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Assemble for: OO gauge trains HO scale trains N scale trains ... and other scale layouts

Including low relief structures can really add dimension and perspective to a model railroad. Basically, a low relief building (also called flats)is a structure that usually only has 1 or 3 sides. These kits are generally positioned against a railroad backdrop to give the appearance of full size buildings in the distance with trains operating in foreground.

These model railroad kits will add amazing realism to a diorama or railroading scene, and yet they are very inexpensive and easy to construct. You simply choose a kit from the wide selection for sale on this modelbuildings.org website, download it to your computer, then print it out (on A4 paper), glue it onto some cardstock (old cereal boxes are perfect), fold and glue it together. It’s that easy to build (no painting required) – you could construct a whole miniature railroad town scene for less than the cost of a couple of plastic model kits!

Easy to scale: All model train structures are in OO scale, so you simply alter your print settings as follows:

The wonderful world of model trains is truly amazing with the versatility that comes with creating your very own miniature world. Although you can buy almost everything you will need from a local hobby store or online train supplier, there is one essential item that can’t be bought or sold… that’s your imagination!

Designing and constructing your own railroad layout can be a real thrill. This wonderful hobby truly has something for everyone. Building, art, woodworking, electrics and electronics, mechanics, all of these can be found somewhere on your railroad layout.

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Scenery is what ultimately distinguishes a model railroad from a toy train set. Scenery is about the setting and telling a story about the trains and the landscape they travel through.

Scenery is how you choose to really showcase what you’ve created. It can be a product of your own skills and unique imagination, and there’s nothing more gratifying than to look over your miniature world and think proudly, “I created all this!” Your powers of observation will be exercised and honed as you learn the techniques and become aware of all of the minute details that surround you in the real world and try to create them in miniature.

While many miniature railroads are never completely finished, adding some good scenery and structures can go a long way to giving that 'finished' look.

When constructing your railway layout you will develop many new skills, or at the very least refine some of your existing skills. Take it from me; there is a huge level of satisfaction in being able to create, or construct something yourself, especially when you are able to do it for less money than it would...


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