500 Bonus Clicks, Post Yours Ads, Get Paid For Content, Earn Cash and Traffic Rewards For Your Activities


Credit Based Income For Activity System 

You will earn CLX credits from all of your activities which you can convert to BITCOINS at 2 CLX : 1 Satoshi if you're a free member and for premium member your credits can be converted for up to 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi.

You can convert your credit to any other coin of your choice as we use Coin-Payments to make payment to members - Open Your Coin-Payments Account. We convert every 10,000 CLX credits earned from your activities to One ($1.00) Dollar - paid to qualifying members active for and average of 30 hours or earning 100,000 CLX from your activities each month - Tip #1 refer traffic to your own ads and get paid for the traffic. Post Your Ad Now to start earning.

Activity Based Income Conversion (Free and Premium)

Free and Premium Members Earn Earn CLX for:

  • Registration (1000 credits),
  • Login Daily (10 - 50 credits),
  • Reading Posts (10 - 75 credits),
  • Referring traffic (2 - 10 credits),
  • Referring sign-ups (100 - 750 credits),
  • Referring Sales (Free members - 25%; Basic-Pro - 50%; Gold Premium - 75%; Site Partner - 90%),
  • Viewing Videos (1 - 1000 credits),
  • Posting Comments (10 - 50 credits)
  • Plus credits for visiting and sharing Links and Content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.
  • Effective May 1, 2018 conversion rate 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi (Premium Offer)
  • Premium Bitcoin faucets paying up to 100,000 Satoshi Daily (Premium Members)
  • Spin & Win For Free Members Qualifying for cash bonuses and extra traffic rewards
  • After you login you will be redirected here to post you content to start a topic or promote your ad.
  • To read content, comment and share for credits and use your credits for cash and traffic go here
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes

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Premium Members Get A Full Service Advertising & Marketing Deal

You should opt for a Premium AccountYou will receive the all the above benefits plus what is available here

In addition we provide the following optional services any time you need it we're here to help you one on one :

Extra benefits for premium members who need help with their advertising and marketing 

  • If you support your business with a website we analyse your website in line with your business goals
  • Social media marketing influencing consultancy as we have described on our membership option page
  • Get paid 3x more than free members from the income generated from monetizing the content posted
  • Get your articles converted to videos and we have your videos optimized for more views and YT ranking
  • Lead generation from Solo Ads by our mailing your posts to 100,000 premium lists and viral mailers
  • Rewrite and SEO optimized your posts so your posts get higher ranking on the search engines SERP's
  • Get paid for clicks you send us when advertisers purchases solo ads if you send our ads to your list
  • Our Premium is affordable Basic Premium $37.00 Monthly and Gold Premium $47.00 Monthly
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes


All Members Earn Credits - Use Your Credits To Post Standard Ads Onsite

Sticky Page Login Ads Full Front Page 1 month unlimited display- 500,000 CLX credits

125 x 125 banner ad 1 month unlimited display front page 500,000 CLX credits

468 x 60 banner ad in login area 1 month unlimited display 350,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner ad on Post Offer page 1 month unlimited display 420,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner on Content List Display Page 1 month unlimited display 420,000 CLX credits

Send Your Post To min. 1500 Subscribers Maximum Three (3) Submissions Per Week (Just be Active)

(More Advertising Options To Come)

This website offers different and more diverse ways of marketing approaches rather than just marketing with the outdated method of using safe lists as a sole source method to advertise and market online.

Top Tip:

Best method to use to build your credit is to join our affiliate program after you join use your referral link to drive traffic and build your credit quickly easily, use that credit to get traffic and to buy advertising plus bonus cash for your site activity - it's easy and simple and will boost your marketing and earn an income for you:-

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After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes



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