Go Local Before Going Global Building Your Trust Factor


Are you known as an internet marketer in your area? Do people say "There goes the internet marketing guy" when they see you pass by? Are your special skills in marketing online available to your fellow locals?

If not then how can you be known on an international level? If you are a professional online business owner and nobody in your town knows about your business why are you online marketing to the world?

If you are not conquering your local and regional niches you are in fact leaving behind hundreds if not thousands of Dollars daily behind in favour of chasing Thousands of strangers online who don't know you and will not buy from you because they don't know you no do they know about you.

It's better to tell 100 people in your neighborhood about your online business or affiliate product than to be mailing Thousands of safelist members as this approach will make it easier to make a Dollar from personally contacting your fellow nationals rather than knocking on the computer screens of sceptics around the world.

Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote back in 2003 which I think is even more relevant to the affiliate internet marketer 14 years later:

Next, the most overlooked approach for the affiliate marketer is the maximisation of the benefit of offline marketing methods.

Promote your website in exactly the same way you would have promoted a normal business by telling everyone about it.

Word of mouth is still the best way to promote a new business.

Put your motto and logo along with your url address on everything from a pin to an anchor. From stationery, pens, letterheads, postcards, flyers,posters, in your usual email, the list goes on...

You may consider placing classified ads in the local newspapers.

Run other programs such as sponsoring quizzes, prize competitions, trivia and other participating programs with your website address. You might ask readers to submit the answer to a quiz by visiting you website. Anything that gets the local community to know that your website exists. You can do it !!

FACT : You have to make it local before you go global.

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