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Grow Your Wine IQ - Learn the art of growing grapes and making your own wine. You can become a coveted wine expert in less than a year

How to Grow Your Wine IQ

How To Grow Your Wine IQ And Refine Your Palate… WITHOUT Slogging Through Countless Pages of Indecipherable Wine Jargon

If you enjoy drinking wine but only know the few wines already in your comfort zone.

If you want to learn to hone your palate and know what to expect with each varietal of wine.

If you’re in the restaurant industry and need to get up to speed on wine tasting quickly…this is what you do, simply grow your wine IQ.
Get Started How to Grow Your Wine IQ

There’s a way you can increase your wine knowledge tenfold, learning to appreciate new types of wine and understanding the subtle nuances that make them amazing.

This wine making guide offers the same education that the wine professionals receive, but with only the information that you need to know.

Most people tend to drink the same few wines, night after night. They know they like Cabernet Sauvignon, but if you ask them about any other varietal or what they taste like, they mutter something about blackberries or plums under their breath.

It can be frustrating being stuck in the beginner stages when there’s a whole world of wines to appreciate, and I see what I call “the silent suffering of the novice” in wine enthusiasts all the time…

They stare at the wine list when they’re out to dinner, not knowing what half of the wines are and not knowing how the rest of them will taste

They feel intimidated when they see a varietal they don’t know, and they secretly envy their friends who can describe exactly what they taste after opening a new bottle.

They WANT to learn about the different types of wine and know what they’re tasting… but most of the books out there are so technical that it just leaves their head spinning and their eyes glazed over.

I’m Martin Peston. I’ve built my company, Wine Tasting Events, to where I’ve now run hundreds of events, teaching thousands of others like you all about extraordinary wines while sampling them with fine cuisine.

And Jenny Polack is a renowned wine expert with over 30 years of experience in the wine industry, doing everything from front-line sales to picking the grapes herself.

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She was the first Australian to finish the OIV Master of Science in Wine Management, and she also teaches the WSET wine course – the most prestigious and recognized wine course worldwide.

Not only has she taught various courses and masterclasses on wine, she was even awarded the prestigious Wine Communicators Australia Best Wine Educator Award.

That quality of education is exactly what we’ve set out to create for you at home with our reference guide, Be GrapeFull.

Be Grapefull – makes it easy to learn about the different varietals and regions of wine and what to pay attention to in each.

“What a pleasure to brush up my wine knowledge with this visually appealing ebook and well written content.”

“As a contributing editor, I have seen these books in their “raw” form. In their finished form they make for three beautifully presented e-books which are very easy to read.

The content is presented in a very much no nonsense style. As they are sorted into user friendly chapters and headings.

grow your wine IQ
Grow Your Wine IQ

The Grow Your Wine IQ content is easy to use and is of complete relevance to all lovers of wine (and food!). I can highly recommend them.”

OIV Master of Science in Wine Management (Paris X Nanterre, France) Assoc. Dip. Wine Marketing (Adelaide Uni) Dip WSET Finalist – WCA Best Wine Educator 2015 Winner – WCA Best Wine Educator 2016

A crash course on the building blocks of extraordinary wine – breaking down the nuances and complexities of the flavors in wine and making them simple to understand

An expert guide on the main varietals of wine – describing what flavors to expect with each varietal (and allowing you to guess what you’re tasting with each one)

An in-depth tour of wines around the world – showing you exactly what regions to target when selecting wines (and giving you insider information on the up-and-coming regions to watch out for)

This isn’t like your standard e-book, thrown together in a pinch with 7 pages total and a single piece of information that will actually help you Grow Your Wine IQ is a digital reference book.

Grow Your Wine IQ is carefully crafted and complete with beautiful photos – that you can consult wherever you are when exploring new wines, regions, and varietals.

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So whether you’re at home, out to eat at your favorite restaurant, or enjoying dinner at a friend’s house…

You have a reference guide that you can quickly and easily consult to help you know what to look for when trying new wines.

Grow Your Wine IQ is the right choice for knowing your wines.

Just try Grow Your Wine IQ for 60 days and see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and that’s exactly what we think will happen.

If for some reason, you’re not delighted by how easy it is to develop your palate, boost your wine IQ, and truly appreciate the complexities of extraordinary wine.

If for real then just let us know – and we will refund your purchase price (and even let you keep the Grow Your Wine IQ ebook).

So you have a choice to make… Do what you’ve been doing? You already know where that will lead. Secretly envying others who can pinpoint the flavors in their wine and describe them with Sommelier-like precision

… Staring at the wine lists at dinner, feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list of unfamiliar wines…

Choosing the same bottle of Cabernet for the 50th time just because you don’t know what else to try. Grow Your Wine IQ will help you to decide easily and effortlessly.

Try something new and get a new result with Grow Your Wine IQ. Open your eyes to extraordinary new wines, develop your palate.

Grow your confidence in wine tasting – learning from the expert who teaches the experts. Here’s what to do now… Just click “Get It Now” below and get your copy of Be GrapeFull right now.

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