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‘If you dare say the information in here was already known to you or wasn’t worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar.’ - Gary Halbert (Legendary Marketer)

“There are paragraphs in this book, ideas in this book, whole chapters in this book that I have never had the balls to put down on paper before!” This is NOT information you’ll find in the 1000’s of ad writing and marketing books out there in the ‘mainstream’. And you absolutely will NOT find this kind of information in the curriculum of the top universities in the country!

The ‘Millionaire Rebel Blueprint’ is the step-by-step 7-Figure manual they DON’T want you to know about. It’s the step-by-step process of how I made $77 million dollars in 2 short years... by defying conventional ‘marketing’ advice, and going against the grain with my BALLS hanging out.

...making you the envy and admiration of all your friends when they see the kind of badass, successful entrepreneur you’ve become seemingly overnight. This book is NOT for those who want to act, think, and be ordinary. It’s also NOT for those for whom the thought of making OBSCENE amounts of money very quickly makes them uncomfortable. And it’s certainly NOT for those who want to try and build a million-dollar business with the same-ol’, traditional advice that all the “experts” tell you! But don’t worry. Once you read the pages inside this book, unless you somehow suffer from total memory loss, it will be impossible for you to ever be ‘ordinary’ again.

*The results experienced by the above customers are not typical consumer results and results may vary

Inside This FREE Book, Here’s How I’m Going To Subconsciously Flip The ‘Switch’ Inside Your Brain So You Can’t Help But DRAMATICALLY Explode Your Bank Account...By Only Doing the RIGHT Things!

Vincent grew up poor in a small family town in New Jersey. A dreamer, and some call a rebel, he wanted a better life. With a pad and a pen he was able to design an business that made him $77 million in two years, and documented the entire process and put it My Millionaire Blueprint.

George has been marketing online since 1995, back when he was in high school. He made his first $100K by the age of 19 and first million by the age of 24, and has done over 100 million dollars in sales since for himself and his clients. His big paydays started coming once he implemented Vincent’s strategies over 10 years ago.

And All That’s JUST In The First 163 Pages! Also... just for taking ACTION and getting my free book today (because I LOVE bold, action- takers like you)... I’m going to reward you even MORE.

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