Promote CLICKSELLERATE And Get Others To Join


Promote CLICKSELLERATE and refer others!
Promote CLICKSELLERATE And Get Others To Join 1Why? Because you will earn clicks plus get paid for your referral visits. You can create an extra income from having referrals who purchase upgrades and advertising. You can get 100 clicks  per referrals so you do not have to surf as much to build up your click balance.This opportunity is great for getting your local advertisers to join you online and buy paid advertisements on the offer pages you create.

Who? If you know anyone who has a blog, a homepage, a work-at-home mom, local business owner, someone who wants to brand their business,  business opportunity seeker, affiliate marketer, email marketer, safelist owner - give them your referral link for CLICKSELLERATE! Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, send it to yours friends, family members, business partners and anyone who has an opinion. Can they afford not to have their opinion shared...?

How?  By using your unique referral ID:, so if someone signs up using your referral link they will be your referral and you will earn 100 clicks plus bonus offers in cash and kind. Share your link with everyone you can think of who needs traffic! Social media, forums, blogs, place local classified ads, flyers, leaflets and start creating the online marketing future you deserve.


8 Replies to “Promote CLICKSELLERATE And Get Others To Join”

  1. I did send to support 3 times but didn’t get any response, and as this is in Beta launch I post my query in the related posts just in case a bug wasn’t fixed in the support system.

    It wasn’t a negative comment neither a spam (no link!) I was just trying to help in my way before intensifying promotion to my team! you should inform me and teach me how the system is responding and/or progressing.

    Credit me -5 seven times is not cool at all especially in Pre-launch time either!

    Anyway sorry for the inconvenience and
    thanks again.

    1. I understand. As I have requested earlier, would you like to share your traffic generation method you are using to generate traffic to the platform and have you started a local campaign to have visitors from your region joining the program? This is where the income building module comes in place. We recommend you sell your clicks at your local level. You sell the clicks, we send the traffic but the traffic has to be optimized for targeting by country per user. In the meantime check this link out and give me a feedback, thanks

      1. Sorry again I’m confused a little bit I’m sending you this as I consider you the admin otherwise please send it to the admin:

        I receive emails with the following message:
        Don’t forget to add your offer (max. Five (5) posts per month. Your balance will be adjusted to 5000 clicks once you post your first Five (5) offers.

        And you tell me “You are not signing up to submit your post you are simply providing the post reference information for the author of the post.”

        I want to be the author of some posts to get this 5000 clicks! so
        Till now I cannot add my offers! do I have to pay something? or join a site?
        Otherwise something is wrong because I send posts using this link: but no response since a while!

        Thank you

        1. Since this is a content driven program you need to contribute a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 promos, opinion pieces, ads, offers, product reviews or articles per month. All useful and informative topic is welcome.

          The extra clicks up a maximum of 5000 will be added once you complete your First 5 posts. For each view on your post 2 clicks are deducted and three clicks earned for every comment you receive.

          This is a pre launch offer to get the early birds to have enough clicks in place should they wish to sell these clicks to advertisers. This offer will be going away soon once the premium members affiliate program platform is set up.

        2. We will be adding the income calculator to the system shortly. This way you can get an estimate of your potential earning from the program.

  2. Hello

    I want to promote but before that I want to test all features so starting with posting,
    I submitted posts for approval but till now didn’t receive any feedback!

    Would you like to explain the following:
    1- when submit a post why it opens a site””!?
    2- Do we have to sign up first to have our submitted post reviewed and approved!?
    3- if yes it should be written in the FAQS!
    4- Can we have a list of our submitted posts with state (pending-approved-rejected”why rejected!”)

    Thank you

    1. Hey. it’s not cool to be posting the same comment all over the place as this will trigger your account as spam and have you banned from the program. If you need any assistance when testing the site whatsoever send an enquiry to and we will look into all issues raised.

    2. That’s how the program works other services and programs will be referred to you from time to time. You are not signing up to submit your post you are simply providing the post reference information for the author of the post.

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