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The health market is a multi billion dollar industry and only with the use of health plr articles and health related private label rights content will prevail in dominating online market niches.

In The Health Market Niches, Online, Not Having Enough Content Assets mean only one thing - WEAK + INCONSISTENT TRAFFIC !!!

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To know that 34% of americans are obese in which 6% are in the extreme is NOT something that causes me to drool over its obvious opportunities as an online marketer. It is much sadder to learn that one million americans die from cardiovascular disease every year. These two major health problems are the driver to diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and a host of other illnesses.

What has driven me to undertake this `profitable market niche' is really because of the opportunity to deliver health-specific content and educate the public on the health issues they are facing and to let them know the options available to them so that they can make better, informed decision and thus healing faster in a more conducive environment and under predictable circumstances.

Here are some key market developments that I came across during my research :

1.) The use of alternative medicine outweighs traditional drug therapy and had americans spending `out of the pocket' in a $34 billion dollar industry. 38% adults and 12% of children uses some form of complimentary medicine. (source: National Center For Health Statistics)

2.) The american dietary supplements market alone was worth $20.4 billion in 2004 according to the Office of Dietary Supplement. What about 2015? I will leave that up to your imagination 🙂 (source: Office of Dietary Supplements)

3.) The US nutritional supplements market is expected to hit $16.4 billion dollars in 2018 growing at a steady 6% on average yearly. (source: Market Research Group, LLC)

4.) The opportunity for weight loss products and services have never been greater in the past 20 years. The latest 2014 report from Trust For America's Health indicates that 68.5% of americans are overweight and obese ! (source:

5.) The wholesale sales for fitness gear, sporting apparel, footwear and equipments, licensed merchandise in the U.S. totaled $77 billion in 2011. (source: Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association)

Getting to know that the health and wellness industry is worth billions of dollars in annual sales ( and growing ) is not only exciting but also overwhelmingly encouraging for those who are new to this market segment. But dare I say, only those who will succeed in making a good income online from it will be the ones who are passionate and sincere in providing solutions to these health issues. Those with compassion will thrive even further into the realm.

As for those who are new to this market segment, you should watch these compelling videos here.

Health and Wellness Content is now a Commodity $$$ !

Now that we know that the healthcare industry is single biggest business opportunity in the history of the world, and that this opportunity is driven by the need for better and healthier lifestyle, what are the implications of web content in its relation with the business of health and wellness?

Here are some solid evidence that online health content platform are indeed big business :

- The web's largest digital health information network, Healthline Networks Inc has a total of 41 million unique visitors monthly through content websites like and and is said to have a 45% reach with health information seekers across the web.

- Everyday Health managed to secure $84.7million in fundings to date and managed to go public on Mar 28, 2014 with 30 million monthly unique visitors. The company produces websites and content related to health and wellness and is ranked among the top 3 in the US.

- Kitara Media acquires top health video site for $13.5 million which boasts of having over 4,000 professional digital videos and 75 million monthly video views. Combined revenue estimated for 2014 was $50million.

Seasoned Digital Entrepreneurs will tell you that health content publishing is FAST paced and never enough content. You need to bring your content concept to the drawing board and straight into the market in the shortest time possible because trends will change, consumer behaviours will shift and platforms will evolve ( all without a warning! ). It is a bad idea to take one day at a time, especially when you are building your content or articles to establish your own platform or a website/blog to begin with.

But we can help you to quickly speed up that process by providing you with the best licensed health content and quality health related resources for you to build a high quality health content platform that can be expanded and manifested into a high value web property that is truly equitable.

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`health nutrition' - peaked on January with over 8.3 mil searches with subregions like Vermont, Utah, North dakota and Arizona leading the list. Present dominating keyphrases include `health and nutrition' and 'nutrition for health'. Latest developments include the cutting of 6.4 trillion calories from consumer products by 16 major US food and beverage makers. This will drive other food and beverage companies to take the same step in that direction and re-position their products in the marketplace as nutrition -compliant'. Expect product re-introductions and new line of less calorie consumer products.
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