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My Traffic Jacker Review 2.0


My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

MyTrafficJacker, launched on April 18, 2019 is a web app that will find you traffic generating links  that are broken and you can claim these links and point the traffic to your money pages.

You will need this tool in order to bring in an avalanche of traffic to your blog, ecommerce store, YouTube channel or niche website without doing too much back breaking work.

We all know traffic is the lifeblood of the online community (and always will be). If Google and Facebook were to start receiving fifty percent less of the traffic they are receiving right now they will be in serious trouble.

This would result in both seeing a mass migration of profits and they along with Bigcommerce will no longer be able to generate these huge advertising profits that they currently generate.

Traffic is what makes money, it's the most valuable non tangible virtual asset on the planet as we speak and is worth billions of dollars in anticipated revenue.

Do you know the sneakiest, most advanced method of generating high quality traffic by capturing expired domains and send the traffic they are getting to your offers?

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Stop chasing after non converting traffic and start generating traffic that counts towards your profit margin.

Get better R.O.I from your traffic campaigns with MyTrafficJacker 2.0 and profit more from faster sales from quality search engine traffic.

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MyTrafficJacker By Joshua Zamora
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MyTrafficJacker Made Available On April 18, 2019

Product: MyTrafficJacker - New Traffic Generation Webapp

Price:  Front-end $37.00

OTO 1: MyTrafficJacker Case Studies One Time $27.00

OTO 2: MyTrafficJacker Elite $47.00 Quarterly

OTO 3: MyTrafficJacker + SyndLab + SynBuddy $47.00 Quarterly

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Product Vendor: Joshua Zamora is a highly successful digital marketer who is among the top 1% all time product creators on the JVzoo platform. Take it from me, I've bought from Joshua in the past and had never had reason to request a refund. He's a top marketer doing top quality products that deliver on their promise.

Get The MyTrafficJacker WebApp

MyTrafficJacker is a Brand New, and 100% Unique Web-App

That will allow your customers to Legally Steal Traffic And Authority From Wikipedia And YouTube To Earn Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less…

How Exactly? Well, MyTrafficJacker allows users to search by keyword on either Wikipedia and YouTube and find LIVE, but EXPIRED links that are STILL posted on these sites that you can pick up for as little as $10 and redirect that traffic and authority ANYWHERE they’d like!

Can you imagine how powerful it is to be able to pick up an EXPIRED domain that STILL has a LIVE link from Wikipedia?

Or be able to pick up an expired domain that is STILL posted below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or even THOUSANDS of views PER DAY?

MyTrafficJacker By Joshua Zamora
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Once your customers get their hands on our web-app, they will be able to start legally hijacking domains from two of the BIGGEST sites online and getting traffic and sales in as little as 24 hours:

WITHOUT having to make or rank any videos
WITHOUT having to create a website
WITHOUT having to pay a DIME for traffic
Heck, your customers won’t even need to have a hosting account!

MyTrafficJacker Suits The Needs Of The Following:

  1. Direct-Link Affiliate Marketing
  2. Direct-link Product Marketing
  3. Totally MASSIVE List Building Profits
  4. Great For Passive Adsense Profits
  5. Easy and Simple Domain Flipping
  6. Good For Building a POWERHOUSE Private Blog Network
  7. Buy-and-RENT Out Private Blog Networks
  8. Resell The Domain BACK to the original owner
  9. Authority Redirect Rankings
  10. Rank your eCom site or Amazon Store Listing

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MyTrafficJacker By Joshua Zamora
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Below you will find a traffic generating training guide that you can use to build and broaden your knowledge on the various options available for you to implement and generate traffic on the go.

find expired domains with traffic on YouTube and Wikipedia
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10 Internet Marketing Strategies To Increase Traffic To Your Membership Site


If we planned everything in our lives, our lives would certainly be smoother and more fruitful. Often, however, we do things by the seat of our pants and then things don't always work out.

Having a plan, whether it is for your financial future, your dating life, or your Internet marketing is crucial to knowing how far away you are from your ultimate goal so as to make useful adjustments along the way.

Without a plan, you are at the mercy of all sorts of market forces and left to try to establish order from chaos when things get out of hand, without knowing where to start.

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Luckily, Internet marketing can be approached in a methodical way to meet your goals, whether they are to increase traffic or income from your online ventures. Typically, these are the two major goals of Internet marketers as they each tie into each other.

The more traffic you receive, the more likely your bottom line increases, and the more money you can generate from your sites the more you have to increase your business and attract more traffic.

Although this report will go over multiple ways to increase your traffic, there is one major plan which is to increase the number of visitors or eyeballs to your site. Once you learn how to draw attention back to your site, you know how to play the game and begin to generate more potential for profit.

And, learning how to draw attention to yourself online is not as hard as it sounds. It is actually very similar to finding out how to draw attention to yourself from a romantic prospect in a crowded bar or party.

You have to have some good body language, you have to understand how to flirt. You have to be confident, and you have to have something that others find attractive.

After you master those skills, you obviously can use them anywhere, not just at a party.

Pretty soon, you begin to use your skills to seduce a potential person not just in a crowded room, but anywhere and with multiple types of personalities. You learn how to charm your way into the hearts of your audience, and that, in essence is the power you have to master to raise the interest level and drive traffic to your site.

For that, you need to learn the rules of connecting online, just like you would take the time to learn the rules of dating to increase your chances of success with the opposite sex.


In the past, marketing was about hype and flashiness. If you use this technique now in a culture that has grown jaded from over-commercialization, you will find people turned off instead of turned on.

Authenticity is crucial to portraying the proper image in today's online marketplace, particularly on social networking sites.

If you lie about a profile or a product, you can be sure in today's interconnected social sites that your reputation will be trashed in no time flat, and this affects both traffic and sales.

If you want a cycle of trust, you have to prove yourself trustworthy first.

Think of it this way, you wouldn't go out and try to impress a date with a fake job or pretending to be someone you're not.

Why? Because this strategy is not only usually easy to see through, but it also has serious consequences if you do scam someone and later they find out. After that, nothing you say is trustworthy.

Since trust is the engine for commerce on many social networking sites, you are better off being authentic these days rather than not.

It may not be as impressive as pretending to be a millionaire, but it is far more believable and compelling. Learn how to write your story so that it engages a reader, by creating content that is authentic and magnetic and reflects exactly who you are.


When you are authentic, in your copy and your being, this will show up in the ratings you get from other people rating your content, your sites, and those reviewing your products.

On the Internet, your ratings end up being your measure of authenticity and can drive traffic to your site as other people recommend different things there.

So, when you think authenticity, correlate to your reputation and realize that what you are trying to do is not to schmooze as much as to build a stellar reputation that gets A+ ratings across the Internet. This will assuredly drive traffic back to your site.


Once you are coming from a point of integrity, don't be afraid to tell your own stories. People love to hear other people's stories and point of views! Learn how to write content that draws people into a new way to look at life that is positive and vibrant! If you can get someone to take just a few steps with you on your own life path, you already having walking all the way home with you.

This is where how you write is just important as what you write. That's because when you are telling your personal story in person, we use our spoken word. Online, we rely on our web copy to get that same connection.


Imagine you've attracted someone's eyes at a party and they have come over and introduced themselves, and all you could do was write them a note and pass it because you were robbed of your power of speech?

Now, do you realize how much we've relied on different intonations, qualities of our voice, speech inflections, pauses, etc. to get across our stories? These aren't automatically available in our written words if we've never taken the time to learn how to engage someone's emotions through our writing. And, that's exactly what we're doing when we're writing web copy: we're flirting and trying to engage someone's emotions.

So, when people suggest that content is highly important on the Internet, it just simply can't be over-rated. It's the vehicle that will either take your sales prospect from mere flirtation (browsing) to taking some action that makes them more committed to buying either who you are as a person or your products.

It's also the vehicle that is scanned by search engines to decide whether your copy is worthy of being placed higher or lower on their results pages.

That's why when you write good web copy, it not only has to be personable, but also include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that help drive traffic from search engines.

And, good copy isn't just relegated to websites and search engines. In order to drive traffic to your site, you have to go to many other places on the World Wide Web (WWW) where your potential visitors might be.

Just like when you are dating, you have to get out to find people where they are before you can even get to the point where you can start to flirt with them. Except, in this case, you can do this from the privacy of your own home by logging in virtually.

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You also have to learn a little about how to flirt online to attract sales prospects. One of these strategies is commenting.


When you first engage a person and try to make a connection, what do you say? Hopefully, you don't open your mouth and start to talk about politics or religion. Usually, you want to keep it light and fun.

You want to have something relevant to say and you want to tease them enough to get them to want to find out more about you.

The same is true online and that's what you are attempting to do when you comment on other people's blogs, groups, social networking profiles, or websites. You are trying to engage them, create a spark and curiosity, and then give them your phone number to be able to allow them to contact you later.

In this case, however, your phone number will actually be a backlink to your site. The funny thing is that for search engines, you might be targeting that phrase for SEO by using “yellow power tie” as your keyword phrase, while the touchy-feely aspect has to show up there for humans to relate to also. So, sometimes, it looks a bit odd, but it all works out.


Hopefully, you are getting the swing of this whole interaction. You've approached numerous potential sales prospects. You've put your best foot forward and even given them some references through your online ratings of your reputation.

You've either flirted a little and left them wanting more through commenting or you've got them already on your site hoping to connect with you deeper.

Now, you have to give them the come on: the sales pitch on your sales page by supplying a backlink.

The come on is all about self-promotion. You have to have a confident attitude and a little daring to ask for the sale. You are going to provide each encounter with your Internet digits, which correlates to a backlink to your website or sales pages.


Okay, you're ready to close this mini-interaction. You have to ask for the call to action. It's as simple as that. What good is it to encounter millions of people on the Internet if you don't ask them to follow you home?

They've gotten a good peek, and you might even try to tempt them with more articles, freebies, or the like to get them to click the link back to you home or sales page.

However, if you don't ask them to do it, odds are they won't do it. Why? It's human nature to want to have everything easy and to let other people do the heavy lifting.

They're usually really happy to have someone take them by the hand and tell them how they can benefit just for showing up. Make it fun, make it worthwhile, and make it obvious.


It's not all about who you are and what you do. Often, the environment you choose to implement these social connecting rules has a lot to do with your success.

To expand our metaphor, if you are looking specifically for women who can bear you children and want to marry, should you be attempting to connect with over 40 year old divorcees with several children of their own? Obviously, no. Most of these women are past their childbearing years and are content with their own children.

So, you would look to a younger demographic, if that was the target you had in mind. This way you increase the possibility of greater success simply by choosing the demographics carefully and limiting your efforts to an environment that can produce better results for meeting your goal.

Similarly, to increase traffic, you will have a natural connection with one demographic over another. These are the people you want to target to market. And, it all depends on the market niche you are trying to expand and engage more traffic within.

While you don't have control over who will ultimately be interested, you do know what you are offering and which online demographic this would appeal to. Use that knowledge to carefully target your efforts to the places that can produce the maximum results.

To increase your chances of scoring more traffic, you have to get as many people to view your copy with the backlink embedded within it.

To do this, you will pick different places on the Internet that are relevant to your market niche or can be used to heighten your exposure to as many people as possible.

These can be highly rated blogs, websites, social networking sites, groups, and directories. There are many other areas you can explore, but for the sake of this report, we are only going to go over a few areas to explore and work your online connecting magic.


These are web logs (blogs) that are written by individuals that can have a wide range of topics and themes. The more popular a blog is, the more readership it has.

The more readers, the more likelihood that it's a great place to divert traffic to your own site and endeavors. You can build your own blog to highlight your expertise in a specific area, or you can visit other people's blogs and learn how to comment authoritatively on them to draw traffic back to your site via a backlink.

Either strategy works well, and you can even choose to do both. Ultimately, having your own blog is a great way to have an intermediary space between your website and your social networking sites.

These sites won't let you link to sales pages and promotional sites, but will allow you to link to your blog. In addition, traffic you are moving off social networking sites is often turned off by being directed straight to a sales page. So, having your own blog helps to have an “in-between” space that keeps them present with you.

And, there's nothing stopping you from pulling your affiliate offers and own product offerings in your blog posts.

In addition, you will want to optimize your blog to allow the search engine to find your articles and scan them for keyword phrases. You can do this by researching keywords by using Google's Keyword Tool to locate low competition, high-paying keywords.

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These are the keyword phrases more apt to drive traffic to your site as you stand a better chance of getting high up on the results page when people key in that phrase into their query.

Finally, you will want to index and tag the blog posts with desirable keywords, not only for the search engines, but for your readers too. Add as many categories as you want and you can index your blog posts into multiple categories to help readers find what they want.


Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter are great ways to expand your social network of online friendships. You cannot do to much overt marketing on these sites as there are rules about commercial promotion.

But, they are great places to find and engage a specific demographic without too much trouble. The sites generally do all the work for you and then all you to have to do is collect friends, and learn how to promote your articles, websites and products from their conventional marketing areas or from your profile.

At the very least, you will learn how to scoop up many more people who are particularly interested in your market niche, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to have linked into you as a friend.

The key to drawing just the right demographic to link to you on social networking sites is the profile page. Try to fill it out as completely as possible and make it as interesting as possible. Use the spaces to website link areas to promote your other websites and online ventures.

When you set up the profile, you have to use the rules of connecting as much as possible. You can use keyword phrases, but not to the extent that you can with your website as some of these sites will ban you for overusing SEO.

Try to get other people to rate you by either sending you gifts, voting you up, or adding social comments to your profile.

The more people you connect with and who you interact with, the higher your reputation on these sites. So, join groups, comment on other people's profiles and links, and just simply join in the spirit of the game.

Now, you will want to take that traffic that you've captured and draw their attention away from your profile page back to an intermediary space, like your blog, or to your website.

For that, you have to be a bit crafty as self-promotion is looked on rather harshly by the social networking administrators. If you look like you're spamming the site, you will log in one day to find your entire account deactivated and all your friends gone.

So, that's the first thing you have to remember. Collect the emails of your online friends and save them offline so that you can start building a contact list and safeguard against a potential banning.

So, link your blog to your profile and set up an RSS feed into the profile where people can see a short synopsis of the first part of the post and click on to get directed offsite to your blog.

That's one way to start driving the social networking site to your websites and blogs, off the social networking platform.

You can also update your status or add links for people to view on your profile. They can include links to your recent online projects.

Lastly, Facebook also has something called Social Ads where you can pay to advertise your website and products by buying an advertising campaign. This can be a particularly effective strategy to get just the right people interested in visiting your site and it can generate large amounts of traffic to your site.


You can even learn how to bookmark all of the pages you post offsite to different social networking or news sites.

When you bookmark them to multiple social networking sites, you get additional exposure, not just from your immediate circle of friends, but also from others who may recommend the same link too or rate it, like with

This site has people voting for their favorite news stories, and if it happens to be something you posted, you will get a huge amount of traffic because has a wide audience and is very user-friendly.

Another site that is great for bookmarking your web copy is StumbleUpon (now This directory has a social networking flavor.

Although it works like a search engine, all of the submissions are done by users, not by a machine algorithm. People get to join each other as fans and rate your submissions.

When people search they do so randomly within a category. The search engine serves up pages randomly too. So, the odds that your content will come up first is actually better than a search engine like Google that has a hardwired algorithm.

And, StumbleUpon (now allows you to bookmark pages for other people to randomly “stumble upon” too. So, every time you add some content to your websites, blogs, or other activities, you can also choose to bookmark them on multiple sites like or StumbleUpon (now

If people comment on your bookmark that can also drive attention and traffic to your site, so don't forget to invite your friends.

Then, there are bookmark directories like This is a place where you can store as many bookmarks as you want and tag and categorize them for other people to view too or to search within category. You can even see how many other people found that particular page valuable by how many people bothered to bookmark it.

If you want to get the full power of bookmarking, don't just do it yourself! Allow people who visit your site to bookmark your content too by supplying them with buttons to the most popular sites.

There you have it. A very useful guide on how you can generate traffic to your offers build your business be applying the methods described in the guide.

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My Traffic Jacker Review 2.0

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