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Clicksellerate - this a CPC activity based advertising and affiliate marketing network designed from the foundation up for affiliate marketers, safelist marketers, email marketers and marketers online and offline.

We are now on a membership drive and are inviting sign-ups in order to get the site active and in full effect for it's official launch date November 3, 2017.

Members earn clicks (CLX) instead of earning mailing credits as we consider safelist credits as a lowered tier fit for an efficient and effective marketing strategy.  Clicks earned are keyword targeted therefore providing an immense value to generating targeted interests to your offers, affiliate links and landing pages.

CLX can also be converted to cash maximum $0.01 for free members and a minimum $0.05 for premium members. Our pre-launch sign-up bonus is 500 CLX (500 clicks or clix) which can be converted to $5.00 for free members and $25.00 for premium members.

Clicksellerate pays 70% to premium members and 20% to free members in our revenue share affiliate program

Wanna learn more about Clicksellerate visit our FAQ Page here Post Your Ads And Get Guaranteed Traffic 1 Post Your Ads And …

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