Email Marketing Swipes To Use For Digital Marketing

Copy the swipes below and use them to promote this site or any other site if you like they're yours to "steal" ūüėČ & customize them in any way you want.

If you wish to download the email swipes on this page you will see a PDF download link  at the end of this page along with a special bonus bundle for you - just saying thanks for visiting.

*NAME* You Just A Peasant Farmer With A Low Yield Crop

True. Digital Marketing can be like peasant farming [fname].
You're still using those bronze aged internet marketing methods
You expect a higher yield from these methods day in day out.

Skip to the present. We have something to make you real money.
How would you like to spend just $28 and we pay you $100 back
This is a site partnership proposal you send the traffic we optimize

The traffic is $40 but you get a 30% coupon dropping the price to $28 but you will have to act fast as this only a short run promotional offer (offer ends December 31, 2018). If you want to make some money simply visit the link here and remember to download your bonus bundle offer at the end of this page.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Digital Marketers?

Why do we spend hours on ends clicking from site to site checking out our competition and stealing ideas we think will work for us?

Let's stop kidding ourselves for one glorious minute here
am not online to watch cute kitty cat videos on YouTube
nor am I front of my computer to waste time on IG or FB

Am doing none of the above and so are you not for a sec
We consider ourselves serious marketers with serious
interest in finding real opportunities that are worth our time

If you're as serious as I am am take a look at my latest post
This post was written not for the lubey lousers and fortnite dancers
It was written for serious income opportunity seekers like you.

Take a look and have a read for yourself follow the link below:

Join now and submit your
first post and watch how
we promote it for you.

Your post will make you
money over and over and
over again as long as it
stays on the site

Time to try something that
will benefit you for the long
term every years to come

*NAME* Do You Really Wanna Make Money Or Not?

You're wasting your time on traffic exchanges
and useless surf sites with 10 sec timers that
have users watching the countdown rather than
checking out your offer.

This is the right alternative - a website that
offers real traffic from Google Ads that we
distribute to our members posts and pages from
search ads and organic search engine traffic


Hey there!

Today is your lucky day! Because
you are getting an offer you will
be getting no where else but here,
a special offer, available on site

We want you to VISIT OUR SITE
and next please go READ THE FAQS
and check out OUR PREMIUM OFFERS
we have a deal for you from this
email offer only and nowhere else.

Sign up today for a PAID ACCOUNT
and we double the deal giving you

2000 Bonus Clicks for a BRONZE
4000 Bonus Clicks for a SILVER
6000 Bonus Clicks if you go GOLD

Bonus clicks from search engine
traffic generated by our Google Ad
campaign for traffic we send to our
pages and members guest posts

*NAME* This Crazy Old Guy Hear Him Out A Minute

Hey there [FIRST_NAME] we have for you a Digital Marketing Membership
website that pays users for the various actions they take on the site.

It's for advertising your products and websites.

It's for advertising clients products and websites.

Its for making money from all of your own user actions.

It's for making money day after day driving traffic.

You've have never used a site like this before so it's time for you
to come onboard and try something new, different and out of the box.

100,000 Viral Clicks Shared Every Single Month *NAME*

Get a share of 100,000 clicks from the Your Viral Network along with your purchase of any package on this page. Depending on your purchase you will receive 1000, 2000 or 3000 clicks extra from Matthew Graves' SuperChargedSoloADS to go with your purchase

Get a share of 100,000 clicks from the Your Viral Network along with your purchase of any package on this page. Depending on your purchase you will receive 1000, 2000 or 3000 clicks extra from Matthew Graves' SuperChargedSoloADS to go with your purchase.

NB: You Will Received 4000 Clicks YouViralNetwork clicks from SuperChargedSoloADS if you make a second purchase of any of the available packages

*NAME* Here's An Invite To Keep My Company

I'm inviting you to join
my membership site which
pays you in any crypto or
currency of your choice

It's a place to earn
compensation for your
content posted on site
we monetise it for you

You can join free but
it's better if you go
premium Start earning
from all site activities

*NAME* You Can Mail Members At CLIXLR8 ONLINE

Post Your Ad Right Now To 1500
Members Inside Our Network Plus...

every free member who post daily for
Seven (7) Days Each Month Will Now Be
Guaranteed A Minimum 500 Guaranteed
Views Per Post

Any genuine internet marketer
will make good money doing this.
Simply visit the link below to
start generating income every day.

Activity Based Income Generator? Yes, Try It *NAME*

This New Activity Based Income Generator is Now LIVE!

>> As As A Marketer Seeking To Make The Most Of the Internet
It's Time To Start Engaging and Earning From Your Activities

- Doubled Bonus and cash rewards when you engage content
- Affiliate program pays you up to 75% Commissions
- Random Referrals generated for you - we work for you
- Viral Pass Up Referrals to build any downline or email list
- Plus Much More - we work with you to build your business online

Hundreds have joined in the last Five (5) days and have already started
benefiting from joining and if I had to describe This Breakthrough
Innovation in 3 short sentences it would be:

- Effective and Surprisingly Quite Easy To Start
- Simple And Easy To Use all you need to do is engage
- FAST and reliable one on one business coaching & support

Not only is this proven to work over and over again
(and will continue to work!), it works in ANY niche, and it
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Rush over and check this thing out ASAP, because this is HOT:

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To Your Success,

**NAME** I Just Had To Do This It's Amaziing!!

As soon as you join our
site you will earn BITCOINS
when you perform various
activities from:

- Register on site
- Login Daily
- Daily Visits To Site
- Post an offer
- View Offers Posted
- Comment, Like & Share Content
- Visit a recommended link
- Watch sponsored videos

Secret Sauce To The System:

You Get Paid For All
Your Activities Plus
An Incremental Rate
Paid Per Hour Based On
The Time Your Referrals
Spend On Site Each Month

Now what will your next
move be now that you're in
possession of such a valuable
piece of info?

**NAME** I Can Testify To This One ...It Works...Period...

Question: Why spend hours
online just clicking ads
with not even a single
result to show for it?

Are you able able to show
even your spouse proof that
with a bit of effort you'll
be able to see at least
100 dollar day every now
and again for your troubles?

You need an opportunity
that can grow into a
residual income stream
in a short space of time
I can tell you about
the best option available

You've tried almost everything
with no results then this is
the right solution for getting
back something for all that time
you've spent online

Check out the CLIXLR8 ONLINE
Get Paid For Every single
thing you do with your time
on our site

**NAME** And The Best Lead Generator Is...?

Content, Content, Content, That's what drives leads

I can take the stress
and time required off
your hands by helping
you to drive leads to
your list and by building
out your down lines.

Marketers these days
tend to forget that
"content is truly king"
and if your marketing
strategy is not content
based it will be hard
to land your message.

Our program is designed
for people to connect
and engage with each
other while informing
the community of your
products and services

no problem with you
telling us about the
benefits of your product
or affiliate program as
long as it has a distinct
benefit to our readers.

We offer premium services
according to the requirement
that are needed to help you
build and grow your income.

We Will do your lead
generation service for
you while freeing up
your time then we're
the perfect candidate
for the job.

10 Grand Monthly Affiliate Contest

Start promoting our referral
contest to win your share of
10,000 USD Each & Every Month
in cold cold cash with $5,000
prize to be paid to one hard
working top performer.

Join in now and be a part of a
program that's worth your
plus providing consummate value
to online business
owners and
affiliate marketers - we strive
to excel online.

**NAME** It Takes Work But The Reward Is Very Huge

Take A Look At This How
To Cash In On A $24,100
Payday Plus YOU Can Easily
Generate $7050 Monthly

Do You Want To Earn A
Super Affiliate Income?
Now Here's You Chance
To Grab The Opportunity.

This Is A Professional
Service Marketing Option
That Can Bring You A High
Level Residual Income.

It's A Very Interesting
Program Program That Can
Easily Make You Money Each Day.

Take 10 Minutes Of Your Time
To Stop And Read Through The
Next Page To Get More Information

**NAME** Make 5 Sales And We Mail To 50,000 For You

Check out the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Affiliate Program

[] Everybody Is Loving Our Bonus :
Your Ad Sent To 50,000 Just for Making Just 5 Sales

As bonus to promote our referral affiliate program
we will send your own ad out to 25 top viral mailers
for you.

Just sign up to our website start promoting in our
contest and we send your own ad out to 50,000 members
as a bonus.

How about that **NAME**? Do you think that's a fair

I'm a marketer you're a marketer ain't nothing with us
helping each other to succeed by promoting each other.

Best Regards,

**NAME** a System That Has Everything Covered Top Down

This System Gives Better Result Than Sending
Ads To Any Bloody Ole List Of Cold Prospects

How About Trying A Different Marketing
Approach Altogether? Forget What You
Already Know For Now And Try This Out

This system combines everything you know
and other stuff you might be aware of but
not putting to good effect in your
marketing approach.

Get to know how this system works, we now
have an affiliate contest you can join get
50% commission and $10,000 if you're a top
performer in our referral contest

**NAME** Credits For Traffic Credits For Cash

You can even use your credits to buy a guest post and have it monetized making you money from revenue share on the site

[name] Collect Credits Convert To Cash and Traffic Rewards


- Browse, Comment, Share And Collect Your Credits

- Convert Your Credits To Any CryptoCoin You Select

- Free Members Paid Cash For Being Active On Site

- Premium Members Get Our Full Service Advertising Package

- More Benefits For Your Time & More Benefits For Your Money

Go To The  Link Below And Start Earning In The Next Ten (10) Minutes

**NAME** We Say CLIXLR8 You Say Digital Marketing Different

Hello [FULL_NAME] Collect Credits Convert To Cash and Traffic Rewards

- Browse, Comment, Share Yours & Fellows Members Posts And Collect Your Credits

- Convert Your Activity Bonus Credits To Any CryptoCoin You Select

- Free Members Paid Cash as a bonus For Being Active On Site Simply Post, View, Comment & Share

- Premium Members Will Receive A Full Service Advertising Package

- More Benefits For Your Time & More Benefits For Your Money (Serious Marketers Only Apply)

Go To The  Link Below And Start Earning In The Next Ten (10) Minutes

**NAME** Next 20 To Sign up Within 24 Hours Of This Mail

Take The Challenge Royan Sign Up Now Get 5 Dollars Earn 50,000 Credits Get 10 Dollars More

This offer is time sensitive and can only be activated if you sign up and submit your claim within the first 15 minutes after viewing this promo. In order to claim your 5.00 sign up bonus you must forward the username you used to register to support at . To claim your triple bonus you must earn 50,000 credits within 5 Days of registering and you will be paid 10 Dollars extra.

Premium Members Will Earn Back Their Guest Posting Fees

For Every $5.00 You Spend As A Premium
Member To Post Your Ad We Monetize Your
Content And Pay You Back $7.50

Did you know that if you pay-per-post
for just $5.00 per post the system will
continue to monetize your content until
you earn $7.50 back?! How cool is that?

Start posting and earning from any suitable
content go to your post page: to submit.

This is different from the earnings derived
from revenue share from monetization of your
posts. This is a minimum standard guarantee

CLIXLR8 Online Weekly Funpetition

Did You Know That If You Are The First Or Even The
Only Member To Earn 25,000 Credits By Midnight
Each Friday You Will Be Awarded With 0.0125 BTC?

Get Paid In BITCOIN For Your Referral Traffic (Optional)

CLIXLR8 Online Affiliate Program
Pays For Referral Traffic in BTC
Get Paid For The Traffic You Send

$69,040 Affiliate Contest In Effect
Get Paid To Help Build This Network
Plus Weekly Contest Pays 0.0125 BTC

Join Now Get All Your Friends To Join
We Also Have A Revenue Share Program
As The Network Grows We Pay You More

1000 - 3000 Guaranteed Clicks On Your First Guest Post

1000 - 3000 Guaranteed Clicks!

Submit an article about your favorite product

And receive bonus 1000 - 3000 Guaranteed Clicks

Bronze Member 1000 Guaranteed Clicks on your first guest post.

Silver Member 2000 Guaranteed Clicks on your first guest post.

Gold Member 3000 Guaranteed Clicks on your first guest post.

>> Post Customized With Colorful HTML Ads.

>> Add your url with a A 600 x 300 PNG or JPG Image

>> Brand Yourself to Improve Your Credibility.

>> Login Ads, Banner and Text Advertising too.

>> More importantly delivers Quality Traffic.

What are you waiting for?


and start sending your ads.

**NAME** Some Features About CLIXLR8 ONLINE

Promoting your affiliate link is a breeze with our propriety online income generating system :

Promote our affiliate program and we promote up to five offers every 90 days for you :-

1. Pick any post from our site - If you send 100 visitor in exchange we send you two hundred

2. Use the pay-per-post model to earn an extra income from our content monetization strategies

3. Create your post [or you can claim one with your credits] give us the link and we send you the traffic.

4. You will earn credits from the referral traffic you send as long as you add you add your referral ID to the link. Credits can be used to claim more posts or exchange for more traffic or even cash

That's just Two of the ways you can have a steady stream of income coming to you day in day out

It's now your turn to make the best move you should have made already so what are you up to now?

**NAME** This Is What You Call A Perpetual Income Generator

If You Were Earning $300 A Day Would You Be Reading This Email Right Now? Here's An Option

P.I.G - Perpetual Income Generator A new system designed to pay you for every single effort you make. Everybody wants to be paid for the effort they put in therefore no effort then nothing to look forward to. It's that simple - "work for it, get paid for it"

Better get your hands on this proven traffic and profit generating systems to give yourself a break from reading emails everyday to earn credit to promote to non buyers and sellers using the same free traffic mailing lists you're using won't earn $300 per day doing it like that try this method instead...

**NAME** This Is CLIXLR8 ONLINE Come Get Your Money

Come Get Your Money **NAME** Networking With Others

Sign up today and we will show you how to generate $100.00 easily by:

- submitting just Five (5) quality and engaging posts each month (you have to post content to earn from the system)

- sending a minimum of 1000 clicks to each post you create (remember you can promote any affiliate link you choose)

- sharing your posts to all your social media profiles i.e FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, REDDIT

- helping to boost the social signals of posts created by your fellow members you give comment love and get love comment

Real Benefits No Shizzling Around:

Professional email support
Detailed answers to all of your questions
Unique platform insights & concept evaluations
Game testing with expert feedback
In-depth discussion of proven sales strategies
Brand growth & marketing advice
Plus access to more publishers

Give of yourself in helping others like yourself to build out their presence online by offering your time, energy and support to a network that will help you to succeed in turn - Get in touch and stay in touch [fname] it's your time for online success

**NAME** We Cooked This One Up For You...Enjoy

Submit Five (5) posts on your favorite topics - it could be anything, an offer, a product review, a current trending item of news, an airdrop alert or a new program you joined - just about any standard quality topic will do and unlike Reddit yes you can promote anything you want here.

You will be rewarded with a monetized return tripling your pay-per-post fee (you pay $15 for Five (5) posts and we pay you 45 Dollars for sending 1000 visitors to each post from the Your Viral List of sites.)

This is guaranteed as long as you send the traffic from the Your Viral List (which I know have the best converting traffic in the viral list marketing niche).

Take a closer look you are investing in your own content and you're being rewarded for promoting your own content - your content will be monetized and the revenue shared as outlined earlier - fair deal.

1. Join the site and register your membership
2. Create Five (5) posts - this is your investment of 15 Dollars
3. Send 5000 clicks 1000 clicks each to your posts
4. Get your $45 reward for the traffic you send to your offer (monetized revenue share)
5. Ensure you use our recommended traffic tracking service - works best with Google analytics

The list of sites your clicks should come from are listed on the page you're about to visit as well as the link you should sign up to to take advantage of this innovative opportunity we believe is the best win-win alternative to come along on the internet in a while - go for it.

**NAME** We Can Help You With Any Kind Of Business

[FULL_NAME], We'll Help You Launch A 1 Grand A Day Business Online

Call it blind faith if you wanna but we will help you get off the ground in launching an online business (in a highly profitable niche) when done right will cream you anything that sounds like Thirty Grand a month in instant profit.
All you will need is passion to succeed with the right help along with the right expertise.
Take your time read this through to get the gist of what we're giving you here and contact us first if you have to.
Now, it's all up to you.

Here's The Program I Wanted To Tell You About **NAME**

Am Glad I Got The Chance To Tell You That This Is A Very
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There Are Only Two Options Available To You [name], Are You Finally Ready For This Level Of Success? Yes Or No

On the next page you will find a straight up off-er for you to consider. Maybe it will boost your confidence, make you popular, change your luck, whatever, but you only need the next 30 seconds to decide if this a best fit for your online objectives or not.

Now that you have the information so now it's time to consider your next move. As a matter of fact [name] we already know that you're smart,you're intelligent and more than willing to succeed so, see you on the inside...cheers

Pork Chops Or Nothing For Dinner **Name**

Start Growing P.I.G.S With Us ~fname~ That's Your Perpetual Income Generating System You Earn From This For Years To Come

Free membership: You simply work the system and get cash and bonus rewarded for all your activities - earn 25,000 Credits You Get $5 if you mail us the code : SUPERSAFEMAILER

Premium membership: We work the system for you, boost your offers with customized methods developed for promoting the businesses and offers you represent plus rank your offers with your specific chosen keywords to drive more organic traffic to your optimized pages - earn 25,000 You Claim $25 as long you login count is at least 10 times each month.

Mail 1000 Fresh New Leads Daily From Inside Our Dashboard (10,000 Bonus Emails Weekly)

A Lesson In Perpetuity **NAME** Take Note

I wont blame you [fname] were you to question the validity of various programs you come across on the internet especially those crappy "quick money earner" and "Earn 3, 4, 5, 6 Figures daily" offers being promoted around town by people who know nothing about business nor anything about the honesty integrity concept.

People jump into online marketing without one iota of emotional intelligence and will mislead you because they are desperate to brag about their income proof oftentimes from screenshots they borrowed from JV partners.

The CLIXLR8 Online is about focus, planning, evaluation and methodology in business and finance within the realms of marketing and promoting over the internet but our concepts do not differ from a fully established business with all the operational facets that are required in you end-to-end business process.

If you're simply curious, ever doubtful and unwilling to put the effort out towards building YOU OWN success - DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM.

We're online to help individuals and established businesses develop the best fit for their overall marketing strategies using the internet as a medium in order to bring in as much profit as possible from the time and financing you invested in yourself and/or your business

If This Is Too Good For You It's Better For Someone Else

All You Need Is Your Computer, An Internet Connection, And A Desire To Put Your Product Inside The Eyeballs Of Thousands Of prospects You Gonna Want To Check This Out...

[FIRST_NAME] Take The Time And Read This Page Through Carefully And Just In case Your Not A Serious Marketer Pass This To Someone Who Is, I'll Pay You To Share This Info

Who Up For This? It's Money Time **NAME**


I'm looking to pay the first 10 persons who
join my site and earn 25,000 credits by August 31.

All you need to do is join the site with your PayPal
account now and :

1. Login in for 10 - 20 minutes daily up till August 31
2. Comment at least Three (3) times per day
3. Create and share your offer to social media
4. Earn credits from referral traffic to your offer page

Build up your credit balance to 25,000 by August 31 and
if you're among the first 10 to complete this task then
25 Bucks is yours paid instantly to your PayPal account.

What are you waiting for? Are you gonna let others get
ahead of you?
Even if you're the only person to join and complete this
task the 25 Bucks is yours and maybe more - a lot more.

Your Leads They're In A Better Place Now **NAME**

Are you still mailing to icy cold non responsive leads or is your online and email marketing still being haunted by graveyard emails who will never raise a heartbeat to all the mailing you send?

You're doing it all wrong ~fname~ and we have the solution....

We're doing a relaunch to re-position our goals in

providing real benefits to the beaten up online

marketer so look out for our email follow outlining

the new benefits the new site has to offer...

For Just $6.75 Per Month We Generated 70 Sales And Counting From 13,000 Facebook Engagements For One Of Our Members

We promote programs and products for our members leaving you to focus on making money from your activities collecting credits on our site earning BITCOINS from our members only private bitcoin faucet.

Get in now **NAME** CLIXLR8 ONLINE is the place to be if you wish to be successful at your marketing.

To download this page click on the PDF button here: [pdf-lite]

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