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Million Dollar Affiliate - Sam Bakker Teaches Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Million Dollar Affiliate Review Sam Bakker (Launched February 26, 2018)
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Copy-Paste BLUEPRINT Of A 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer

In the past 4 years
Sam Bakker has earned
over $3,500,000 in
affiliate commissions.

He's the second highest
earning affiliate on

AND NOW for the first
time he's spilling the
beans on exactly how
he's been able to do

He's going to be revealing
what is the best way to
get started making money

With a new system called:

Million Dollar Affiliate

In this system you're going
to get a behind the scenes
look at exactly how he's
able to consistently generate
commissions each and ever

...and you'll get a step by
step blueprint for being
able to do the same in
as little as 2 weeks.

If you'd like to take a closer
look at whats included in this
package go here now Click on the image below to check it out and start building a meaningful income :

Sam Bakker's Million Dollar Affiliate Program

Copy My Blueprint Strategy To Building A Million Dollar Affiliate Business

Your Tool Box
In this module, you will be advised on the software,budget you will be requiring before you implement your money making affiliate marketing strategy on the Jvzoo Platform. The autoresponder of choice is Aweber and this is a premium software which you can use to collect quality non robot and temporary email leads and the landing page builder is Igloo App (this a side sell of course because if you already own a website or wordpress blog you can set up your own custom landing pages).

If you need web hosting you can use any of the service I use by following my recommended affiliate link on this page: click Here For Quality Web Hosting.

Traffic From A-Z
The next module of Million Dollar Affiliate teaches how to find the top generating  traffic sources that are highly converting affiliate markets with buyers' intent. In this training,the main free traffic sources are Google SEO,Youtube and Facebook while the paid traffic is Facebook Ads. I also would recommend Instagram as great source of traffic from targets with buyer's intent.

Finding Golds
Once you identify your quality traffic methods and best traffic sources, our module 3 of Million Dollar Affiliate will focus how to get approved in order to promote the best selling products on the JVzoo Platform. We will teach the strategy on how to approach top selling millionaire affiliate marketers in order to get their approval to promote their products with your JVzoo affiliate link.

You will know the secret to action compelling content and beautifully attractive sales page that will get your visitors to stick around hungry and eager to interact and engage with your website.  New webmasters with no knowledge how to affiliate market and affiliate marketing experts who seek more information on how to set up 5 -7 figure monthly earnings from affiliate marketing.

After you join Jvzoo affiliate marketing platform you can also apply to Paykickstart and Jvshare. Paykickstart and JVshare usually make it easier for the new affiliate marketer to get approval for quality high gravitating products. The platform also have quality products that truly deliver.

One honest observation I have seen within the Jvzoo product system is that 60% to 70% of these products will lag in getting leads and sales and also some product creators on this platform are let downs especially in the areas of  truly deliver so my opinion is JVzoo is hoping for a new wave of product creators like you to come on board as it's very great service platform to use - that's the JVzoo platform, highly superb and easy to use.

For you to notes : This training shows you how to pick offers but these offer are not for Million Dollar Affiliate to deliver you any guarantee of being approved.

Conversion Maximizers
Learn how to create a presale page together with offering bonus to the visitor even if the visit did not buy your product in order to get the bonus by creating opportunity to establish a relationship with your prospect. .

List Building Profits

This next module of the Million Dollar Affiliate series is list building for ultimate success by automating the enter contact process with a long term customer retention goal. Learn how to evaluate your list, segment your list and send the right offers once you identify each person's interests and reasons for being online. Learn all the techniques you need to simplify the process of creating a successful list building campaign. Your main purpose and aim of course is to make money for the long-term.

Give ‘EM What They Want

What is the best way to make people want to buy products you have to offer? is to give them something valuable and useful something that they want. I have often bought products on Jvzoo such as social media, apps, email marketing SaaS, desktop and mobile products, video  marketing traffic products, video seo and optimization, facebook marketing products, etc.

If your segmented lists match the audience interest and intent you will see that they will have their own specific demand before buying a product. The module 7 of Million Dollar Affiliate will help your to discover various new ways about how to determine the best solutions they need.

Perfect Offer Checklists

The eight module of Million Dollar Affiliate will go through once again but at the next level on picking the best offers offers to promote. Users will get a better knowledge of the criteria you will need before promoting any affiliate products. Yes JVzoo as it's share of a lot hustlers pushing revamped outdated method as magic but even the best of us just might end up promoting for these jing bangers.

Bonus Pages

The most highly recommended way to stay ahead of the herd and beating out the competition is to deliver top quality bonuses towards your targets and prospects. In this module,  you have the option to learn how to create a bonus presale page using Igloo app.

All intents and purpose here, this module has been developed to help you combine your email marketing offer + your bonus presale page in order to get the visitor interested and to maximize conversion.

I personally would not recommend promoting PLR products as a bonus as these are overused by every dog and his uncle out there. If you choose this option you will need to find the freshly released limited MMR right where the product is offered as a premium and  only as a limited take up offer.

Commission Boosters

This part is for optimization of both content and video boosting your conversions by adding the zing to your marketing campaigns creating and automating the entire ETE  process.

Sam Bakker and his Million Dollar Affiliate team will teach you the very exact techniques his team and  other top product creator and super affiliates and product vendors have been using these exact techniques for years to generate millions of dollars of revenue from promoting affiliate marketing products. You will now possess the definite know how and psychology behind these marketing techniques.

Are your training modules worth the one time purchase of $17 to buy the Million Dollar Affiliate FE? I think yes  when you consider the value benefit of the training compared with other products of the same value against the training you will receive from Million Dollar Affiliate,i think the benefits to be had for $17 far exceeds this price.


Million Dollar Affiliate Bonus: we will teach you the skills you need to create email campaigns that perform above the industry average with a good mix of call to action content showing you the purpose to balance soft-sell and hard-sell email swipes. Go to my bonus offer page request your download link for more bonuses for reading this article and watching our information video on YouTube

The landing page creator of choice here is called Igloo App which am aware that this Sam Bakker flagship product for creating beautiful affiliate marketing splash pages.

You will learn more advanced techniques being made available to you on how to set up profit pulling and lead boosting email campaigns to promote any affiliate offer.  You best point of action to grab the most sales and make the most commission from higher sales conversion is product launches. Yes, the time when a jvzoo product will generate the most sales for vendors is when it launches but do you know how to get that targeted traffic that have the the highest buyers intent? Do you know how to develop a profit pulling campaign for doing your marketing with videos done the right way?

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Million Dollar Affiliate - Sam Bakker Teaches Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Build Your Income With Sam Bakker's Million Dollar Affiliate

Build Your Income With Sam Bakker's Million Dollar Affiliate

Get The Software We Used To Rank Our Video # 1

I want to be rich like mark zuckerberg

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