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CLIXLR8 ONLINE - Simply Post Your Product Offer Send Referral Traffic Earn 25000 CLX and Get Paid $25.00|$50.00|$100.00

CLIXLR8 ONLINE: an online credit based marketing strategy platform designed to meets the needs of affiliate marketers, video marketers, e-commerce marketers, niche bloggers, product creators, social media marketers no matter what niche

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  • 1. Create and submit your product offer with with 3 keywords for Free members, 5 keywords for Silver Pro and 7 keywords for Gold Premium. Remember to include your post image 600px Wide & 300px Height

  • 2 We will review, edit, update, SEO optimize, drive traffic and social signals to your posts for you - If you can't write just pick your topic and keywords, send us a 600 x 300 banner and we setup your post for you. All active members earn from a content monetization revenue share - the more active you are the more you earn.

  • 3. You pay a small editing fee per post but is awarded cash for your own referral traffic once we have your content monetized but this is based on the amount of  traffic you send - so you need to be actively sending referral traffic that we match 150% and 200% of the traffic sent by premium members. Minimum earning rate is $1.00 per 1000 unique visitors for all free members who are active and even higher payouts for premium members

  • 4. You only need to earn a minimum of 25,000+ CLX credits in any month and you're eligible for cash cash for activity bonuses at $.025 - $10.00 per 1000 CLIX depending on your activity and membership level

  • 5. Free members who are actively logging, posting, sharing and commenting will earn cash from selling their CLX credits to the central depository who will determine the rate to be paid (based on revenue) from time to time. 

  • 6. Special offer to Join : $25.00 Bonus Cash Paid in August To Most Active Members Who Create 5 offers And Send 5000 website visitors To Their offers and must have a credit balance of 25,000 CLX. 

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Post Your Content Give It A Monetized Boost And Get Paid For Sending Referral Traffic To Your Posts 

Boosted Pay-Per-Post Packs are $15.00 for Five (5) $12.00 for Eight and $20.00 For A 10 16 Pack. Your content will be monetized until the revenue is earned from monetizing your posts and paid out as revenue share equivalent to 3X the price of the post pack. You send traffic to your posts and earn cash bonuses for the CLX credits you earn.

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