CLICKSELLERATE Online What Is It About?


Good Morning CLICKSELLERATE Member,

This is to update you on the specifics on how the program works so you may have a clearer understanding that will enable you to describe the program to someone you know - should they ask.


CLICKSELLERATE Online What Is It About? 1

CICKSELLERATE is an online program designed for all online marketers where members interact and engage with each other based on the content presented by members. It functions just like a blog or a forum but users are awarded clicks (We like to call them CLIX or CLX) for their interaction with and contribution of the content made available by members. For example during our pre launch members will be awarded 100 clicks for posting an offer, other members view and discuss each offer and are awarded clicks for viewing and cash for commenting (coming soon: cash for sharing on Facebook and Twitter).

This is not news breaking as PTC sites are out there already what else is new?

We are not disputing that fact but here's where we add a bit of innovation, the system is designed similar to buying and selling shares on a stock exchange where the share price is dictated by market activity, supply and demand, perceived value and economic reality.

During pre launch we plan to have 25,000,000 clicks in circulation with a nominal value of $0.05 per click ( Total nominal value in circulation before official launch is $1,250,000 USD ). If you calculate 5000 clicks you will be holding a digital bond certificate worth $250.00.

O.k so how does one gets paid in this program? 

You get paid when your clicks are sold to other members, when advertisers buys clicks and place an ad in our classified ads section or your can redeem with the House Banker if funds are available. After pre launch it will be only fair that premium members enjoy this benefit.

Note: our performance incentive scheme will pay $0.05 for each quality and approved comment made on each offer post.

So how is the market price  per click calculated?

Clicks are calculated on a Performance Base Index (PBI) the more members joining, the more comments offered, the more views on offers, the more posts published, the more visitors from referrals and more revenue earned from the monetization model on the site will all determine whether the value of your clicks goes up or goes down.

So what happens next with the CLICKSELLERATE Program?

We hope to have your participation in getting more sign ups to the program before our official launch which for the time being is planned for November 18, 2017. We need to determine whether or not we require more server space or to go ahead and keep our software programmer on the job and to get more members so the program an qualify to join premium publishing networks once activities increase.

So go ahead start inviting others to join as this will increase the value of the system. Your referral link can be found by visiting the page here

Start earning 100 clicks per post and $0.05 per comment - we are depending on you to help us make this a success.


Business Development Officer



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