Carpal Tunnel Master – Self-Help for numb, tingling fingers and hands


You can do something about the numbness, tingling, hands waking you up at night – and the fear and worry that go with it.

“Discover Proven Easy, Effective Techniques to Return Your Hands to Normal In 5 Minutes a Day Even If You Have Been Diagnosed With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

Imagine waking up in the morning, you’re in the bathroom. Suddenly it hits you – your hand isn’t asleep. It didn’t wake you up during the night. It feels better than it has in months, or even years. No pain, no numbness, not a single bad sensation.

But right now you are suffering, frustrated, fearful. What you thought would just go away on it’s own didn’t. Drugs haven’t helped. Now you are desperate. 

Just doing every day things like unlocking a door or brushing your hair can be challenging and frustrating.

But giving up some of the things you used to love to do can be more devastating. Perhaps for you it is playing music, writing, gardening, creating art, or whatever.

For me, my hands were my livelihood – a career that I was scared would come to a screeching halt.

Hi HIlma, I bought them three days ago! I did not have to take any pain medications — when I followed your videos carefully. Without your video carpal tunnel self therapy program, I would be lucky if only 1/8 of my pain RX would reduced my chronic pain, and anyway, they always seemed to fail to take away my chronic pain completely. I would be forced to continue to be imprisoned — with an all day event of constant pain management (countless of hours spent on: self home therapy (I invested in – insurance did not pay), physical therapy offices, or at a pain physicians office). I would be defeated again, and again — never hoped to live a pain free life.

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Hilma Thank you so much for all the help and support. I am pain free at last. I just realized that if I am stressed or worried or emotionally not ok I tend to get the next morning

My name is Hilma Volk and I was a licensed massage therapist for 23 years. And I’m about to tell you the true story that almost ended my career…

Only a few years into my exciting new career as a massage therapist and I thought it was about to end.

Even though I was a licensed massage therapist, I was never taught how to treat carpal tunnel syndrome….

We had lots of discussions about in the disease course I took. I thought I knew a lot about it. Turns out I didn’t know diddly.

It started with my right hand ‘going to sleep’ at night and I kept waking up with very painful pins and needles and finding it hard to get the blood flowing through my hand again…

Desperate and fearing for my career, I searched everywhere for answers – books, magazines, the internet.

I stumbled across an article on a website about members of a rowing team who were developing numb hands… They had created a different massage technique that really helped.

Besides… Between all the research I was doing and my massage training, I knew their method wasn’t enough. So I modified it into a no hands method of special self massage.

Within 3 days all my symptoms went away. Within a week they felt better and looser than they had in years.

Sometimes I had to do a half hour foot massage. Doing that I was seated low and my hands were shoulder...


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