Get Paid From Visits Through Your Referral Link

This is for premium members only but is free to try while in pre launch - you get paid $0.005 per visit for each referral visiting the CLICKSELLERATE Network through your referral link.

Go ahead send us 1000 visitor traffic from real humans (no bot traffic and yes we have the tools to identify fraudulent traffic using advanced metrics plus deep analysis assistance from the Google Analytics Team)  as long as your visits spend a few minutes looking around you will be credited for each visit.

Here's something you could try: Buy This Recommended Product, create a product offer here, direct the traffic to your product offer page and earn from the clicks you send to your offer plus make money from the sale of your offer.

Please notify your Admin. as soon as you create your product offer and we will create the referral link for the specific offer you want to direct your traffic to.

Here Are Your Email Swipes Plus Your Primary Referral Link

Your primary referral link is :

Your Email Swipes (copy and paste inside your mailer) I have included the ones that deliver that highest sign up rate to the Network, use them to send traffic and sign ups to the program to boost your earnings and popularity.

Email Swipe # 1

This is [Your Name], Business consultant for the new
Marketing System called CLICKSELLERATE.

I helped to create the CLICKSELLERATE
system to make marketing easier, simplier for
generating more targeted traffic. 🙂

CLICKSELLERATE will let you earn clicks
for logging in, posting, reading ads, visiting links,
commenting and referring others to visit or join.

You will receive 5000 clicks as a pre launch bonus
offer for making your first Five (5) posts.Your ads earn
unlimited views as long as you have credits available

I invite you to sign up to join and participate in the
CLICKSELLERATE Marketing System and start
using it to market all your products right away.

Watch out for more of our fantastic launch offers
you can get more marketing done with.

Email Swipe #2

Would you like a service where traffic to
your promo offers comes not just from
your safelists emails but also from all
major traffic sources?

That's what CLICKSELLERATE does, it's designed
to send you traffic from everywhere plus have your
offer pages indexed on the search engines

Promote your referral link and receive 100 clicks
earned per referral. Use your clicks to get traffic
or to generate revenue from selling your clicks

Come on over and CLICKSELLERATE with us you
generate traffic or sell your clicks for cash plus special
unlimited bonus offers for being an active member

Referral Contest : Get your referral link be the first to
refer 50 members and $500 is yours plus you will
earn 100 clicks per referral

Email Swipe #3

Do you own a contact list?

Interested in earning from your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
Earn $0.12 - $0.50 every click you send to view our offer pages

You earn clicks when you visit, login and views offers on our site
Clicks are awarded for referrals who sign up through your link

You get cash in lieu of clicks when visitors view offers from your link
Sell your clicks on our platform, earn clicks now sell them later

Each click you earn is 100% backed by a US dollar value amount
If you quit the program as a matter of fact it would be stupid to quit
but you must be dedicated and active to improve the click price

Market price per click will move up or move down with userx activity
so the more active you are the more you will benefit from the program

You can sign up and join CLICKSELLERATE by clicking on the the link below

Email Swipe #4


There is ...

A NEW simplified yet highly effective money method which
can earn you Hundreds per hr in your spare time. Now you
can easily adopt this method to make good money for yourself.

A tested and proven to quickly accelerate your business
to six figures a year as fast as humanly possible.

How about making more than what your boss makes in just 20
hours a week. The very first step to becoming an affiliate supernova
which 96% of all marketers miss out completely and fail as a result.

Here's #1 most over-looked, under-utilized factor which determines your
"earning longevity" online. Currently in pre launch, time to join the revolution...

Here Are Some Headlines You Can Use

  • Is CLICKSELLERATE Any Good? There Are Ways You Can Be Certain.
  • No Doubt About CLICKSELLERATE It's An Interesting Program.
  • Make No Misconception About CLICKSELLERATE.
  • Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About CLICKSELLERATE.
  • 100 Clicks Per Referral When You Join CLICKSELLERATE.

Need more headings? You can choose from 180 titles you can use here


17 thoughts on “CLICKSELLERATE Email Swipes”

    1. Due to a few minor adjustments the competition has been rescheduled to commence on the 31st October to allow enough time for us to advertise the promotion.

    1. We are doing our best. Go ahead and start adding your offers to get your traffic and interaction. add your referral ID to any post link you find interesting send traffic and collect clicks.

  1. Hello

    Any update about the referrals list!?
    I want to see my referral list to decide on who to promote more in order to get more members

    Thank you

    1. You need to understand that the site is under beta testing for feedback and improvement before we officially launch. All issues raised will be looked and any viable features required be installed.

      1. Thank you!
        I want just a sort of tracking of our suggestions and requests to response to my team and promote properly.

        1. I am interested to know what type of marketing methods and promotion are you using to refer visitors to the site?


    1. Manna, the CLICKSELLERATE system is designed to cut out the burdensomeness of clicking for credits
      to send emails which have a less than 5% open rate due to the fact that email services providers don’t
      like safelist marketers cluttering up their bandwidth with marketing promos from which they are not getting
      a cut of the sales or profit.

      You now know the reason spam filters are so aggressive, how many times have you sent
      a mail to a viral mailer list of 10,000 only to receive less than 100 clicks on your ads.
      They are not getting a cut of what you make, so they deliberately slow you down – it’s that simple.

      The CLICKSELLERATE program is designed o get you clicks from everywhere you name it, viral mailers, solo ads,
      social media traffic, referral traffic and search engine traffic not just traffic from sending emails.

      If you are familiar with a site called reviewmenot(dot)com then you will under more clearly as this is similar
      in form but goes way deeper in substance.

    1. It’s still a work in progress as the system is designed to have members post their offers to generate interest and discussion which in turn feed into the price movement of the click value.
      Best strategy is to contribute your content and invite others to join as the more people enrolling and participating the higher the value of each click.

  3. Hello

    Would you like where we can see our download (referrals) need to know emails of those who joined and try convince those in the promotion list who didn’t join yet! then try to bring more.

    Kind regards

    1. Will look into that thanks. We are smoothing out the affiliate script as we speak but all the information should be showing inside your members area (profile page).

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