#HowToMakeMoneyFast Online DFY (Partner Program)

#HTMMF Online - DFY (We Manage Your Account)

We're Offer You The Opportunity To Join Our Partner Program!
Signup today as a #HTMMF Online Partner, and have us promote your your affiliate links for the following programs:

  • Your Affiliate Link For Our CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program
  • You Affiliate Link For #HowToMakeMoneyFast Online - CPA Affiliate Marketer. Go To JVZoo and request your approval here (mention your CLIXLR8 ONLINE username and we approve right away.
  • We'll Setup, Optimize and Manage Any Five (5) CPA Campaigns for You.
  • We'll promote your affiliate link for the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program
  • Get Your #HowToMakeMoneyFast Online - CPA Affiliate Marketer JVZoo -     Affiliate Link Promoted By Our Program
  • You Can Select Up To 10 Products per campaign and Fund Your Ad -              Campaign With A Minimum Of $50.00 And We Will Manage Your Ad              Campaign for you.
  • For a Single Payment Of $297 and we will get to work for you working the    programs above to earn you residual income.

Your affiliate links will be placed in front of our redirect traffic campaigns and  each time someone optin they will be added to your autoresponder and will not be shared as these opt ins will be unique to you.

We will continue to promote to your list (and our lists) for you along with managing your CPA campaigns earning you more money.

Our CPA strategy is designed to make you money again and again (the inherent risk is the time it may take to complete a cycle for example if we set a take for 100 actions if depends on the rate of take ups for each cycle but once a cycle is completed your earnings will be paid out.

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#HwToMakeMoneyFast Online - CPA Affiliate Marketer

#HTMMF Online - DFY (Partner Program)

How It Works:

* Sign up to the #HowToMakeMoneyFast Online DFY Partner Program

* Set up your affiliate links for the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Affiliate Program and                 #HowToMakeMoneyFast Online - CPA Affiliate Marketer Program at JVZOO

* Your links are added to our program and we advertise and market for you

* Your links remain active until we're able to generate an average return equal       to Twelve (12X) times your payment from a combination of promoting your           affiliate links and managing your ads in your CPA campaigns.

That's about the gist our done for you managed campaign promotion!

You'll get first hand access to all the signups and sales from your affiliate links and from the paid traffic. Each time a new member signs up through our landing pages they will be added to your autoresponder placed on our site using your affiliate links!

Guaranteed Work: You're GUARANTEED we will continue to work for you until our sales and revenue goals are met on your behalf to earn back a dedicated R.O.I of at least Twelve times your upfront cost. We may from time to time issue payment in residual commissions within 30 days of the end of the previous whenever a commission is earned in excess of $100 , or we'll CONTINUE to do the necessary work to earn the projected return on you capital consideration.

You will receive a weekly update on our progress as we work on generating for you a stream of residual income month after month once they arise and as long  for as long as the referrals from your affiliate links remain active.

A program, like this has been developed to market and advertise on behalf of those marketers who wish to focus more on the not so technical aspects of running optimization schemes and developing marketing strategies and as well as more on their day to day lives but still has an interest in earning an income from the internet.

This program is designed from the ground up to focus on bringing you a high degree of success and profits once done the right way for the non techies.

#HowToMakeMoneyFast Online - DFY (Partner Program) Earning Structure:

CLIXLR8 ONLINE - You will earn commissions as follows:

  • Bronze Premium - $13.50 per referral we generate for you per month
  • Silver Premium    -  $18.50 per referral we generate for you per month
  • Gold Premium     -   $23.50 per referral we generate for you per month

#HowToMakeMoneyFast Online - CPA Affiliate Marketer commissions as follows:

Front-end product - 50% commission per sale one time payment.

OTO top-end product -30% commission per month.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Campaigns payments based on the number of cycles:

Each cycle should have 87 take up offers with minimum expected payout $124.41 on average (the more cycles we optimize the more earned each month.

There are a number of strategies we will not mention as our program in the past has suffered from copycat stealing our methods without credit or compensation

Where else can you find a DEDICATED residual income system that's set up to work tirelessly for you for less that $40.00 per month?! Nowhere. Make sure you take action today and join our team as a program partner associate.

#HTMMF Online - DFY (Partner Program)