Cabins and Sheds collection for $49 – You own the rights!!


We are the plan designers. We are offering these great plans directly to you.

LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! A collection of cabins, sheds and garage plans with resale rights all for one low price of just $49 !!!

We are a design company that specializes in large custom homes and commercial projects. On occasion we have designed some smaller projects such as garden houses, detached garages, cabins etc. We thought it would be a great opportunity to sell these great designs in a plan collection with the added bonus of giving the purchaser an option of not only building the projects but to also create a business where you could take the plans and resell them as much as you like. No strings attached !!

Here's what you get A full set of plans for each of these projects

WE'VE DONE IT !! .....MORE PLANS !!!!! We just added 4 more cool plans below 2018!!

This plan collection has been very useful for me in my landscape and construction business. I use Autocad I can customize any of the plans to meet my clients' needs.

We bought the plan collection just for one project (the garden house). But we now sell the cabin and garage plans to contractors for $200 -$300 each plan. We've even modified some of the plans into new plans now we have quite a collection of plans to offer. This has been such a great way to start our own business and it's growing every day

I couldn't believe you were really selling the rights to copy, resell and reuse the plans any way. Nobody does that! I've been able to make quite a profit selling the individual plans. I hope you offer another collection. I'll be the first one in line to buy!!

I've been looking for an inexpensive way to start a home based business. Well, this is it! No gimmicks, no MLM just 49 bucks and I had my own products to sell over and over for the next 20 years if I want.

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Cabins and Sheds collection fo…

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