Reclaim Your Longevity: 8 Simple Steps To Dial In 20 More Years Of Peak Performance Living


If You Are At All Responsible For The Welfare Of Your Family, If You Consider Yourself A Breadwinner In Some Sense For Your Dependents - Then Pondering THIS Question Could End Up Saving You A FORTUNE...

What annoys me perhaps the most is that Jake's story is not of the "one in a million" variety that can easily be shrugged off as tragic but, well, frankly inconsequential - because it isn't very likely the rest of us might suffer the same kind of fate. Instead, the truth is much closer to the exact opposite. That's because premature death is the norm today, not the exception. And each time it happens the disruption to lives it causes goes well beyond the immediate deceased. Imagine yourself in Jake's position for a moment. You put everyone around you ahead of yourself to forge better business connections. You give generously of your time. But the unavoidable consequence of this is that your family has to pay the price in less time shared with you. But that's OK, you tell yourself. Because what you are doing is exchanging time now with your family for time with them later when their financial security will be guaranteed... You make huge sacrifices now with the understanding that your deferred rewards will more than make up for today's losses when the time comes to put up your feet. But what if, like Jake, you never make it to the finish line?

Would everything you have given up to get ahead and live the life of the peak performer still be worth the experience? Or would you feel immensely cheated - supposing for a moment there really is an afterlife where you get to reflect on the life you have now said goodbye to forever? And the family you leave behind. Are they likely to think the shared sacrifices were worth the end result?

For instance have you noticed any of the following symptoms that may have scarcely affected you just a decage ago:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of warning signs. Even when these indicators are simply reflections that your body is slowing down through neglect, the implication that your days of peak performance living are coming to an end is not particularly comforting. Especially not when it affects your earnings potential, your ability to enjoy all aspects of your life, and your projections of where you will be in the next ten years (washed up, put out to pasture, and forgotten - assuming you are still in the land of the living at that point). Here's the real problem. You've probably spent so much time listening to other succesful people tell you what you need to do to reproduce their success that you've brainwashed yourself into believing that they are telling you the FULL STORY. After all, aren't they all saying much the same thing? That the driving force behind personal achievement, fulfillment, and fortune, is nothing more than total belief in yourself and your unswerving willingness to put in the work needed to make your belief and vision become your reality? "All you have to do is put your mind to it and make it happen!" So what is wrong with this picture?

It is the implicit assumption that your mind, your consciousness, is an "engine of dream realization" over which you have complete control. It is the idea that your mind will remain strong, clear, and focused for whatever amount of time it takes to secure your goals. In reality your mind is anchored to the flesh and blood of your brain, your brain reactant to the...

Reclaim Your Longevity: 8 Simp…

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