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Would You Like To Avoid The 6 Mistakes Nearly Every Railroader Makes...And Save An Enormous Amount Of Time And Money?

Would You Like Straight-Forward, REAL Answers To Creating An Amazing Layout Within Your Space And Budget?

Would You Like 100's Of Clever Tips On How To Prevent Derailments, Fix Loco Problems, Create Incredibly Realistic Scenery... And Much More?

At long last! "Model Train Help" has arrived to save you time, money & frustration with your model railroad layout!

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step, truly comprehensive "Model Train Help" ebook, is a valuable resource for the beginner or advanced model railroader.

If you're like me, and you've always been fascinated by Model Railroads, then you'll definitely want to read this letter if you're an experienced modeler, or new to this exciting hobby...

We all know that Model Railroading has been described as, "The World's Greatest Hobby", and it sure is! Yet, things CAN and DO go wrong...derailments, a motor burnout, scenery disasters, or when an electrical short grinds the traffic to a halt. Unexpected problems can take forever to solve and the right answers can be hard to find.

Truth is; it doesn't need to be like that! Most things are either preventable or fixable. It is all about knowing where to find the answers, the best way to do things and how to solve problems quickly and easily.

That's what my step-by-step "Model Train Help" ebook is all about. It is jam-packed with proven techniques, solutions to problems, clever short-cuts, creative ideas, useful model train tips, and "little-known" secrets... with all the difficult tasks made EASY! It is a model railroaders dream come true!

Indeed, "Model Train Help" takes all the guesswork out of setting up the perfect model railroad layout... complete with a raging waterfall, a fire setting with smoke, natural-looking trees, easy to build roads, rippling stream, historical buildings, an interesting branch line, classification yard, spectacular mountains, fields & fences, curved is all here for you!

"This is by far the most complete and easy to understand book I have ever seen about model railroading. Not only did I learn how to improve my set, but I also learned several new tricks to impress my train club friends!" Arnold S, Illinois, USA.

Lets face it; creating and operating your own model railroad should be FUN! Yet, sadly, many modelers slave for hours, weeks, even a lifetime struggling with time-wasting problems and repairing expensive mistakes. You and I both know that building a model train layout and fixing problems should be enjoyable, NOT frustrating... and why would anyone want to waste big bucks buying or replacing something that can be easily made or fixed for a fraction of the cost.

Listen carefully, because here is the key. To save yourself money, time and frustration, it is important to do things correctly. Afterall, your ultimate objective is to create a model train layout you'll be supremely proud of... a custom designed train layout that can be enjoyed not only by yourself, but by friends and family too!

Take all the guesswork out of setting up the perfect model railroad layout. Easy to follow action steps to quickly and easily get your model train layout functioning right.

Knowing what to buy and how much to spend... ...the types of sets to purchase and what NOT to do!

How a beginner can master projects like making your own roads, trees, grassed fields, rocks, fences, smoke, tunnels, mountains and even a rippling steam or raging waterfall! (with tips and clever ideas to save you cash!)

WAYS TO SAVE MONEY and how to spot the best buys in model train accessories.

Why the cheapest isn't always the best...even on a budget. The things that don’t work and what you can get for FREE!

Find out where to see the “ultimate” layout with 8 miles of HO track and 10,000 freight cars.

Planning Your Layouts - Save Time, Money & Stress!

5 easy steps to building your layout...easy-to-follow instructions from drawing your first sketches through to your working model railroad layout!

4 layout options to consider (plans included) and which one NOT to choose.

Find out how to select and model a real "full-sized" railroad. Critical steps to give your LDE projects that extra “edge.”

EXPOSED: The biggest MISTAKE and stumbling block to building a layout...and how to avoid falling into the same trap!

Choosing a theme and how to select trains, buildings and scenery to match the historical era or geographical zone… and where to research facts at NO COST!

87 quick tips to building a better train layout... (many of these secrets are known only to the most experienced veteran modelers).

“To die for” - a list of valuable model railroad resources... and contact information for the top train layout and accessory manufacturers....and where to go for expert advice and get all your tough questions answered.

The very best ways to plan for track-work changes and extensions to your railroad once it's built. Tricks of the trade revealed!

How to define your layout space... and eliminate or work around potential dangers and problems like beams and pipework.

Help With Locomotives & Cars Everything You Need To Know!

REVEALED: The 6 things to save you from costly mistakes when buying a locomotive.

Where to start when buying rolling stock. What to look for... how to select what's best for you... and what you absolutely MUST avoid. Which couplers to choose and how much to spend.

Learn the two things you need to prevent a locomotive from suddenly speeding up or falling off the track.

Secrets to "test-driving" your new locomotive and precisely what to watch out for!

EXPOSED: The kind of tire to NEVER use! Most of the time they don't work properly and can cause irritating problems.

Discover how a locomotive works and why some locomotives out-perform others.

The very best ways to...

Model Railroads – Model …

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