Seo Amazing Cash Clixlrator

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Product Name:  SEO Amazing Cash Clixlrator

Product Creator: Ultimate Profit Builders Academy

Release Date: October 19, 2019

Target Market: Small Business Owners Seeking to Establish an Online Presence using Targeted Traffic and Lead Generation Strategy to Boost Sales and Profit.

Main Benefit: Updating Indexed and Already Keyword Ranked Pages Available at CLIXLR8 ONLINE With Your Product Information to Boost Traffic Leads and Sales For the Long Term.

Product Marketplace: WarriorPlus

Front-end Offer: Get GUARANTEED targeted traffic and thousands of relevant backlinks each month. We Add Paid Traffic Campaign Each Month Until Your Organic Search Picks Up.

Front-end Price: $197.00 monthly subscription for up to Five pages a month.

OTO 1: $297.00 monthly subscription gets you traffic plus collect your leads from your sign up form and add your contacts to your autoresponder.

OTO 2: $397.00 monthly subscription we do all the work DFY from start to finish optimizing your product pages, sending traffic, generating leads and promoting your product for you.

What is SEO Amazing Cash Clixlrator?

SEO Amazing Cash Clixlrator is a program of offering members the chance to use our posts and update them by optimizing all the content we already rank for by the keywords and keyword phrases on Google.

CLIXLR8 ONLINE is currently ranked for over 2500 keywords and search phrases therefore the chance to boost these ranking to Page 1 by adding more content, sending more backlinks, boosting the social signals, stealing competitors SEO in order to outrank them for the top 3 positions.

All you need to do is send us your email address and we will authorize you to access our keyword master file, create new content with the keyword phrase we already rank for or update an existing unclaimed post, add your content and we will instantly take care of the optimization boost ranking process for you.

What's better than optimizing links for keyword phrases that are already ranked and indexed in Google? SEO optimization and search engine ranking is an eternal strategy which will benefit the content creator for years to come.

You will certainly profit from this strategy for the long term and what's more important than a long term strategy that has tremendous benefits?

Only the truly business oriented in it for the long haul type of digital marketer will understand the real benefits. If you're looking for a quick dime this is not the type of marketing strategy you are going to need. We are looking for partners who are serious digital marketers.

SEO AMAZING CASH CLIXLRATOR is designed to make money for you on auto pilot once you get the process going. As long as there is search traffic (and there always is) there is money to be made.

Join The SEO Amazing Cash Clixlrator BETA Trial

This product releases on October 19 and will be in BETA until it's pre-launch date (to be announced). For those of you who are interested in our trial offer all you need to do is sign up to the CLIXLR8 ONLINE program and pay for a sponsored post, select your pre-defined keyword phrase, claim some content or submit a fresh post using the keyword phrase that we already rank for.

We believe this is an amazing opportunity for struggling marketers especially those who have an interest in content marketing for SEO optimization.