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What Are Angels Made Of? | Psychic Ability Metaphysical Concepts

Angels seem so ethereal and mysterious compared to flesh-and-blood human beings. Unlike people, angels don’t have physical bodies, so they can appear in a variety of ways.

Angels can temporarily show up in the form of a person if a mission they’re working on requires doing so.

Angels may appear as exotic creatures with wings, as beings of light, or in some other form.

That’s all possible because angels are purely spiritual beings who aren’t bound by Earth’s physical laws. Despite the many ways they can appear, however, angels are still created beings that have an essence. So what are angels made of?

What Are Angels Made Of?

Each angel whom God has made is a unique being, says Saint Thomas Aquinas in his book "Summa Theologica:" Since angels have in them no matter or bodiliness at all, for they are pure spirits, they are not individuated.

This means that each angel is the only one of its kind.

Divine Love

Angels’ love compels them to honor God and serve people. Angels are ethereal beings that express great love by caring for each person throughout his or her life on Earth

Intellect of Angels

When God made angels, he gave them impressive intellectual capabilities. God has given angels the knowledge about "all things that are on the earth." God has also created angels with the power to see the future.

Angels’ intellect doesn’t depend on any kind of physical matter, like human brains. "In man, because the body is substantially united with the spiritual soul, intellectual activities (understanding and willing) presuppose the body and its senses. But an intellect in itself, or as such, requires nothing bodily for its activity.

Strength of Angels

Even though angels don’t have physical bodies, they can nevertheless exert great physical strength to perform their missions.

Angels who assume human bodies to perform missions on Earth aren’t limited by human strength but can exercise their great angelic strength while they’re using human bodies

Angels of Light

Angels are often lit from within when they appear on Earth, and many people believe that angels are either made out of light or work within it when they visit Earth.

Angels Being Incorporated in Fire

Angels may also incorporate themselves in fire. When an angel visited Manoah and his wife to give them some information about their future son Samson. The couple wanted to thank the angel by giving him some food, but the angel encourages them to prepare a burnt offering to express their thanks to God, instead.

Angels Are Incorruptible

Angels are incorruptible substances. This means that they cannot die, decay, break up, or be substantially changed. For the root of corruptibility in a substance is matter, and in the angels there is no matter."

So whatever angels may be made of, they’re made to last forever!

How To Develop Your Psychic Ability

Everyone has the ability to training their psychic ability but most of us are not trained from we were young to appreciate our our own abilities being one with the forces of nature.

Instead it is joked about by an ignorant scientific community and components Hollywood who seek their own capital gain by mocking the mystic nature of the body, mind and soul.

It's all a misdirection taking away the truth and the power from the people. This is not about cheap magic tricks performed by

imposters for fun and entertainment.

It's not about illusions, sleight of hand amusement gags performed by the like of a David Blaine, David Copperfield or

Chris Angel these are all bullshit artistes to the craft. This is about your ability to gain the knowledge of seeing the highly probable outcomes based on a series of events already played out in nature.

It's the ability to see all likely scenarios as they may occur based on all past events. This is about empowering your insight based on facts and close observation of sequential outcomes that form a pattern that will output a similar result based on your intimate knowledge of the environment.

Each of us has the power to train our psychic abilities to be able to absorb mathematical equations and have a high knowledge of the resultant factors simply by using the powers of our minds by picking up patterns you see happening over a given period even a thousand years.

Psychic ability is in itself a hidden science unable to be explained by the average scientist therefore in their scholarly defence they will dismiss the unexplained due their own ignorance using the mantra "if it cannot be explained then it doesn't exists", couldn't agree more, yeah... right.

Not everything Mathematical can be explained mathematically if what you attempt to explain does not exist within the scope of your informed knowledge therefore it's only an ignorant fool who seeks to dismiss what he himself from a position of knowledge cannot explain.

How To Develop Psychic Ability - Click Image Above To Find Out

Psychic ability is often times over-represented, obfuscated and mistakenly adored alongside black magic, wicca, voodoo, spell binding and elemental magic which are often times afforded a negative connotation as the black arts and should be avoided as these practices are only use for evil and not for good.

While there are fundamental aspects of these crafts to be found with the realms of powerful psychic ability, these occult practices by themselves are not a true representation of the powers of psychic ability as most do go overboard.

True knowledge belonging to the universe and ritualistic, mind altering practices are not one and the same.

Developing your self-awareness to become one and all with existence and having a true understanding of the manifestation of nature will require you to be aligned with the resonance, frequency and vibration found within the ethereal.

If your awareness is awakened to the realms of the resonant, frequential and vibrational state of existence of that which exists then you will become one with consciousness.

Ninety Seven of the people you meet has never and will never achieve a quantum state of consciousness as they belong to the system similar to what you see in "The Matrix"

Call it enlightenment, nirvana, illuminati code, esotericism you have heard about them all, but, the knowledge of "existential being" is limited even among those who claim to belong to these secret societies.

Psychic ability is the power to pick up on the negative and to manifest the truth of what is hidden from the uninformed and untrained Eye Of The Soul.

You, me, the lady on the street, the man outside cutting the hedges, the girl at the supermarket, the ordinary Joe, we all have the power to train our psychic ability but the knowledge, guidance and training has been hidden from us knowing the powerful secrets of the universe, the power of awareness and the power to gauge the information you receive from the environment.

But this power and truth can only be hidden for a time and a time and a half and then the new conscious would eventually wake up to a whole new existence.

Those who choose to remain unconscious will be herded off like sheep only to serve the appetite of the wolfkind by giving up their sustenance, their labour and their youth and then

will they slumber off without leaving a trace on this earth only to be buried in a non celebratory unmarked grave.

For the awakened conscious ones, realising the true potential of your true psychic abilities may occur within a short, for others it may be for the medium and in some

cases it will occur within the long term (some may eventually give up and go back to sleep).

Endurance and consistency is of the essence in achieving your true awareness. The information you will learn will teach you how to control the external forces by conquering negative energy in order to be informed by such forces rather than being controlled.

If you're made aware of possible negative outcomes, you will train your ability to be able to avoid these outcomes, never to yield or be controlled by these forces.

Master the knowledge of becoming informed as only becoming an informed individual will you be able to create a free mind, free of being controlled by the system. You will possess the ability to see any and everything before and after they might occur.

How To Create Real Magic Spells For Beginners

Is there such a thing as real spells magic? Is there really? Let's find out.

Are there spells that beginners can learn that will have them becoming students of a noble and ageless tradition that has been around since the dawn of mankind's existence.
If there are beginner spells which can allow the new student to learn all that he or she needs to learn that is comfortable for the beginners level of studying the craft.

If one wants to enhance one's psychic ability would learning witch spells for beginners be of any benefit whatsoever? If you wish to progress to the higher order you need to understand the fundamentals but on a different level than what you have been led to believe.

A good many students will the ultimate goal of developing their psychic about will need to first learn how to get magical powers from mastering the arts of the unknown.

There are things that will lend to your knowledge on how to become a wicca or a wizard.

Prentices who see themselves as magic spells beginners must not be daunted nor should they harbour doubt about the reality of the existence of real magic spell books as these are real witch spells that actually work and work well as witchcraft spells for beginners

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Our guide is based on years of indepth research and testing the soundness of real magic spells for beginners and spells to gain magical powers by learning the true art of casting
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while learning witchcraft for beginners from the training we provide you wish acquire a higher level of thinking and awareness, an ability needed to advance your psychic ability.

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Due to it's mystic nature, there are no formal academy you can attend that offers the training and certification required therefore, you will have to learn how to become a wiccan by yourself, but with our help and guidance.

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