Opening a Home Daycare – How to Start a Daycare From Home


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If you have ever dreamed of making really great money as a daycare provider you will be exited to know that it can be easy, and inexpensive to get started right now...

Whether you're just starting out, an experienced child care professional, or want the best source of information on operating your own daycare business, you've found the right place.

Hi, my name is Rachel Thomas, and just a short time ago I was trapped in a financial nightmare that I just couldn't escape from. My bills were pilling up, and with each passing week I fell further into debt.

It all started when I stopped working to give birth to our first baby. Due to the loss of my income my husband began working more and more hours, and there still wasn't enough money left over.

On top of that, I had a brand new baby to take care of and couldn't be away from the house, or find a new job...

What should have been one of the happiest times of my life, was quickly becoming my worst nightmare.

There was no way I could go back to work, yet I desperately needed more money for all of my expenses. I was desperate for relief and needed help fast...

One evening while shopping at the nearby Costco I encountered an old friend from high school. I told her all about the new baby and how hard things have gotten...When I asked her how things were going for her, she said...

"Things couldn't be better! I've been running my own daycare from home for the past year and it's doing amazing!"

She went on to explain that she had also became pregnant, left her job and struggled to make ends meet. That is, until she had the idea to start a daycare business of her own.

After listening intently to her story she must have saw the look of admiration on my face, because she then asked the question that changed my life forever...

She replied, that's the great thing about having your own daycare business, child care is in such demand, there's virtually unlimited opportunities!

She said, you wouldn't be in competition with me because I'm already at full capacity, in fact we are looking at leasing our first daycare facility next month so we can provide services for even more children. She went on to tell me all about the ways this new opportunity has changed her life for the better.

That night my old friend graciously invited me over to her house to explain how to get started. We discussed how to start my new daycare business the right way, in the quickest time possible. Due to my friends huge success at operating a daycare, I knew that mine was guaranteed to be a hit!

With the help of my friends advice and coaching I quickly discovered what was essential to starting a successful day care. Within a very short time I too had my own profitable daycare service, all from the comfort of my own home.

This afforded me the time to be at home with my new born baby, generate much need income, create financial freedom and spend more time with my husband! I was thrilled!

Now I'm going to be sharing the exact same profitable techniques to starting...


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