Harmony Mails – This Is How You Market A Product


If there is an ad copy, landing page, lead copy or promo that would score a A+ for perfect messaging and communicating clearly and effectively to the prospect this would be it - Harmony Mails.

Get a load of this perfect tag line - "Harmony understands how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other" rather impressive isn't it?  They never said "marketing to your prospect" but that exact message is there.

Harmony Mails is owned by Clare Bowen and Constance Harrison Two safelist marketing entrepreneurs who are cutting it as online marketers 97% of those who can't ought to be taking some valuable pointers from. 

This is the quickest I have ever signed up to a safelist in 20 years although in my mind I know that this is not a safelist with modest numbers such as 15,000 contacts to mail but again experience has taught us that apparently only about 15% of medium sized list are actually receiving your email and that number goes down the larger the list becomes. ESP's Email Service Providers are aggressively filtering and dumping your email 85% of the time simply because your emails contain stop words that are considered as spam 85% of the time.

It's sad that it has become extremely difficult to market by email these days as there are no exceptions given to marketers who care to communicate with a subscribers list whether your list is fully opted in or not email filters sill decimate your mailing by large numbers therefore you are unable to reach the majority of your list.

But back to Clare and Constance at Harmony Mails keep doing your thing ladies as yours is perfect harmony.

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