Small Business Services

This is the small business consultancy and advertising services page of our network. We welcome advertisers to make contact with us so we can offer our services in creating and maintaining an online presence on their behalf wherever in the world they are.

1.Content writing service
We also do freelance content writing services for other blogs and websites. Contact us by clicking the link to the email address and send us an email with the subject line Writing Services to have someone contact you ASAP.

2.Advertising on this blog / Sponsored posts / Sponsored reviews
This site will publish sponsored reviews and sponsored posts for business owners seeking to build their online presence. Please feel free to contact us at the email address Contact Sales for any type of advertisement queries in this blog.

3.Blog / Online business consulting
You might be stuck with starting a blog for you or for your business. Sometimes you may need more information regarding starting an online business. If you are in any of these situation, please feel free to click this link and shoot an email here Free Consultation so that I can get back to you as soon as possible.

4.Setting up a new blog
Domain name guidance
WordPress Installation and WP plugin
set up About,Contact,Terms,Privacy pages

5.Content Writing Logo Design
Five 800 word pages of site content
Logo design and site colour matching
Social media sharing buttons

6.Social media marketing
Facebook marketing
Linkedin marketing
Instagram marketing
Twitter marketing
Istagram marketing

7.SEO & Content Marketing
Content creation and reviews
Site audit and SEO recommendations
Competitor and keyword analysis
Content promotion and placement on sites

Onsite Banner Advertising

CLIXLR8 ONLINE is a site targeting bloggers, webmasters, internet entrepreneurs, small business owners who run a brick and mortar business but would require our services in managing their online assets and more.

Advertising similar sites and promoting similar products here will help you obtain traffic from visitors that are likely to become potential readers or customers and will result in surefire success.

Also note that all ads on CLIXLR8 ONLINE small business ads do NOT rotate with other ads in the network, meaning your ad is visible 100% of the time and gets 100% of impressions for MAXIMUM exposure!

If any ads are marked as sold out, you can contact us to get on the waiting list for when a spot opens up.

Note: All ads are for promotion only, and not for manipulating search engine rankings. Therefore, all advertisements and links are marked with a “nofollow” attribute.

125×125 Banner Ads (Available!)
These banner ads are placed in a prime position and are sitewide. They rotate positions randomly with each impression and are visible 100% of the time. One 125×125 banner is $100 per month. Click here to purchase.

300×250 Banner Ads (Available!)
This banner ad is in the top and most visible spot on the entire blog, and is viewed sitewide on every page 100% of the time. There is only one, so all focus goes on you! One 300x250 banner is $300 per month. Click here to purchase.

Text Link Ads (Available!)
Text link ads can help increase your exposure and are a very inexpensive way to advertise. One contextual text link ad inserted in a highlighted box is just $30 per month. (Note: not all links are dofollow). Click here to purchase.

Sponsored Reviews (Available!)
Sponsored reviews are a complete and detailed review of your site, blog, or service. They will contain constructive criticism if needed to help you better your site, and also promote it to the hundreds of RSS readers and daily visitors CLIXLR8 ONLINE gets.

Your review will cover any topics you ask and contain any links or anchor text you wish (Note: not all links are dofollow).

All reviews are 100% honest without the influence of being paid. It will remain on this blog permanently. One review is just $100. 00 Click here to purchase.

Please use the e-mail address[@] to send us the requirements you need so that we can get back to you with a free quote and required suggestions.

Also, you can reach me through our social media profiles if you would like to inform us anything related to this blog or services.

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