appreciated, and it sends the desired sentiment.

"I was just starting out in the gift basket business and I was so overwhelmed as to what to do next. I became a member, and I found myself learning so much. It covered every aspect of this business, and put everything into perspective for me. I started my business with knowledge and confidence, and I honestly believe that your start up guide is the reason why"....................J. Fielder

Set your creativity free and design profitable baskets your customers will love. This video will guide you from taking the order to making the gift basket. In this easy to follow, step-by-step video you will learn:

I've learned first hand from experience, what works and what doesn't work. Mistakes in advertising can be very costly!

We've created brochures for you that are fully customizeable. You can simply add your name and contact information to...

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