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1nSourcing™ Business is the online business growth model designed for business owners looking to have more structure or develop from scratch their own digital product business using a tried, tested and proven method they can systematically use to develop their business. This provides not only the solid techniques and strategies used by successful online entrepreneurs, it's designed specially with the entire operational 'back end' in mind as well, including the logistics of how the business can be operated. The plan and model can be tailored to any type of systems, or industry making it a completely solid and 'whole' solution to hit the ground running.

1.1 PLAN A blueprint for your digital product business. 1.2 BUILD The mechanics of the business. 1.3 LEADS Creating a community of potential customers and clients. 1.4 LAUNCH Generating income from the first launch. 1.5 GROWTH Introduction of higher ticket products and services.

2.1 COLLEAGUES Ensuring your message is unique. 2.2 AUDIENCE Who you'll market your products to. 2.3 CONCEPT Creating your 'method'. 2.4 BRAND How you'll present your message and method. 2.5 BASE Telling your story.

3.1 WEBSITE Systems you'll need for a robust website. 3.2 MARKETING Systems you'll need for effective marketing. 3.3 EMAIL Systems you'll need for efficient customer support. 3.4 CRM Systems you'll need for detailed record keeping. 3.5 DEVELOPMENT Systems you'll need to grow the business.

4.1 FUNNEL How the income strategy works. 4.2 ASSETS Key pages and details to put in place. 4.3 KICK OFF Earn your first recurring income. 4.4 UPSELL Growing and increasing your income. 4.5 BIG PICTURE How to keep momentum going.

5.1 BUDGETING Paying for your virtual team and other expenses. 5.2 TIMESCALES How long this will take. 5.3 ROLES What type of VAs you'll need helping you. 5.4 RETAINERS Hiring for long term gains. 5.5 LOCATING Finding the best support from where you're at.

6.1 CUSTOMER SUPPORT Expectations and best practices on customer support. 6.2 EMAIL MARKETING Expectations and best practises on email marketing. 6.3 SOCIAL MEDIA Expectations and best practises on Social Media Marketing. 6.4 LAUNCHES Expectations and best practises for future launches. 6.5 MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT Expectations and best practises for your members and other customers.

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I'm the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Operations Consultancy and Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing - a service that specialises in serving Late 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners. I left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue a dream of experiencing real freedom. I've grown a successful location independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting my husband along the way and raising my 3 children. I now support people around the world in cultivating their own professional and personal aspirations in the digital world.

Access this and all of your other Academy programmes and courses from one single login and dashboard.

Each module session is delivered by High Definition video for you to watch online, the video expands to widescreen.

Each module session contains an audio MP3 file for you to download and listen to the session on your computer or MP3 Player.

Each video in the module session is transcribed and available in text format, there is a print button for saving as PDF.

We regularly review the learning material and add any changes or updates to the content to keep it fresh and current.

Supporting the collaboration and cooperation of the members of our programmes and courses for collective growth.

All sessions are fully responsive and mobile friendly, so they can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Click the green 'Help' button available on every lesson if you require any assistance or have any questions.

Every month we have a group call for anyone in the 1nSourcing Programmes, including the Supporter, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business. We discuss business development strategies, focus on accountability and have open Q & A. This is designed so you can get the help and support you need to stay on track.

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These calls are hosted by Michelle every month and are ongoing - because the programmes are self-paced, you are free to attend these calls anytime in the future without any limitations.

I’ve been working with people like you to help them develop their online businesses for over 6 years now, and throughout that time I’ve provided the help and support they’ve needed to quit their jobs, buy a home, become a stay at home mum, double, triple and quadruple their income, grow their business to 6 figures, travel the world, emigrate, become location independent and so much more.

It sounds amazing, it surely is, but I can’t take all the credit because this is a combined effort. You’ll only ever get out of this what you put in. Here are just some of the stories that you can find from dedicated, go-getting individuals on how my programmes and courses have helped change their businesses and their lives...

If you’re really thinking about joining, like you're on the fence so to speak - but something’s holding you back, you'll be very interested in the feedback of some of the current members in my 1nSourcing, 6-Figure Business Coaching Programme:

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my 1-on-1 with Michelle. I was nervous going in because I didn't know what to expect and what she thought of my homework. After speaking with Michelle I was in great spirits. She really listened to me and helped steer me down a path that felt in line with my values." ~ Laura

I know that my big hang up is my over analysis and over thinking, it’s an absolute pain but I can’t seem to break it. The team (especially Dale) help me loads...


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