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We currently have 256 vendors, with 512 campaigns, totalling 1024 Coupons!

The ability to hand out coupon codes to your JV-Partners will motivate them to promote your product! Also, using Coupons during your Launch Phase will increase results!

CouponMagic lets you customize almost every aspect of your Coupon Form Design using a WYSIWYG Editor! You can customize text, colors, sizes, effects, and even messages, allowing you to create your own style!

Track how many click-through you get when someone uses a specific coupon, enabling you to see what converts the best! You can even see exactly what date and time a click goes through to your order form!

Only want a specific coupon to last for 2 days? Maybe a week? Or maybe you only want certain affiliates to be able to promote using that coupon? Well, youre the boss! And get this: Everything is automated for you!

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