Provisional Patent Video Course


The Proven Effective Video Course with Over-The-Shoulder, Step-by-step Instructions, To File Your Provisional Patent Application ONLINE Within Hours!

The Provisional Patent Video Course gives you EVERYTHING you need to file your Provisional Patent Application within hours right on the U.S. Patent Offices Official Web Filing System! The Course shows you EXACTLY how protect your invention so you can put Patent Pending on your invention so you can then safely begin marketing your invention. The Provisional Patent Video Course reveals step-by-step instructions that show you exactly how to file your provisional patent application within hours instead of weeks if you tried to figure out the U.S. Patent Web site on your own! The Provisional Patent Video Course consists of step-by-step and over-the-shoulder videos as well as expert advice that will allow you to finally protect your inventive ideas. Congress mandates that the US Patent Office offer YOU the Provisional Patent Application process SPECIFICALLY so self inventors can "self file" and not need the use of costly Patent Attorneys to fill out the simplified application. The Provisional Patent Application is in conformance with the "paperwork reduction act", much like the 1040 EZ for filing taxes. Except that the US Government has a hard time making anything easy to use. Of course there are critically important elements of filing a provisional Patent Application that you MUST follow that are given in the course.

"I was looking online for months when I found your site. Finally, someone who delivered what they promised. I have already lost $5,000 on one of those big companies who did nothing but ask me to send more money and sign more contracts! I thought it would be impossible to file my application but your video course made it simple to file my application. I am finally on my way! Thanks again guys!"

Patent attorneys do not want you to discover this information.. Of course! They do not because they want you to believe it is really hard to file a a Provisional Patent Application! They will charge you at least $5,000 to do what you can do yourself using this course... Of course they want you to believe their work is very complex so they can justify their $350 hourly rates to do what any secretary with the training from my Video Course allows you to do yourself. Remember, the USPTO was required to Congress to make the Provisional Patent Application process EASY and not require the use of an attorney.

"Thanks for your help on the phone and helping me with my application. I did not know that it was so important to include the information you talked about!"

Why is it worth giving the USPTO $110 to get your Provisional Patent? The answer is: Have you ever used Google's" Street View"? Did you know that two students from Cal Tech filed a Provisional Patent Application for a novel way to link GPS data to photos of houses and apartments on streets so students could take "virtual tours" of the streets without leaving their dorm room? This turns out to be exactly what Google does with "Street View". The two students Provisional Patent Application simply described the inventive idea of linking GPS data to photos of houses on streets. Not very complicated. The spirit of the idea is clear and difficult for Google to be able to say their idea is different, no matter how they describe it..

Pretty simple! Now these two students stand in line to make zillions from licensing their technology...


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