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CLX for viewing a post50 CLXMaximum 1000 times per day
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CLX for getting liked from a content10 CLXNo limit

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Knight Templar 25,001 CLX - 100,000 CLX

Blue Fellow 10,001 CLX - 25,000 CLX

Apprentice 1,000 CLX - 10,000 CLX

Knight Templar

clixseller8 with 936175 clx

shooter with 61360 clx

Blue Fellow

kkeitseope with 12280 clx


opcteena1913214 with 5300 clx

magdaawz85905 with 5300 clx

harrisonweymouth with 5300 clx

nedfauver01 with 5300 clx

gastoncarrell with 5300 clx

cortezgoldfinch with 5300 clx

thomaswaters558 with 5300 clx

wvpjamila543 with 5300 clx

zowlucinda with 5300 clx

lorettahitt12 with 5300 clx

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