Refer 10 Members And Get Another 5000 Clicks


Refer 10 Members And Get Another 5000 Clicks

Please visit our members drive promotion page

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Don't know what on earth to say? Well copy the swipe below drop it in your email and start getting in touch with others about this program. You can select copy and paste and customise the content in any way you like as long as the message is communicated effectively.

Hi [firstname],

I would love to introduce a brand new concept now in pre launch that's going to change the landscape on internet and affiliate marketing

If you join now using the link below you will receive 5000 clicks (added to your account after sign-up) as your early bird member bonus. You can later make money selling these clicks to members joining later or to your local advertisers.

Tired of mailing the same people over and over who are only interested in clicking for credit? If you are like me then this site just recently founded is the best workable alternative available.

I Need Your Help To Beta Test This New Program where you generate clicks and views to your site for various activities on site plus you get guaranteed visits from hundreds of reputable sources not just from members. You can collect then sell the clicks you earn for a 70% revenue share.

This is gonna be huge and could very well be the game changer in the way we market online.

Instead of simply surfing for credit you interact with fellow members and fellow members' content while building up points you can use to generate traffic to your own sites.

The limitation with reading emails for credits and surfing traffic exchanges is that traffic is generated from others competing with you and always within the same site. This program will generate traffic from other members as well as traffic from search engines, social media sites and other advertising networks.

A huge benefit to using this program is that your product pages can be SEO optimized to generate  free S.E.R.P traffic from the grand daddy of them all - GOOGLE.

What are you waiting for? Please get on board and help us to beta test this program as our only aim right now is to make this program as successful as possible.

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Please access your referral link at your members drive promotion page  and start promoting as we are aiming to register 10,000 members in the next 90 days and your participation will immensely benefit you and everyone involved.

Refer 10 Members And Get Anoth…

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