holiday campaign booster


Holiday Campaign Booster

Holiday Campaign Booster is a keyword rich database of highly optimized and targeted buyers intent keyword listings. This product is designed  to boost your ad campaigns and creating highly optimized articles to attract organic traffic.

Holiday Campaign Booster is available as a collaborative project and is accessible by invite in Google Data Studio

  • You get a Twelve (12) month license for the current version.
  • Daily refresh, update and upload of the most relevant buyers intent keywords
  • If there is a new version within six months, you get a free upgrade to the next version.
  • You get the product access link directly via email.
  • There are no extra fees per server, month, page or visitor.
  • Within the same major version, all updates are free.
  • The price includes at least six months of top-notch business support.
  • We proudly offer a 07-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • Request your invite here click this link

What Is Holiday Campaign Booster For?

Holiday Campaign Booster  will easily create profitable ad campaigns in Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Pay Per Click platforms. Most importantly you will get keywords users are typing in right now from their online searches so therefore...

Getting  buyer intent keywords for  creating Pay Per Click ads is no easy task but besides that you  also need to create  buyers intent keyworded articles. Most likely you will be using these for your blog(s) to attract quality organic traffic.

People make money faster when their ads and link are at the top of Page 1 in the search engines. There are no alternative method other than mailing a responsive email list to make money as quickly as Pay Per Click advertising and SEO.

Wanna know what's good for guest posting and for creating relevant content to attract backlinks using highly targeted keyword phrases?

Holiday Campaign Booster!

We created this for use mainly at SEO enthusiasts, e-commerce store owners, affiliate marketers, product creators & subsequently Pay Per Click professionals.

With this product you're most importantly on your way to make a killing from advertising online especially during the holiday season for example:

  • Christmas Holidays
  • Valentines Day
  • Family Days (Mothers Day & Father's Day)
  • Weddings In The Summer
  • Halloween
  • Birthdays
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Boxing Day (Sales)

Holiday Campaign Booster 3.0 will go live on November 1, 2018 therefore go ahead and join the early bird pre-launch list. For all buyers and supporters of this launch we definitely go overboard with our thank you offers for your kind and valuable support.

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