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What is NEORZN GOLD FUND Project?

You're invited to join our NEORZN GOLD Discord Group for a chance to claim 1000 NEORZN GOLD token, worth a value of $200 once the coin is activated on the blockchain for trading.

It's a newly forked token coming off the BSC (Binance Smart Contract) blockchain It's a managed asset fund indexed to the price of BNB correlated with the price of GOLD. It's a mutual fund (crypto token-based unit trust) that is managed against sporadic price jumps and sudden dips caused by bots manipulating the price.

It's designed as a growth stock that takes inflationary movements into consideration Money in the fund will be invested in GOLD, OIL as well as growth stocks for the realization of future capital appreciation

  • Current Available Units for Sale: 1,500,000
  • Nominal Market Capital in BNB: 125BNB
  • Nominal Market Capital in USD: $45,631.25

NEORZN - The NewHorizon safe harbor GOLD investment token:

The NEORZN (NewHorizon) token is established as a safe harbor token that will work similarly to an ETF unit trust type token with the token being backed by a POGF (Price Of Gold Growth Formula).

NEORZN GOLD token will operate on the backing of a mutual fund with investments in GOLD bonds, real estate, OIL bonds, and high-value growth stocks

We would love to have the NEORZN GOLD token to operate similarly to a global co-op managed token based on and valued on the GOLD ETF index and owned and managed by it's community members like you.

While being an ETF model token our aim is to create a token that's easily convertible on the cryptocurrency exchanges as well as being able to convert the token, borrow against the token, negotiate a sale guarantee price with Finance to be settled at a future date.

This guide is to help you understand fully where we're heading once you join the NEORZN GOLD community.

This is an information guide on the workings of ETFs credited to the Merrill's website. No need reinventing the wheel as the information in this presentation offers a clearer understanding of how stuff works and what's to be expected.

A growing number of investors are using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to build diversified portfolios. Maybe you should consider it too — if you understand the risk/reward trade-offs.

An ETF is a basket of securities, shares of which are sold on an exchange. They combine features and potential benefits similar to those of stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. Like individual stocks, ETF shares are traded throughout the day at prices that change based on supply and demand.


Gold Backed Assets Are Top Rated

Technically you're not inputting a direct investment in gold per se, however the pool of funds acquired from purchasing NEORZN GOLD at the pre-sale stage will go towards purchasing gold bonds on the open market.

Investment will be a mixture of gold bullions and sovereign gold bonds (SGB) along with other capital growth type assets.

Gold is considered by investors to be one of the safest investments, recovering its value quickly through economic downturns. … Gold is also a haven in times of inflation because it retains its value much better than currency-backed assets, which may climb in price, but drop in value.

NEORZN GOLD is a community-based token managed and operated by its owners. on behalf of its owners.

NEORZN GOLD is being listed as the crypto token that takes care of the needs of its owners and will be managed by a group of expertise selected from among the community.

The moment you choose to own NEORZN token you become a member of a community with one main goal: to have every member benefit equally from the existence of a token that cater to the financial goals and needs of all NEORZN contributors.

If you're seeking a coin that offers a diverse range of benefits, protecting the financial wellbeing of its contributors. Contributors benefits will include but not limited to: ¤ Cash advances, personal and business loans ¤ Annual return on investment similar to a dividend model ¤ Premium membership marketing services at CLIXLR8 ONLINE.

Your products and services will be marketed free of cost ¤ Earn crypto coins for actively engaging on the CLIXLR8 ONLINE network ¤ A steady coin that balances the cryptocurrency ecosystem offering a safe investment option Interested in contributing to the NEORZN ecosystem as a broker/trader?

Everybody loves to make money daily and I know you do too, so it's time to own your own piece of the crypto future.

NEORZN GOLD Coins Free Airdrop

honestly, we'd rather you buy the token at a drastic discount instead of offering them for free. Issuing millions of free tokens and coins using the airdrop method is not beneficial in the long term.

Issuing free token usually dilutes the hard earned value of the coin and does not help you nor does it helps the creator, so it better we ask the community as a whole to give their support by buying the token at least at half (50%) of the intended listing price.

You will have a markup on the presale price of 100% once you're ready to sell your NEORZN GOLD tokens on the block exchange. Early adopters and supporters will make somewhere between 100% to 500% in capital gains between presale and final listing on the exchange.

As at the date of this post BITCOIN has once more ploughed back past the $60,000 mark and somewhat seem set to surge past $100,000 a coin this year.

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