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For The Smart Marketer The Email Marketing Intelligence Tool You Cannot and Will Not Succeed Without Online.

Know who buys from your list, see your highest converting emails and sell more by sending less.

Cross-Device Sale Attribution & Visual Path-to-Purchase Funnels

Know exactly WHEN and HOW your audience buys. Do they buy from mobile or desktop? Or do they first open the email on mobile, and then buy on their desktop? Now you can find out

100% Accurate Email Conversion Reports

See your complete campaign performance from email open to refund rate. Always know how much money each email makes you.

Affiliate Buyers” List (this is GOLD)

For the first time in our industry you can see who from your list buys the affiliate products you promote. Give them the ‘red carpet’ treatment. Sell them other relevant & higher priced offers. Profit.

Products Performance Data

Have a bird’s eye view of all the affiliate products you’re promoting, compare their performance, see which converted best and where you should focus more.

See Your Top Performing Content

Ever wanted to know which subject lines generate the highest open rates, what call to actions generate the most clicks and what body copy converts the best? Now you do.

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