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Below you will find the first review (and any possible updates) in our training program that will warm you up for our very informative training course on how to become a profitable CPA Affiliate Marketer.

This training is developed for begin marketers who are seeking to broaden their knowledge and scope on CPA Affiliate Marketing and for intermediate affiliate marketers who are seeking to narrow in on the most effective and cost efficient ways to maximise their return on investment from CPA Affiliate Marketing

Please allow 24 -48 hours for your next topic updates as we do not wish to overload you with information as well as  we consistently  review each module and will edit and rewrite the material where necessary to deliver the most up to date information).

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Welcome to our training program and on this page we will provide an overview in relations to the often asked questions by both the CPA Affiliate Network as well as The CPA Affiliate Marketer:

Questions Asked By CPA Affiliate Networks

- How do you generate traffic, what method of traffic generation do you use?

The network wants to make sure you are getting real visitors and that your site is legit. If you get traffic through SEO and PPC, you'll be good.

How many unique visitors do you get per month to your site or landing page?

Why should a network accept anyone with only 10 unique visitors monthly ? You get the point. They are looking to see that you actually have an audience for their offers. They would normally look at your site for over 10K unique visitors coming through each month,  30K+ or more is even a much better range.

- Do you provide incentive offers for members on your website?
Even if you the answer is  always no! as the rewards you offer are occasional and is normally offered to those members of your site who buy a product and it's industry standard to offer bonuses. It's just like using any quality ad network, you usually don't tell people to click on ads.

From time to time we see more and more content locking type offers from CPA networks so in that case, giving incentives would be OK (through offering free how to guides, plugins, themes, desktop and or mobile downloads).

- Are you with any other affiliate companies?
The CPA network is enquiring to see if you are a noobus to CPA marketing or if you have the related experience. It makes sense if you say you are a part of two or three even if all you've given away are free ebooks.

Choose the most suitable ones you've had any level of success with. This is to show you have some experience and other affiliate networks have trust in you.

We have a long list here that lists a whole bunch of them (the network you have applied to will not check to make sure you are a member of the ones you say you are).


Other CPA Affiliate Application Questions

- How did you hear about our program?

This is more of a casual question. Just say their network was recommended to you or that you searched for a good one in Google and theirs came up.

- What is your internet marketing or affiliate marketing experience?

The network is seeking to establish if you are a total newbie to CPA. I don't think that if you are it's that's much of a big of a deal. Just tell them how long you have been showing interest in internet and affiliate marketing (2 years up is ideal).

- What type of CPA offers are you interested in promoting?

The network is looking to see where your niche is. If you're competent at promoting anything, tell them you're interested in actively promoting offers with high global and regional CTR's and high EPC's products .

- How much money will you budget to spend on advertising per month?

This might very well be asked of you, the best answer is either that you get enough organic traffic from posting and blogging so that you don't have to pay for advertising, or simply say that you will be generating traffic through targeted ad campaigns with optimized advertising  with an intended budget of $300+ or $10.00 per day to start and if traffic is converting you can manage $500 monthly.


When it all boils down to gravy, CPA affiliate networks definitely need to find out if you are serious and are interested to promote their products the way in which all advertisers are expecting their products to be promoted.

If you'd like more information on what to say, let me know. Also, please comment below and let us know how your application went!


Questions Asked By New CPA Affiliate Applicants

1. What's normally required for CPA Affiliate Marketing and what is usually required to join to the typical CPA Affiliate network?

You should know some methods of generating traffic and signing up prospects. Different CPA networks vary their requirement from network to network.

Some may ask if you have previous experience but they're only making certain that you will not defraud their system. Higher level sophisticated networks  will sometimes require you to attend a skype or phone interview

2. How does one apply to PeerFly as a standard user? Meaning that I don't want to be an advertiser but get paid as an affiliate.

You just complete an application found on the registration page .

3. What campaigns I should promote which ones work the best?

Generating leads is always easier to to get paid for trying to sell on behalf of the network. However, if you want to sell, promote high ticket offers especially subscriptions that will pay you recurring income.

4. What's The best method to use to make your campaigns profitable?

It is a matter of setting up the unsaturated, hot offers and offers with high CTR's and high EPC's. You then optimize your ad campaign to maximise the benefits.

5. Where's the best place to get consistently converting traffic from?

We will recommend a number of paid and unpaid sources. e.g. PPC, PPV, media buys, social media advertising. Youtube, Organic traffic, e-mail plus the networks we recommend you use will have their own recommended source for traffic.

6. What type of the offer do you prefer to recommend: leads, sale or CPC?

I prefer leads from signups as this is the main method of your training but generating sales as well is using exactly the same methods as recommended.

7. How do you collect active leads that convert again and again via CPA?

If you intend to collect email addresses and other contact information, you will need create and optimize a main traffic page.

8. What exactly is a  CPA affiliate marketing network what does it do?

Next chapter of your training we will take you deeply into the realms of CPA Affiliate marketing plus other mind set training information you will need . We will provide all relevant information to give you a clear picture on these work.

9. I'm a complete noob is there any step by step guide for beginners?

The #HowToMakeMoneyFast Online for CPA Affiliate MArketing covers from the basics to the upper aspects of the intermediate affiliate marketer. We do not write for super marketers high level sophisticated affiliates with miles of funds.

10. What's the average amount of money would I need to to start with?

Some people would recommend you start with between $50 to $100 but setting up ad campaigns and risking $10 for a daily campaign should be worth the risk.

11. What is the average earnings if the campaign is converting good?

Please read our earning disclaimer as your results are based on your funding, your reach, the quality of your ad campaigns and the effort you put in day in day out. Not gonna trick you into this false lull as making it as an affiliate marketer will take a stretch of work and good attitude on your part.

12. What are some high earnings that have been reported with CPA programs?

There are super affiliates (we do not write for them) that have been  known to earn from tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand dollars per month.
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