Coronavirus Can Give You Brain Damage

Early analyses of Covid-19 patients in January told of the most common symptoms: fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. More diagnosed cases and research revealed less common symptoms, such as vomiting and diarrhea, indicating that in some people, the coronavirus was disrupting the digestive system, not just the respiratory tract.

By late February, we learned of mysterious cases involving no symptoms at all — silent super-spreaders of a deadly disease who didn’t even know they had it and felt nothing. Then, last month, things got stranger, as reports emerged of diagnosed Coronavirus Covid-19 cases in people who had lost their sense of smell yet showed few or no other symptoms of the disease. Along the way, physicians reported some people with Covid-19 experiencing mild cold- or flu-like symptoms, ranging from sniffles to fatigue.

And yet it’s still getting stranger. SARS‐CoV‐2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, appears to be attacking people’s brains.

It’s not yet clear how SARS-CoV-2 might be affecting the brain, but experience with other viruses, including the flu, suggests it certainly could make its way there.

Evidence so far, however, involves only anecdotes from physicians telling of Covid-19 patients initially experiencing confusion, headaches, and other symptoms that may be caused by inflammation of the brain, along with early studies involving small numbers of patients — sometimes just one.

Meanwhile, it’s not clear whether or to what extent the coronavirus attacks the brain directly versus Covid-19’s respiratory effects robbing the brain of oxygen.

“It is very difficult to separate the two,” says Chethan Rao, MD, a practicing physician and associate professor of neurology and neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center.

Rao suspects both factors are at work. And things can deteriorate quickly. He has seen otherwise healthy Covid-19 patients go from talking normally while receiving a small amount of oxygen to being put on first a ventilator and then a more serious heart-lung support system, all in the space of four hours.

FAQ: What should I do as a precaution in the event that I contract the brain damaging and dangerous Coronavirus Covid-19 infection?

ANS: You must build up your immune system in order to prepare the body's defence against this dangerous invader. The body's immune system has all the necessary arsenal to fight any invading virus but it's your duty to take care of your immune system so that it's fully prepared to take on the fight.

Multiple Brain Affected cases reported

The possibility that Covid-19 is invading the brain directly emerged back in February in a study out of Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the initial outbreak. Then, in March, researchers raised the possibility in the Journal of Medical Virology, stating that this coronavirus, SARS‐CoV‐2, is similar to others that “are not always confined to the respiratory tract and… may also invade the central nervous system inducing neurological diseases.”

Recently, a woman in her late fifties who had experienced three days of cough, fever, and “altered mental status” was tested for flu, which she did not have. Turns out she had Covid-19. Brain scans showed unusual swelling, and physicians diagnosed it as acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalopathy, which is “a rare central nervous system complication secondary to influenza or other viral infections which is characterized by altered mental status and seizures, and often this further leads to profound disability or death.”

Other tests were done on the woman to eliminate some other viruses that might cause the diagnosed condition. (Influenza is known to cause, in some cases, encephalitis and its neurological consequences, such as strokes and seizures, Rao says.)

“This is the first reported case of Covid-19-associated acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalopathy,” the physicians, from the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, concluded on March 31 in the journal Radiology. “As the number of patients with Covid-19 increases worldwide, clinicians and radiologists should be watching for this presentation among patients presenting with Covid-19 and altered mental status.”

In another case, a 74-year-old man with preexisting neurological conditions had suddenly lost his ability to speak. He was ultimately diagnosed with Covid-19. “Since Covid-19 affects the elderly more and those with preexisting conditions, patients with prior neurological conditions and acute respiratory symptoms are at an increased risk of encephalopathy on initial presentation,” his physicians wrote.

Coronavirus Getting into the brain

It’s not yet clear how SARS-CoV-2 might be affecting the brain, but experience with other viruses, including the flu, suggests it certainly could make its way there, Rao and others say.

SARS-CoV-2 is rather sneaky, a new study in the journal Nature suggests. The virus enters human cells through a certain type of cell receptor. It appears to often hold initially in the upper respiratory system, mainly in the throat, without typically causing many symptoms there.

Then, in cases destined to become more severe, the virus migrates into the lungs and/or the stomach.

The cells with the right receptors for SARS-CoV-2 are found extensively in the lungs, Rao tells Elemental, explaining why breathing problems are common in severe Covid-19 cases. But those receptors are also found in blood vessels in the blood-brain barrier and in nerve endings, he explains.

“It is definitely possible that the nervous system is being invaded through these means,” Rao says.

Until more definitive research can be done, Covid-19’s mysterious ways are an ever-moving target, says Peter Gulick, DO, an oncologist and infectious disease specialist at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. And he’s not ready to accept the case studies as proof of what might be happening.

“Acute encephalitis is not a known presentation of Covid-19, even though it has presented with other coronaviruses,” Gulick says by email. “But we will have to continue to follow cases to see if any neurological conditions do occur as a result of Covid-19.”

coronavirus will affect the brain
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Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 6

Flirt For Fun | How to Flirt for Fun and Romance the Complete Guide

The human soul will always yearn for someone to grow old with and you will always be interested in meeting new people.

Find out how to flirt with almost anyone in the right way and get involved with the right kind who you would love to have a lasting relationship.

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Flirting for Fun The Fun Side of Flirting and Attraction

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 7

Flirting Just for Fun in 7 Ways to Flirt for Fun

1. Flirting for Fun is Not About Personal Issues

It's not about being macho or becoming too much of a diva we all entertain the urge to flirt because of our inert need to feel desired and be admired for your social awareness.

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Whether you feel the need to be praised by the opposite sex for your physical traits (and oftentimes prowess) or for your beautiful mind we all need some degree of independent validation in search of establishing our worth.

We all share the same ambition that what we're to those who are closest and dearest to us is of significance that this value must be observed and acknowledged by others as well.

If your spouse considers you a true romantic then you wouldn't hearing it from a complete stranger whom you wouldn't being friends with in a short space of time. It's important to the human psyche that others do not value lower than what you think you are worth as a social animal.

The less challenging it is to prove your self worth to a complete stranger is the more rewarding it is that someone perceives you to be of high social acumen physically or psychologically without you having to go all the way out to prove that you are.

While a sense of sense worth, self awareness and self confidence will make anyone feel like a better than average person getting attention and attraction from other you feel the desire to associate with will leave you with a sense of feeling elevated above everyone else in your class.

Like it or not we all have the desire to be worshipped, loved and adored. The human body enjoys being idolized and treasured not because of self afflicted lust to be seen as something worth being socialized with but because that's the way we are all built.


2. Flirt for Fun and Eroticism Reinventing Your Happy

This is flirting for the pure innocence and fun of putting yourself in a mode of sex appeal making him or her take notice of you. Your aim will to trigger that mass of endorphins making your social prospect feel delighted you are in their presence. It's  the nicest feeling to be in control being able to initiate contact with someone who sees you as desirable and worthy of their attention.

What are the feel good chemicals in your brain that flirting for fun will trigger?  These are the white line drugs (aka chemical hormones) released in the brain that give us that "feeling or sensation" worth experiencing for a change.


Dopamine - Dopamine is what most people including the top experts would consider as the happiness drug. However, that’s a big misconception. Dopamine, by some experts is actually involved more with anticipation than the actual sense of “happiness” feeling.  Experts will now describe the feeling we get from dopamine as a striving emotion.


Oxytocin - Oxytocin is the neurochemical that's driving our yearning to belong encouraging us to become social creatures or social vultures in some instances. It makes us feel empathy which helps us feel closer to and bonded to others when it’s released. Oxytocin is the flirt for fun drug that gets us feeling closer and being accepted by others.


Serotonin - plays the two faced Harvey role in our psychological makeup here. Whether we are feeling extremely happy or very sad we have serotonin as the culprit for finding yourself in each of those states of mind.

Whenever you find yourself in a good mood, you’ve got serotonin to thank. On the other hand if you’re experiencing lousy mood swings, you’ve got serotonin to blame. It’s the regulating hormone of the brain chemicals. Experts will tell you that, 80 percent of serotonin exists in your stomach, and is governed by your state of hunger and your sense of feeling fulfilled both physically and emotionally.


Endorphins - what about feeling the sting of rejection or finding yourself handling an uncomfortable or unhygienic situation? What's responsible for our stay and fight or grab a flight binary decision making? You got it, endorphins are responsible for your emotional well being whenever you encounter an attractive or repulsive social interaction.

It's true, your brain manufactures endorphins  for masking pain or discomfort, which explains their association with our “fight or flight” response. When it comes to going in pursuit of happiness, endorphins help you “power through.”

Take this scenario for example, you consider yourself  an exemplary swimmer. Endorphins will nonetheless trigger that yearning to achieve a personal achievement of swimming an extra mile from shore so you will worker harder towards achieving such an accomplishment.

Achieving goals that beat previous accomplishments triggers a rewarding feeling of being better than just average and that sort of motivation is spurred by endorphins being released in our brains.

Why do we flirt for fun? To experience our happy side and be our basic selves at the esoteric level of wanting to connect with one's  own pure existence in a socially intimate environment. We wouldn't mind falling outside the politically correct and the social engineered loop every once in a while and flaunt with the rules that govern the social construct that dictates human behaviour.

All intelligent lifeforms are chemically driven so whenever the respective hormones in our brains are triggered concurrently and consistently we nonetheless have experiences worth staying alive for and nothing triggers those hormones more than being able to flirt and feel that we  live to belong.

On a side note, whether flirting is acceptable or not for social norms or is good or bad that's not the discussion here. This article is not written to encourage a debate or have a public discussion about the pros and cons of flirting (whether we should flirt or not). We are more about expanding our knowledge on the cause and effect of flirting not about what society dictates.
Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 8

3. Why Should You or Anyone Flirt for Fun?

If you don't know why you would flirt then don't but if you do you must be aware and conscious of the reason and the purpose.

There are a number of behavioral scientists that will tell you that flirting has the possibility of becoming an ugly experience but what they don't tell you is that flirting can have an all positive effect if done appropriately and effectively.

Do you wanna flirt just to go the distance in one night or are you flirting to attract a lifetime of sexual gratification? It doesn't matter which but whichever you choose do so with clear instructions written to your future self.

In respect of your intended "partner in affliction" you must make sure that your signals and messages are clear and to the point of what your intentions are.

Your intentions must be made very clear as it's not in the best interest of anyone for you to be sending mixed signals attracting worse of all the wrong sort to your table.

Do not put it out there that you're the mistress of Tartville Manor just looking for a "good time" and only to be subsequently revealed as an insecure, manic depressive control freak who unable to let go of her  bad experiences and mind numbing daddy issues.

You must never make out yourself to be seen that desperate for attention by getting people to see and want you only just for sex. Why should attention from strangers play a dominant role in making you feel you are the most valuable trophy in the cabinet?

You are flirting for fun, simply because you wish to enjoy each and every moment that you share with someone who you believe might just be right for you. If you choose to make it a short-term love affair without the strings attached or to building a long and lasting intimate relationship then so be it.

As long you know the reasons why, you are in control and for good measure. Your reason for flirting should be clear and present and not a spur of the moment alcohol or drug induced initiation of a sexual encounter with some random forgotten face.

Your aim is to have fun and yet stay in control. Whatever goes down at any given moment remains a remit of your expectations within the scope of your own intent. Know your game and stay in your lane.

The why do you flirt is because you wish to establish your own sense of empowerment and wield unending power with your irresistible sex appeal.

4. What You Should Do When Flirting for Fun

First off the block you should always be confident, at ease and in control but not overpowering nor seeming too masochistic. You should not come across as too liberal in an anything goes type of way as you're not handing out invitations to a freak show.

You're not working the territory to be regarded as risky, loose, easy and scandalous. If you're looking for a night of fun it doesn't necessarily mean you're seeking a partner for the evening who is up to just that and that's their game. You're seeking someone you can have a moment with but not a moment where you you throw caution and your self respect to the wind.

Do you want to be a brand new porsche looking for someone to test drive and shift your controls every night? You will be worn out in less than a year and where is the fun in that?

Your deal is to create the right atmosphere at the right moment that gets your good vibe hormones flowing and have a tale to tell during coffee break at work the next morning.

5. To Flirt for Fun is Not About Playing Games

No one should flirt simply because they're just joking around and taking advantage of the feelings of those showing an interest in you. Flirting is not a game you play unless you feel comfortable with playing six rounds of russian roulette.

Flirting is more appreciated as a "game of pursuit" where, if all the cards are played right everybody wins and everyone is happy they took part. The art of flirting in a sexually seductive manner is not to deceive, deprive or mislead another into believing they have a good chance with you when they in fact don't.

The aim is not for you to attract those that you're not attracted to, lead them on, then have them later realise that it was a futile attempt on their part as you had no real interest in being pursued.

The wrong way to flirt for fun is like playing up to a guy you met at the club to get him to buy you drinks (while you purr and rub your head against his crotch) but when the night is about to be over you grabbed your purse and vanished.

What you're doing there is playing a dangerous game of fooling men to believe you're interested (and or sexually aroused) by their advances when in fact you couldn't care less one way or the other. It's a shitty thing to do and I suggest you never use that approach in the name of innocently flirtation.

When you flirt for fun, flirt with someone you might have genuine interest in and if you're not in a heated hurry you may very well develop a lasting and fruitful relationship.

Never flirt to send the wrong signals whether to the wrong or right people. It's not the right thing to do, sorry. Flirt with reason and compassion along with a pedigree of class and consternation for the feelings of those who may show interest (and of course sexual attraction) towards you.


6. Who You Should Flirt for Fun With

Definitely not your best mate's husband not the ex-spouse of your most hated neighbour. If you plan to flirt with the intimate interests of others around you then we all know you are certainly playing with fire. So, if that's your game how can I curtail all the possible dangers and embarrassment you most likely will find yourself facing?

To flirt for fun is not to put yourself at risk of falling into disrepute with those around you.  Never flirt to attract disrespect from others and to end up in dispute with them not approving of your actions. Flirting for fun is not a competition to get attention from a particular interest.

Who should you flirt with for fun? Someone eligible and someone suitable should things pick up for the better. Finding and flirting with someone who suits your preferences is the most likely and rational choice to make. Why would you want it any other way?  So if you have a type go where that type is usually found and ensure that the type you're interested in shares the same interests that you do.

Before you start displaying any form of attraction to anyone it's best you do your due process of finding out first (at least do some fact finding first) and not rush headon into anything.

Getting to show real interest in other takes careful thought and assessment and a good grasp of understanding how the human body speaks to you. A simple roll of the eyes, a blank stare or an averted look to the left can tell you a whole lot of things that you really need to know.

No one is saying you should start studying for a degree in the social sciences but the information you need on how to read subtle signals of the body to make you more aware is not hidden away out of your reach.

You need to be certain that whomever you're showing interest in is being truthful and genuine towards you, therefore knowing how to read a person's body language is vital to the endgame.

You should flirt for fun with someone who is real and and consistent with you goal and ambitions. Knowing what signs to look for will help you weed out the pretenders and save you a lifetime of regretting in the process.


7. Places Where We Should Flirt for Fun

Is flirting reserved only for a drug induced encounter at a sleazy bar or nightclub across the other side of town?  Would you rather you go somewhere where nobody knows your name? Honestly that's all up to you. It's your call but you need to be somewhere where there is space for the initial setup to be executed so that you can enjoy that rush of oxytocin.

The best place to be is your favorite space and place meaning somewhere where you feel at home and at ease. Flirting for fun with someone who shares your common interests without you having to ask is a great way to kick things off.

Whether you choose the museum or the movie theater, as long as you enjoy being in your environment of choice you're already prepared to make the best of any encounter. Meeting someone you're attracted to at a place where you enjoy being is a plus for starting out a friendship or a serious relationship.

You can flirt for fun or for love anywhere you like but the best places are the ones where you tell yourself that you fit in and want to socialize with people who share similar interests.

Introducing Flirting for Love or Fun (Free Download)

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 9

Flirting for Fun (or Love) Overview

Product: Flirting for Fun (or Love) - The Complete Guide

Front-End Price: $0.00 Free Download but expect an advanced offer to be sent to you which may attract an upfront fee.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended especially for people who want get their social bearing on sexual attraction in a straight line

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Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Relationship Building and Socializing

What Is The Product About? A look at flirting as a method to sexually attract the right person you would love to spend time or even your whole life with. This guide is about making the right moves that will have you interacting with the sort of people who are desirable but true.

Who Is the Product Creator? Covert Commissions

What Problems Are The Products Solving? The problem of having to deal with the wrong kind in the personal attraction and dating game. Learn how to flirt for fun or love, avoid the pitfalls and be successful at doing it.

Who Are The Niches Users Suitable For The Product?

- For Single women seeking single men
- For divorcees and widows
- for those having trouble attracting the right person or persons in their lives.

A Cost Benefit Comparison Against Similar Products

A free download filled with practical and behavioural enhancing advice that you would have paid hundreds of dollars if you were to seeking professional advice.

Distinct Value Benefits Of Product

A guide on how to develop the human psyche to pick up signals and send the right signals for sexual attraction.

Summary Overview - You should opt for this download (after all it's free) and if you have no personal use for the information it contains why not use it as a handbook from which you can use the information to inform others.

Conclusion and Recommendation

A guide you should consider downloading. Although this is written mainly from a female perspective there's a lot a man can learn as well from reading a mind improving knowledge base guide such as this.


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How Many Businesses Have Their Own Website?

I Googled some small business ownership facts and this is what I came up with:

  • More than one quarter (28%) of small businesses spend less than $500 on a website
  • According to GoDaddy research of more than 1,000 very small businesses, nearly half reported suffering a financial loss due to hacking, with one in eight saying the loss was greater than $5,000 (GoDaddy, 2018)
  • Most small businesses (47%) spend less than $10,000 on digital marketing (, 2018)
  • 1 in 10 SMBs doesn’t invest in any kind of marketing
  • 71% of small business owners do their own digital marketing, instead of leaving it to experts (, 2017)
  • 1 in 5 SMBs doesn’t use digital marketing yet
  • 50% of SMBs spend less than $300 per month on online marketing
  • 62% of small businesses are investing 4% or more of their revenue on marketing (Engage2Connect, 2016)
  • 37% of small businesses plan to increase their digital marketing spend in the next 12 months
  • 47% of small business owners handle marketing efforts on their own (LeadPages)
  • 73% of companies are investing in design to differentiate their brands (Adobe, 2018)
  • Organizations describing themselves as “design-driven” are 69% more likely than their peers to have exceeded their 2017 business goals by a significant margin
  • Organizations in which creativity is highly valued are 46% more likely to have exceeded their 2017 business goals (Adobe, 2018)

According to a study by B2B research firm

  • Less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website
  • By 2019, 94% small business websites will be mobile friendly
  • Among small businesses without a website, 58% plan to build one in 2018
  • Small businesses cite cost (26%), irrelevance to industry (27%), and social media (21%) as key reasons behind their decision not to have a website
  •  Among small business websites, 81% are mobile friendly

Sourced from

Based on the information above I have a solid reason for writing this guide which I will over time update to stay in touch with the changes and advances in Digital Marketing Strategies aimed at businesses whether small, medium or large.

About the Author: Royan Shaw

Who is Royan Shaw? Hi. I’m Royan Shaw and I’m a content marketing strategist. I have been involved in all things web related since that first day I mailed off my $39.95; the first manager’s check I’ve ever sent to an online ad placing job platform called back in October 1998.

Made a few bucks placing ads on Yahoo! Answers but never cashed out as the amount earned before the site went belly up wasn’t enough to meet their payout threshold of $250.

Looking back at it I was so eager and beaver eyed with the hopes of making money online for doing honest work but it didn't dawn on at the time that I was being duped in the process.

Back then the multi-marketing and ponzi scheme methods of marketing was in full play. All you had to do (supposedly) was to pay to join a program and make money online by getting other to pay to join a program.

I had often questioned such a business model in many a webmasters forum and have never gotten a honest answer (if any) as most of these programs were well aware that what they were doing was cheating the public as these programs offered no value in return. That sucks!!

That was the last and only site I had ever paid money to in order to find income opportunities as this was truly a scam.

Then in early 1999 I came across also on the web under the domain as

These were one and the same website being run by Corey Rudl and trust me I was amazed at the dexterity displayed by this internet marketing whiz kid. Corey at the time was selling “The Secrets to Their Success” guide to the internet.

I wanted to do exactly what Corey Rudl was doing, that is to teach people how to succeed. Did I succeed in doing that? Yeah, in a way somewhat but not like the sweet-mouthing snake charmers who could talk up a good storm with a flood of cash going into their pockets.

I was never a talker or a public speaker (and still I’m) I’m the guy in the shadows keeping it cool, quietly observing the scene just to see the sense and the value of it all.

Royan is not the Todd Gross type of guy nor am I that hype man who can preach F.O.M.O tactics to guilt prospects into buying a product of which the value is not truly understood.

I have been providing content online since 2002 in various web forums, membership websites and blogs for years now.

I normally would answer a question with well written and always well thought out responses as if I was writing an article in response to a query.

I started that movement years ago where rather than offer useless generic responses to questions I offer a fulsome reply in the form of a mini article or at times a full article.

There are people online whom I believe have adopted my style and have used my recommendations and suggested methods to even earn a living. I’m happy to have helped.

With the wealth and vastly accumulated pool of information I have gathered over the years I’m now capable of helping tens if not hundreds of thousands more with valuable and useful information from a digital marketing perspective.

With advanced training in business, finance and economics in addition to carefully researched information on digital marketing especially in the areas of SEO, affiliate marketing and content strategy I’m enabled to offer the best of my knowledge to the average business owner.

The author of this book is a very deep analytical thinker who would work well with those at the strategic level of any organization, my job, to help the thinker to think clearer.

I could easily consider myself among the greats as a digital marketing authority and thinker. Big names in the space such as Russell Brunson, John Chow, Neil Patel, Tony Robbins, John Stern, Shoemoney, and Matthew Woodward I was there when they all started out.

But, I have always been too humble I think, as it has never been about the money for me. It’s not all about the money. I’m value first and if my info is free but valuable I’m happy.
Truth be told I should have completed writing this book in 2008 which I did, all 33 Chapters but had a bit of bad luck as all the files were lost due to the infamous “Blue Screen Of Death”. My hard-drive crashed and I had no backup. It was a disaster but somehow I tried to pick up the pieces.

I did manage to re-write about seven or eight chapters over the last 11 years but would you believe that within just the last seven days (current date April 4, 2019) I managed to complete the last 28 chapters?!! It’s such a stunning feat.

What caused such a burst of motivation to just pick up my laptop and write and write and write and write? Honestly, I can’t tell what it is exactly but I think it has something to do with the fact that I have as much valuable information on digital marketing strategies as the best in the business.

Just about two months ago I had a surgery done on the middle finger of my right hand. My finger has not fully recovered and there is still some painful discomfort as I’m striking these keys to get this valuable guide out to you.

I’m doing my best at helping to raise three beautiful kids in this age of technology distractions but one should never ever lose hope especially living on such a pearl of an island such as Jamaica. Jamaica is a very amazing country with our share of the most amazing people living on the planet.

Yes there is trouble in paradise of course but you tell me where in the world there is no trouble? Here is a country with almost all of it wealth extricated by those who came but the most valuable of all are the people who remained.

Being business minded and business oriented and having tried my hands at numerous business ventures I maintain “the eye” and focus on what make things work and what makes business profitable and the answer – people.

Forget about capital input, forget machinery and equipment and forget all the scientific advances and technology, without people around, it wouldn’t be possible to control, manage and operate all the equipment and machinery in the world. People made it all happen.

Digital Marketing for Business Owners

Ultimate Profit Builders Secrets - Digital Marketing Strictly for Business covers all the bases of the digital Marketing landscape with focus on the following key areas of marketing a product on the internet:-

Affiliate Marketing
Traffic Conversion
Leads Generation
SEO Audit and Optimization
Local SEO
Global SEO
Niche Marketing
Local Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Branding
Social Media Advertising
Video Marketing

About Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions

Amazon pays around maybe 4 or 5% on Amazon Kindle books but I will be offer an extra $25.00 as a bonus to all the Amazon Associates who help me to promote this business handbook making this worth your time and money.

Ultimate Profit Builders Secrets - Digital Marketing Strictly for Business available for promotion effective August 1, 2019 and hopefully you are the winner of an Audi RS 5 2020 model and $50,000 cash plus extra bonus commission for promoting the guide.

Remember, you can promote this in as many Amazon Associate territories as you like as there are no restrictions to promote. As long as you have an Amazon Associate ID for the territory, there's no stopping you and remember too that Amazon now allows you use a single associate link to earn commissions in more than one territory so no need to have a different link for each location.

Good luck and I hope you are our grand prize winner.

Royan Shaw, Author, Ultimate Profit Builders Secrets - Digital Marketing Strictly for Business.

Develop Psychic Ability | Spirit Angel Guide | Magic Spells

Free Spiritual Connection Pendant order now

Develop Psychic Ability | Spirit Angel Guide | Magic Spells

Claim A Free Spiritual Connection Pendant

What Are Angels Made Of? | Psychic Ability Metaphysical Concepts

Angels seem so ethereal and mysterious compared to flesh-and-blood human beings. Unlike people, angels don’t have physical bodies, so they can appear in a variety of ways.

Angels can temporarily show up in the form of a person if a mission they’re working on requires doing so.

Angels may appear as exotic creatures with wings, as beings of light, or in some other form.

That’s all possible because angels are purely spiritual beings who aren’t bound by Earth’s physical laws. Despite the many ways they can appear, however, angels are still created beings that have an essence. So what are angels made of?

What Are Angels Made Of?

Each angel whom God has made is a unique being, says Saint Thomas Aquinas in his book "Summa Theologica:" Since angels have in them no matter or bodiliness at all, for they are pure spirits, they are not individuated.

This means that each angel is the only one of its kind.

Divine Love

Angels’ love compels them to honor God and serve people. Angels are ethereal beings that express great love by caring for each person throughout his or her life on Earth

Intellect of Angels

When God made angels, he gave them impressive intellectual capabilities. God has given angels the knowledge about "all things that are on the earth." God has also created angels with the power to see the future.

Angels’ intellect doesn’t depend on any kind of physical matter, like human brains. "In man, because the body is substantially united with the spiritual soul, intellectual activities (understanding and willing) presuppose the body and its senses. But an intellect in itself, or as such, requires nothing bodily for its activity.

Strength of Angels

Even though angels don’t have physical bodies, they can nevertheless exert great physical strength to perform their missions.

Angels who assume human bodies to perform missions on Earth aren’t limited by human strength but can exercise their great angelic strength while they’re using human bodies

Angels of Light

Angels are often lit from within when they appear on Earth, and many people believe that angels are either made out of light or work within it when they visit Earth.

Angels Being Incorporated in Fire

Angels may also incorporate themselves in fire. When an angel visited Manoah and his wife to give them some information about their future son Samson. The couple wanted to thank the angel by giving him some food, but the angel encourages them to prepare a burnt offering to express their thanks to God, instead.

Angels Are Incorruptible

Angels are incorruptible substances. This means that they cannot die, decay, break up, or be substantially changed. For the root of corruptibility in a substance is matter, and in the angels there is no matter."

So whatever angels may be made of, they’re made to last forever!

How To Develop Your Psychic Ability

Everyone has the ability to training their psychic ability but most of us are not trained from we were young to appreciate our our own abilities being one with the forces of nature.

Instead it is joked about by an ignorant scientific community and components Hollywood who seek their own capital gain by mocking the mystic nature of the body, mind and soul.

It's all a misdirection taking away the truth and the power from the people. This is not about cheap magic tricks performed by

imposters for fun and entertainment.

It's not about illusions, sleight of hand amusement gags performed by the like of a David Blaine, David Copperfield or

Chris Angel these are all bullshit artistes to the craft. This is about your ability to gain the knowledge of seeing the highly probable outcomes based on a series of events already played out in nature.

It's the ability to see all likely scenarios as they may occur based on all past events. This is about empowering your insight based on facts and close observation of sequential outcomes that form a pattern that will output a similar result based on your intimate knowledge of the environment.

Each of us has the power to train our psychic abilities to be able to absorb mathematical equations and have a high knowledge of the resultant factors simply by using the powers of our minds by picking up patterns you see happening over a given period even a thousand years.

Psychic ability is in itself a hidden science unable to be explained by the average scientist therefore in their scholarly defence they will dismiss the unexplained due their own ignorance using the mantra "if it cannot be explained then it doesn't exists", couldn't agree more, yeah... right.

Not everything Mathematical can be explained mathematically if what you attempt to explain does not exist within the scope of your informed knowledge therefore it's only an ignorant fool who seeks to dismiss what he himself from a position of knowledge cannot explain.

Develop Your Psychic With This Powerful Guide
How To Develop Psychic Ability - Click Image Above To Find Out

Psychic ability is often times over-represented, obfuscated and mistakenly adored alongside black magic, wicca, voodoo, spell binding and elemental magic which are often times afforded a negative connotation as the black arts and should be avoided as these practices are only use for evil and not for good.

While there are fundamental aspects of these crafts to be found with the realms of powerful psychic ability, these occult practices by themselves are not a true representation of the powers of psychic ability as most do go overboard.

True knowledge belonging to the universe and ritualistic, mind altering practices are not one and the same.

Developing your self-awareness to become one and all with existence and having a true understanding of the manifestation of nature will require you to be aligned with the resonance, frequency and vibration found within the ethereal.

If your awareness is awakened to the realms of the resonant, frequential and vibrational state of existence of that which exists then you will become one with consciousness.

Ninety Seven of the people you meet has never and will never achieve a quantum state of consciousness as they belong to the system similar to what you see in "The Matrix"

Call it enlightenment, nirvana, illuminati code, esotericism you have heard about them all, but, the knowledge of "existential being" is limited even among those who claim to belong to these secret societies.

Psychic ability is the power to pick up on the negative and to manifest the truth of what is hidden from the uninformed and untrained Eye Of The Soul.

You, me, the lady on the street, the man outside cutting the hedges, the girl at the supermarket, the ordinary Joe, we all have the power to train our psychic ability but the knowledge, guidance and training has been hidden from us knowing the powerful secrets of the universe, the power of awareness and the power to gauge the information you receive from the environment.

But this power and truth can only be hidden for a time and a time and a half and then the new conscious would eventually wake up to a whole new existence.

Those who choose to remain unconscious will be herded off like sheep only to serve the appetite of the wolfkind by giving up their sustenance, their labour and their youth and then

will they slumber off without leaving a trace on this earth only to be buried in a non celebratory unmarked grave.

For the awakened conscious ones, realising the true potential of your true psychic abilities may occur within a short, for others it may be for the medium and in some

cases it will occur within the long term (some may eventually give up and go back to sleep).

Endurance and consistency is of the essence in achieving your true awareness. The information you will learn will teach you how to control the external forces by conquering negative energy in order to be informed by such forces rather than being controlled.

If you're made aware of possible negative outcomes, you will train your ability to be able to avoid these outcomes, never to yield or be controlled by these forces.

Master the knowledge of becoming informed as only becoming an informed individual will you be able to create a free mind, free of being controlled by the system. You will possess the ability to see any and everything before and after they might occur.

How To Create Real Magic Spells For Beginners

Is there such a thing as real spells magic? Is there really? Let's find out.

Are there spells that beginners can learn that will have them becoming students of a noble and ageless tradition that has been around since the dawn of mankind's existence.
If there are beginner spells which can allow the new student to learn all that he or she needs to learn that is comfortable for the beginners level of studying the craft.

If one wants to enhance one's psychic ability would learning witch spells for beginners be of any benefit whatsoever? If you wish to progress to the higher order you need to understand the fundamentals but on a different level than what you have been led to believe.

A good many students will the ultimate goal of developing their psychic about will need to first learn how to get magical powers from mastering the arts of the unknown.

There are things that will lend to your knowledge on how to become a wicca or a wizard.

Prentices who see themselves as magic spells beginners must not be daunted nor should they harbour doubt about the reality of the existence of real magic spell books as these are real witch spells that actually work and work well as witchcraft spells for beginners

There are many spell book pdf downloads available everywhere you look that claim to deliver real magic spells that work for beginners and magic spells that really work at any level of the profession that will teach the uninitiated how to learn real magic from these
witchcraft pdf downloads.

Other will make money from the unsuspecting with easy spells for beginners seeking real magic power on how to get super powers should you progress with the material presented.

Our guide is based on years of indepth research and testing the soundness of real magic spells for beginners and spells to gain magical powers by learning the true art of casting
real spells that actually work.

while learning witchcraft for beginners from the training we provide you wish acquire a higher level of thinking and awareness, an ability needed to advance your psychic ability.

If you're a struggling business owner operating in a low profit, lacklustre business environment you will master the lean thinking banish waste and create wealth in your corporation. Learning how to get real magic powers that will boost your business profits and the advanced art of how to get magical powers in your body, powers you can use to control others to do the things that work in your favour and to your advantage.

learn how you can cast powerful magic spells in no time
How To Cast Powerful Spells - Click The Image Above

Due to it's mystic nature, there are no formal academy you can attend that offers the training and certification required therefore, you will have to learn how to become a wiccan by yourself, but with our help and guidance.

We will give you the most proven material that have taught thousands how to have magic powers and how to get powers spell. I'm talking about super power spells that work instantly once you apply the methods found inside the training.

What are you waiting for? Get on board and start your program, learn magic spells and develop the skills needed to advance your own psychic ability.

Check out the links, get the products and come back here and sign up to the program on this site and start promoting your own content and post it here for revenue share from monetization for the content posted by members that we promote and make money from.

Digital Marketing Gold Premium Offers

CLIXLR8 ONLINE - Digital Marketing is for Everyone

Digital Marketing Gold Premium Offers

This is a special monthly offer available to our members for 3 days only each month. Are you a serious digital marketer who would love to get the full experience of our VIP Gold Premium services of marketing, promoting and monetizing your content for you?

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The One Week Diet

The rise in obesity in the English speaking world is becoming an alarming epidemic.  More and more adults and even children in countries like the United States, the UK, Canada, most of Europe and even Australia continue to show ever increasing BMI’s and related health issues.

“One problem that I see,” Says Brian Flatt, personal trainer and renowned weight loss specialist from California, “Is that there’s just so much misinformation floating around out there.  People don’t know what’s truth and what’s being sold as snake oil.”

Check Out The One Week Diet

The fitness and weight loss industry generates tens of billions of dollars each year and yet more and more people all over the world are fighting out of control weight gain.  According to, for example, Americans alone spend roughly $60 billion annually.  This makes sense when you consider that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70% of Americans over the age of 21 are overweight, with 25% being considered obese.

Globally, these figures rise to a staggering level.  Nearly 10 times as much.

“Clearly, people are becoming heavier for a variety of reasons,” Flatt continues, “Diet, stress, the proliferation of processed foods and a lack of understanding of how the body works.  And this situation is making a lot of people very very rich.”

Check Out The One Week Diet

Flatt has been a pioneer in weight loss and fitness for many years now.  Releasing highly acclaimed and successful programs such as the 3 Week Diet and the 2 Week Diet, he continues to research and find new and natural ways for everyday people to shed unwanted and unhealthy pounds.  His programs don’t require heavy cardio, hours at the gym, starvation or odd eating habits.

Check Out The One Week Diet

As a result, Brian Flatt has become a well-known name in a very small segment of the fitness industry that presents accurate and truly helpful information to consumers.  In this line, Brian Flatt is pleased to announce another winning program – the 2 Week Diet.

“This is a great place for many to get started,” Flatt explains, “It’s a very fast program that delivers dramatic results within 7 days.  A person can simply repeat the process as long as they want or move on to a more advanced program if they wish.  It’s based on ancient Japanese knowledge discovered by my grandfather in WW2 and has been clinically tested in modern laboratories.”




get on the one week diet
                                         Check Out The One Week Diet

 Check Out The One Week Diet

The 1 Week Diet is a simple program requiring only minor changes and that delivers remarkable results.  No heavy exercise, starvation or strange foods.  You simply learn how to use your body’s natural bio-chemistry to shed unsightly pounds.


The 1 Week Diet focuses on three main components to help dieters lose unwanted weight: diet, exercise, and mindset. Dieters learn what, when, and how to eat for optimized weight loss. They also receive supplement and exercise advice to accelerate the process. Finally, they develop the mindset—or willpower—to lose weight and keep it off. Brian Flatt, nutrition coach and owner of R.E.V. Fitness, developed the 1 Week Diet in Southern California.

Check Out The One Week Diet

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Fat Burning Soup Diet

Do you have what it takes to lose as much as 14 pounds of ugly fat in two weeks, enjoy better health with more energy while  preparing the most tasty and delicious soup recipes? Then the fat burning soup diet is definitely for you.

From low-carb diet, hi-protein diet, low fat diet and eating small meals 5-6 times a day diet, Fat Burning Soup Recipes is the only diet where where weight conscious enthusiasts have been losing weight and for the best part by keeping to the instructions 99% of our users has managed to keep it off!

See if you can still opt in to the $1 trial offer here - not sure if it will be extended beyond December 31, 2018.

Detox Your Body Lose Weight Stay Health

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Eat Drink Shrink Body Fat

Now check this out. This is something you must try out at home.

For more than 120 delicious, fat-burning recipes with only FIVE ingredients or less, try Eat, Drink and Shrink (LINK)

Here’s a sample of some of the other delicious FIVE ingredient recipes you’ll get…

> Savory Chicken Artichoke Pizza
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> Ranchero Burrito

As an added bonus, you’ll also get The Ultimate Meal Plan Guide and the Simple Success Tracker, which will completely remove the guesswork about what to eat, when and how much for optimal fat loss.

Click here to get over 120 scrumptious recipes that guarantee to melt your fat away:

The Joys Of Apple Cider Vinegar

10. Helps Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. When mixed with water and taken before every meal, the acetic acid increases metabolism, reduces water retention, and suppresses appetite.

9. Controls Blood Sugar

Apple cider vinegar improves the sensitivity to insulin which maintains the body's blood sugar level. When mixed with water and consumed three times a day, blood sugar level can be controlled.

8. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar limits triglycerides levels and bad cholesterol and causes the blood lipid profile to improve. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to increase good cholesterol.

7. Balances The Body's PH

Apple cider vinegar can strengthen immunity, slow the ageing process, and boost metabolism so a person can have clearer, wrinkle-free skin. People who use Apple Cider Vinegar in their diet experience improved energy levels, reduction of anxiety, irritability, headache, and sore throat.

6. Helps The Digestive Process

Apple cider vinegar is believed to cure diarrhea because of its pectin content. Pectin is said to cause the formation of fibrous matter and protective coating on the colon's lining. Use the Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe found in this eBook to eliminate the bacterial infection which causes diarrhea...

Wanna get the full 100 on all the immeasurable life enhancing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar? Click Here To Learn More About Apple Cider Vinegar and your health

Advertyze 10dollarsoloads EasySoloAds RapidListMaker Honest Review

day to diet weight loss review 10SDollarSoloAds EasySoloAds Rapid ListMaker Honest Review

Are you familiar with the services offered by the following solo ad vendors 10dollarsoloads EasySoloAds Rapid ListMaker?

Have you bought a solo ad from any of the above? If you did how did it pan out for you in terms of results?

Update: I Have decided to give as run to see what the service is like. I would like to post the results of this service to determine if it's of the quality that will help the average digital marketer build a responsive list.

This test performed between June 2019 and September 2019 to see if this is a product that will deliver on quality leads from solo ads similar to sites such as

We will perform a test run using the basic package at first. The basic package sells for $17.00 per month and will send out your solo ads to 500 prospects per week.


The results for each week will be posted below. The links you visit from this page may lead to my pocket being filled with affiliate commissions so let me take this opportunity to say thanks in advance for your consideration.

I will pick an upcoming diet product as this is a higher competitive niche but will sell if the information is new and qualitative. If people are trying  a new diet strategy and getting results then others will be convinced to give it a try as well.

I happened to pick a random ClickBank product to promote called "The Day to Diet (DayToDiet) Weight Loss System". ClickBank products are easiest to promote but finding one that really click with your audience can be a daunting task on this network.

I have written the promo copy for the DaytoDiet Weight Loss system, post the product review on this site and mail it out to 500 new prospects each week for a month.

day to diet weight loss review
Get DaytoDiet Weight Loss System - Read the Review Here

Each of the solo ads sites below will be tested for the quality responses it offers. 10dollarsoloads EasySoloAds Rapid ListMaker

A snapshot review on each of these Four (4) entities will be highlighted below.

Each advertising network is a done for you system that work for email ads:

  • Choose Your Email Ad Targeting Choose from hundreds of targeting options. We advertise to only the freshest and most responsive prospects.


  • We Do All The Mailing We send your ad to our lists. We use only the highest reputation mailing servers to deliver your message directly to the inbox.
  • Receive Top Quality Traffic You choose the countries we email your campaign to. All prospects on our lists are verified for accuracy, you receive only the highest quality traffic.
  • Professional Ad Writing Included Our professional email ad writers are available to write a campaign for you at no extra charge. Review is an email marketing system that sends your offer out to prospects by sending your email ads out to :

  • 2,500 prospects each week for just $29.95 per month
  • 5,000 prospects each week for just $49.95 per month
  • 10,000 prospects each week for just $.99.95 per month

For each package you will receive their guaranteed service offers as follows:

  • Professional Ad Writing - your ads or promo copies will be professionally written for you and mailed to subscriber base.
  • Extensive Targeting Options - choose your targeting option by adding your niche or a specific list of keyword categories you would love to target
  • Click Tracking - see how your ads are performing by tracking the opens and the clicks your receive on your product or affiliate link.
  • Geo Targeting - run your email ads and have your offer delivered to a specific geo-targeted area of your choice. You choose where you want your ads to be delivered.

This system will mail out your offer to a new list of 10,000; 20,000 or 40,000 prospects each and every month that's up to almost 500,000 per year. Imagine with a quality offer to 500,000 prospects you could only be able to convert to sales at an industry standard of 2% (or 10,000 sales) for a $17.00 product.

There's only one formula that wins with digital marketing hands down every time that is patience and consistency. Combining those qualities with an email marketing system mailing out to 10,000, 20,000 or 40,000 fresh new prospects each month with no risk to your email address should get you your desired result i.e build your own list that your can build a fortune from. Give it a try

How Did Email Ads Work for Us?

The questions outline below will be answered as soon as we run our own ad campaign.

Did they deliver?
Are the leads responsive or do they just sign up and leave?
Are the leads from quality tiered countries and are non responsive?
Would you recommend any of these mailers or solo ad services?
Do they offer quality customer service fix the problems you experienced in a reasonable time?


10DollarSoloAds Review

10DollarSoloAds is an email marketing system that sends your offer out to prospects. Email marketing solo ads are sent out as follows :

  • 2,000 prospects mailed once each month for just $10.00 per month
  • 3,000 prospects mailed once a week for just $10.00 per per week
  • 6,000 prospects mailed once each month for just $20.00 per week

For each package you will receive their guaranteed service offers as follows:

  • Professional Ad Writing - your ads or promo copies will be professionally written for you and mailed to subscriber base.
  • Extensive Targeting Options - choose your targeting option by adding your niche or a specific list of keyword categories you would love to target
  • Click Tracking - see how your ads are performing by tracking the opens and the clicks your receive on your product or affiliate link.
  • Geo Targeting - run your email ads and have your offer delivered to a specific geo-targeted area of your choice. You choose where you want your ads to be delivered.

This system will mail out your offer to a new list of 2,000; 12,000 or 24,000 prospects each and every month that's up to almost 300,000 per year. Imagine with a quality offer to 300,000 prospects you are very much able to convert your offers at an industry standard of 2% (or 6,000 sales) for a $47.00 product.

There's only one formula that wins with digital marketing hands down every time that is patience and consistency. Combining those qualities with an email marketing system mailing out to 10,000, 20,000 or 40,000 fresh new prospects each month with no risk to your email address should get you some good results. Give 10DollarSoloAds a try Click Here

How Did 10DollarSoloAds  Ad Campaign Work for Us?

The questions outline below will be answered as soon as we run our own ad campaign.

Did they deliver?
Are the leads responsive or do they just sign up and leave?
Are the leads from quality tiered countries and are non responsive?
Would you recommend any of these mailers or solo ad services?
Do they offer quality customer service fix the problems you experienced in a reasonable time?


EasySoloAds Review

EasySoloAds is an email marketing system that sends 100% Safe Opt-In HQ Solo Ad Email Campaigns to a fresh list of prospects every week as outlined below :

  • Your ad sent to 500 prospects each week for just $17 per month
  • Your ad sent to 1,500 prospects each week for just $47 per month
  • Your ad sent to 4,000 prospects each week for just $97 per month

For each package you will receive their guaranteed service offers as follows:

  • Professional Ad Writing - your ads or promo copies will be professionally written for you and mailed to subscriber base.
  • Extensive Targeting Options - choose your targeting option by adding your niche or a specific list of keyword categories you would love to target
  • Click Tracking - see how your ads are performing by tracking the opens and the clicks your receive on your product or affiliate link.
  • Geo Targeting - run your email ads and have your offer delivered to a specific geo-targeted area of your choice. You choose where you want your ads to be delivered.

This system will mail out your offer to a new list of 2,000; 6,000 or 16,000 prospects each and every month that's up to almost 200,000 per year. Remember your solo ad will be delivered to prospects in tier 1 countries so your chances of generating sales could very well be higher that the industry average.

There's only one formula that wins with digital marketing hands down every time that is to be patient and consistent. If you have a quality offer it will readily convert when you use this email marketing system. Make you have a good offer that's not already over-saturating the digital marketing space. As long as your offer is able to offer a solution to a problem faced by your prospect you stand a great chance of making a sale. Give EasySoloAds a try Click Here

How Did EasySoloAds Ad Campaign Work for Us?

The questions outline below will be answered as soon as we run our own ad campaign.

Did they deliver?
Are the leads responsive or do they just sign up and leave?
Are the leads from quality tiered countries and are non responsive?
Would you recommend any of these mailers or solo ad services?
Do they offer quality customer service fix the problems you experienced in a reasonable time?


Rapid ListMaker Review

RapidListMaker is an email marketing list  building that sends your offer out to prospects to get to subscribe and build a list of your own:

  • Starter Plan - 5 tier 1 leads daily / 150 tier 1 leads per month for $14.00
  • Pro Plan - 20 tier 1 leads daily / 600 tier leads per month for $48.00
  • Deluxe Plan - 40 tier 1 leads daily / 1200 tier 1 leads per month for $96.00

For each package you will receive their guaranteed service offers as follows:

  • Professional Ad Writing - your ads or promo copies will be professionally written for you and mailed to subscriber base.
  • Extensive Targeting Options - choose your targeting option by adding your niche or a specific list of keyword categories you would love to target
  • Click Tracking - see how your ads are performing by tracking the opens and the clicks your receive on your product or affiliate link.
  • Geo Targeting - run your email ads and have your offer delivered to a specific geo-targeted area of your choice. You choose where you want your ads to be delivered.

This system will  go to work for you building up your leads  bringing you a fresh list of 150; 600 or 1,200 new subscribers each and every month that you can follow up build a relationship with and send your offers to.

Imagine being able to build a quality responsive list of up to 14,400 new subscribers each year without the stress and strain of doing it on your own.

There's only one formula that wins with digital marketing hands down every time that is patience and consistency. Combining those qualities with a list building buyers' lead marketing system that grow your list for you each month with no risk of your email address getting banned or blacklisted making it easy to build responsive list . Give RapidListMaker a try Click Here

How Did RapidListMaker List Building Service  Work for Us?

The questions outline below will be answered as soon as we run our own ad campaign.

Did they deliver?
Are the leads responsive or do they just sign up and leave?
Are the leads from quality tiered countries and are non responsive?
Would you recommend any of these mailers or solo ad services?
Do they offer quality customer service fix the problems you experienced in a reasonable time?


All Four (4) sites belonged to this address : FlintNET LLC, 9956 W Remington Pl Unit A10 Suite 182, Littleton, 80128 CO, United States but I have not done any further checks to see if they really exist.

Day to Diet Weight Loss
Lose Weight Now Make Healthy Feel Confident

On A Personal Note: A Full Inside Review of this Program will be Delivered Soon