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High Paying Affiliate Programs 2020

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2020 2

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2020

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At CLICKSELLERATE ONLINE the tagline is "ClICKSELLERATE - Accelerate Your Marketing"
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High Paying Affiliate Programs 2020 3

The CLICKSELLERATE ONLINE team has developed this program to formulate the Best Work From Home Program to the home biz worker who is actively engaged on the top social media platforms where you work and share the information provided by affiliate marketers seeking to expand their brand and widen their reach to relevant and related audiences and interests.

It's o.k to treat the The CLIXLR8 Affiliate Program as a Work At Home Affiliate Program because this is something you can easily play your part as a co-promoter or JV partner in sharing product ideas, recommendations and reviews about the product offers made available by the members of the program - what's more rewarding than being a participant in Viral Butterfly Effect and in the thick of things being compensated for your effort in bringing the brands of hopeful marketers to the frontline so they
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How to start corn roasting business and make full time living in summer

start your own corn roasting business

Start Your Own Corn Roasting Business

To Start Your Own Corn Roasting Business is easy and simple as long as you follow the information on the resources you need to get you going.

start your own corn roasting business
Start Your Own Roasted Corn Business - Click the image above.

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Corn Roasting Business for Starters:

Start Your Corn Roasting Business and make more money in a few months than you do in a year.

Did you know that you can set up a corn roasting business easily and gross an entire year's income in a few weeks of summer? Setting up a roasted corn business especially during the summer time is big and profitable business.

As long as you know how to get it done right and business like, your roasted corn business will become a likeable success.

This start corn roasting (roasted corn) business guide will show you how to make a ton of money after you set up and get things going.

From my own personal feedback corn roasting on the cob business is a smart business idea which is very popular during the summer months.

From what I have been told so far, it tends to do very well especially at events i.e fairs and annual summer events.

Who doesn't want to make money from a business you can set up in no time such as a roasted corn business.

Start a roasted corn business and offer your customers the taste of perfection and the joy of healthy eating?

We are offering you this corn roasting business guide as a complete business set up you can easily manage and cash in on.

This guide that will have you singing praises for the valuable and easy to use info that you will find in this easy to follow guide.

Food, specially the concession food business, is my passion and hobby.

The prime motive behind writing this book is not to get rich from book sales which I believe cannot be possible.

This is a very small target audience, so my aim is to share knowledge and advice with those seeking answers.

We all have the business bug sleeping inside us, and this bug will often wake up egging you on to try out your entrepreneurial yearnings.

Considering that the rough seas of the down economy is hurting many families lately. It is super ideal starting a business without putting up huge investment costs can be a lifesaver for many.

Imagine being your own boss and earning a stable income without worrying about money again. This roasted corn business guide will having you earning enough in only a few months.

The potential earning from a few month of summer, will cover what some would appreciate as a full-time income for a whole year.

Just follow through with the step by step business process provided and you will definitely be happy with the information provided. You can do it!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! This book will show you how to be the lucky 5%. It contains highly useful information that the top-notch corn roasters will never want you to know.

How to Start Your Own Roasted Corn Business
Corn Roasting Business Click Image to Start

How to start corn roasting business and make full time living in summer 4

click here to start roasted corn business today

Why should you get your hands on my roasted corn business setup handbook?  Because you will nonetheless come out on top with this complete guide.

You will be making more money with your own corn roasting business, working less and make extra cash at the corn roasted business.

If you are going to spend lot of money on your new business, make sure you have the required knowledge before starting this venture.

Aren't you tired of working in a low-paying job and want to make a better living?

Aren't you interested in working less and making more money? Who isn't?

We all would like something that makes money for us once it's done right.

Are you curious about the corn roasting business and wonder how to get rich from this multi-billion dollar industry?

Do you currently have a roasted corn business but want to make bigger profits?

If yes then, How to Start a Roasted Corn business is the only corn roasting business guide you will ever need.

The book is designed for entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers.  Are you just interested in checking out the corn roasted business?

Or,  have you been tripped up by the start-up process before and want to do it right this time? This is for you.

Using real-life experiences of successful business owners, Mat combines common sense, streetwise, "how to" advice in this straightforward guide.

The book is loaded with business resources and information to get your roasted corn business up and running in no time.

click here to start your corn roasting business today

Even if you already own a corn roaster, but want to do better, this book offers unbeatable tips and advice to bring in big profits.

If you are not making a NET PROFIT of at least $1,500 from small events (car show, ball games, swap meet, auctions) and $3,000 to $4,000 from large events (county fair, craft fair, food festival, community festival) then you are not using your corn roaster to its full potential.

This book will give you all the knowledge that you need to turn your roaster into a money-making machine.

How to cook and serve roasted corn, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and turkey legs at festivals

Consumers guide of corn roaster. Popular corn roasters models and everything you need to know about the models and manufactures and features. Good bad and ugly, it covers all. Do not buy a corn roaster without reading this section.

How to make money by renting your corn roaster when you are not using it or during low season

100% Money Back Guarantee. Customers should be able to request a refund within 10 days if they are not satisfied for any reason.

click here to start your corn roasting business today

According to 99businessideas.com the following information below is very important:

How to Start a Corn Roasting Business Right Now:

Corn roasting is a profitable and lucrative low-cost venture. And any individual can start this business on the full-time or part-time basis.

However, the business demands proper planning, the right equipment, and good promotion. Roasted corn is ready to eat food.

Additionally, you can offer various creative foods to your consumers. It is a popular snacks item all around the world.

Start-up Costs for Corn Roasting Business

You have the choice of opting for a brand new corn roaster with warranty that will fetch somewhere between 10,000-$12,000.

If you find yourself operating on a lower budget you can start off with a used corn roaster costing you anywhere between $5,000-$8,000 by doing a simple local search on Google.

If you have access to a machine shop why not have it made for you instead? All you will need to do is purchase the parts and material and pay a professional for the labour costs.

You will need to get additional equipment and accessories in place by adding to your budget another $1,200-$2,000 of expenses.

For transportation you will need the services of  a used van or truck say for an affordable ballpark of $2,500-$10,000.  If you're leaning towards new without the hassle repairing an old lemon you may consider a finance lease as a tax deductible business expense.

Food inventory costs for covering at least your first two events can be added from a low of $500 to maybe say a maximum $1,500. This will depend on estimating the size of the crowd at the events you're are attending.

Registration costs and event sign-up fees can run you anywhere between $800-$3,000 from a local fair to an international expo.

Your fuel, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses can be budgeted at around  $1000 as a contingency requirement.

All the fore-mentioned costs are just a suggestion and will differ from location to location depending on the type of economy your business is operating in.

Start Corn Roasting Business - Equipment Needed

A professionally built corn roaster should have the capacity of roasting a minimum 200-500 corns per hour.

A hot plate is required for melting butter or even a stove that can cook any side order a customer may want to add to their roasted corn order.

Steam table for storing cooked potatoes and turkey legs (in Jamaica roasted corn goes well with roasted coconut meat or jerk pork).

Two 20-lbs supply of propane tanks to fire up your corn roaster plus a fire extinguisher as a health and safety standard measure.

For shade and convenience a commercial quality tent, gazebo or commercial booth along with two preparation and serving tables.

Hand washing unit (portable) very easy to assemble one also a health and safety precaution measure.

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3641499

Start Corn Roasting Business -Creating a Corn Roasting Business Plan

It is important to craft a business plan prior. First of all, decide the size of your business. Because every other thing depends on this factor. Determine your business objective and mission statement.

You can easily determine your target demographic and how you will reach them. In addition, create a detail financial plan including rent, machine purchase, staffing, operational cost, and marketing expenses.

Legal Compliances to Start a Corn Roasting Business

As you are dealing with the food item, it demands to license. Check your state law. And of course, register your business. Generally, you will need to check the food processing and health department for licensing.

Additionally, consult with the local small business consultant about the tax liabilities of your business.

Sourcing Funding to Start Corn Roasting Business

According to the plan, you need to arrange finance. You can borrow cash from friends and relatives. in addition, you can apply to a bank for a loan. Angel investment is also a very good option for this type of business.

However, you can also accept equity capital investment by having business partners.

You will likely be seeking out loan arrangements and pitching to angel investments. My suggestion: why not check out if there are any small business grants available?

Getting a  small business grant is a good idea which can help you to set up a roasted corn business?

Finding a Location for Your Corn Roasting Business

You will need to secure a good retail location. A location that attracts your target consumers. This is one of the important consideration of this business. You can go for the shop-in-shop model.

Otherwise, you can start with a small kiosk. However, you must select a location nearby malls, shopping centers, supermarket, schools, colleges, cinema halls etc.

Otherwise you should look towards booking a booth at entertainment events, set up shop at music festivals, trade shows, fairs, carnivals, annual events and expos.

Sourcing Corn Roasting Machine and Equipment

Procure the essential equipment for running your corn roasting business is essential to starting your own corn roasting business. Depending on the menu and size of your business, you will need to procure the roasting machine and other equipment.

A roasting machine is an important thing in this business. Because a good and effective roasting machine can only deliver quality products.

Check your nearest market and buy corn roasting machine or you can buy online from Amazon.

Corn Roasting Business Menu Card

make full-time income for the summer
Roasted Corn Business Guide - Click on Image

Select the menu carefully. You can offer additional food choices to your roasted corn. How about offering other delicious snacks with roasted corn?

However, it will definitely enhance your profitability. Because value-added food items generally fetch more profit than one single product.

Tip: Ever tried roasted corn with coconut meat or roast corn with baked ham or roasted pork? Try it.

Raw Materials for Your Corn Roasting Business

In order to start your own corn roasting business you will need to ensure a consistent supply of fresh corn to your store. And you can only make good food from only good quality fresh corns. If you want to offer other foods then you must arrange the ingredients for that.

Staffing, Labour and Manpower

You will need to employ employees. Even a small shop attracts different types of work responsibilities. Such as preparing the food, delivery, taking payments etc. So plan carefully for the staffing solution.

In addition, in any retail business, employees play an important role towards the overall success of the business.

Pricing Your Product and Services

Try to offer competitive pricing. In this business, different products attract different price tag. In addition, you can offer different pricing for small and large quantities.

Marketing and Promoting Your Roasted Corn Business

In this type of business, in-store branding for a corn roasted business is important. Choose a catchy and memorable ‘Name’ of your business.

Place a lucrative signage. If possible, maintain a specific uniform with your company name and logo. Create your own website.

And promote your site with offers. Additionally, think about doorstep delivery – if possible. If there is a food delivery eCommerce company, make a tie-in with them. You can expand the business by offering a franchise of your brand.

If you want to start your own profitable corn roaster business successfully, I will recommend you to read the book ‘How to Start a Corn Roaster Business?

This book provides a complete detailed guide that shows you step-by-step how to make money selling roasted corns.

Your own roasted corn business
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Whenever this is the case, if you purchase products through these links then we receive a commission.
The amount of commission varies from product to product and in these cases we only ever recommend a product that we fully stand behind.

News article on the corn industry: Global Corn Production Forecast Looking for Growth Increase in 2021 and Beyond

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Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 9

Flirt For Fun | How to Flirt for Fun and Romance the Complete Guide

The human soul will always yearn for someone to grow old with and you will always be interested in meeting new people.

Find out how to flirt with almost anyone in the right way and get involved with the right kind who you would love to have a lasting relationship.

Aren't you tired of attracting the wrong sorts? We have a free download that will help you get on the right track this time so go for it.

Flirting for Fun The Fun Side of Flirting and Attraction

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 10

Flirting Just for Fun in 7 Ways to Flirt for Fun

1. Flirting for Fun is Not About Personal Issues

It's not about being macho or becoming too much of a diva we all entertain the urge to flirt because of our inert need to feel desired and be admired for your social awareness.

Give Edmonton Escort a Call

Whether you feel the need to be praised by the opposite sex for your physical traits (and oftentimes prowess) or for your beautiful mind we all need some degree of independent validation in search of establishing our worth.

We all share the same ambition that what we're to those who are closest and dearest to us is of significance that this value must be observed and acknowledged by others as well.

If your spouse considers you a true romantic then you wouldn't hearing it from a complete stranger whom you wouldn't being friends with in a short space of time. It's important to the human psyche that others do not value lower than what you think you are worth as a social animal.

The less challenging it is to prove your self worth to a complete stranger is the more rewarding it is that someone perceives you to be of high social acumen physically or psychologically without you having to go all the way out to prove that you are.

While a sense of sense worth, self awareness and self confidence will make anyone feel like a better than average person getting attention and attraction from other you feel the desire to associate with will leave you with a sense of feeling elevated above everyone else in your class.

Like it or not we all have the desire to be worshipped, loved and adored. The human body enjoys being idolized and treasured not because of self afflicted lust to be seen as something worth being socialized with but because that's the way we are all built.


2. Flirt for Fun and Eroticism Reinventing Your Happy

This is flirting for the pure innocence and fun of putting yourself in a mode of sex appeal making him or her take notice of you. Your aim will to trigger that mass of endorphins making your social prospect feel delighted you are in their presence. It's  the nicest feeling to be in control being able to initiate contact with someone who sees you as desirable and worthy of their attention.

What are the feel good chemicals in your brain that flirting for fun will trigger?  These are the white line drugs (aka chemical hormones) released in the brain that give us that "feeling or sensation" worth experiencing for a change.


Dopamine - Dopamine is what most people including the top experts would consider as the happiness drug. However, that’s a big misconception. Dopamine, by some experts is actually involved more with anticipation than the actual sense of “happiness” feeling.  Experts will now describe the feeling we get from dopamine as a striving emotion.


Oxytocin - Oxytocin is the neurochemical that's driving our yearning to belong encouraging us to become social creatures or social vultures in some instances. It makes us feel empathy which helps us feel closer to and bonded to others when it’s released. Oxytocin is the flirt for fun drug that gets us feeling closer and being accepted by others.


Serotonin - plays the two faced Harvey role in our psychological makeup here. Whether we are feeling extremely happy or very sad we have serotonin as the culprit for finding yourself in each of those states of mind.

Whenever you find yourself in a good mood, you’ve got serotonin to thank. On the other hand if you’re experiencing lousy mood swings, you’ve got serotonin to blame. It’s the regulating hormone of the brain chemicals. Experts will tell you that, 80 percent of serotonin exists in your stomach, and is governed by your state of hunger and your sense of feeling fulfilled both physically and emotionally.


Endorphins - what about feeling the sting of rejection or finding yourself handling an uncomfortable or unhygienic situation? What's responsible for our stay and fight or grab a flight binary decision making? You got it, endorphins are responsible for your emotional well being whenever you encounter an attractive or repulsive social interaction.

It's true, your brain manufactures endorphins  for masking pain or discomfort, which explains their association with our “fight or flight” response. When it comes to going in pursuit of happiness, endorphins help you “power through.”

Take this scenario for example, you consider yourself  an exemplary swimmer. Endorphins will nonetheless trigger that yearning to achieve a personal achievement of swimming an extra mile from shore so you will worker harder towards achieving such an accomplishment.

Achieving goals that beat previous accomplishments triggers a rewarding feeling of being better than just average and that sort of motivation is spurred by endorphins being released in our brains.

Why do we flirt for fun? To experience our happy side and be our basic selves at the esoteric level of wanting to connect with one's  own pure existence in a socially intimate environment. We wouldn't mind falling outside the politically correct and the social engineered loop every once in a while and flaunt with the rules that govern the social construct that dictates human behaviour.

All intelligent lifeforms are chemically driven so whenever the respective hormones in our brains are triggered concurrently and consistently we nonetheless have experiences worth staying alive for and nothing triggers those hormones more than being able to flirt and feel that we  live to belong.

On a side note, whether flirting is acceptable or not for social norms or is good or bad that's not the discussion here. This article is not written to encourage a debate or have a public discussion about the pros and cons of flirting (whether we should flirt or not). We are more about expanding our knowledge on the cause and effect of flirting not about what society dictates.
Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 11

3. Why Should You or Anyone Flirt for Fun?

If you don't know why you would flirt then don't but if you do you must be aware and conscious of the reason and the purpose.

There are a number of behavioral scientists that will tell you that flirting has the possibility of becoming an ugly experience but what they don't tell you is that flirting can have an all positive effect if done appropriately and effectively.

Do you wanna flirt just to go the distance in one night or are you flirting to attract a lifetime of sexual gratification? It doesn't matter which but whichever you choose do so with clear instructions written to your future self.

In respect of your intended "partner in affliction" you must make sure that your signals and messages are clear and to the point of what your intentions are.

Your intentions must be made very clear as it's not in the best interest of anyone for you to be sending mixed signals attracting worse of all the wrong sort to your table.

Do not put it out there that you're the mistress of Tartville Manor just looking for a "good time" and only to be subsequently revealed as an insecure, manic depressive control freak who unable to let go of her  bad experiences and mind numbing daddy issues.

You must never make out yourself to be seen that desperate for attention by getting people to see and want you only just for sex. Why should attention from strangers play a dominant role in making you feel you are the most valuable trophy in the cabinet?

You are flirting for fun, simply because you wish to enjoy each and every moment that you share with someone who you believe might just be right for you. If you choose to make it a short-term love affair without the strings attached or to building a long and lasting intimate relationship then so be it.

As long you know the reasons why, you are in control and for good measure. Your reason for flirting should be clear and present and not a spur of the moment alcohol or drug induced initiation of a sexual encounter with some random forgotten face.

Your aim is to have fun and yet stay in control. Whatever goes down at any given moment remains a remit of your expectations within the scope of your own intent. Know your game and stay in your lane.

The why do you flirt is because you wish to establish your own sense of empowerment and wield unending power with your irresistible sex appeal.

4. What You Should Do When Flirting for Fun

First off the block you should always be confident, at ease and in control but not overpowering nor seeming too masochistic. You should not come across as too liberal in an anything goes type of way as you're not handing out invitations to a freak show.

You're not working the territory to be regarded as risky, loose, easy and scandalous. If you're looking for a night of fun it doesn't necessarily mean you're seeking a partner for the evening who is up to just that and that's their game. You're seeking someone you can have a moment with but not a moment where you you throw caution and your self respect to the wind.

Do you want to be a brand new porsche looking for someone to test drive and shift your controls every night? You will be worn out in less than a year and where is the fun in that?

Your deal is to create the right atmosphere at the right moment that gets your good vibe hormones flowing and have a tale to tell during coffee break at work the next morning.

5. To Flirt for Fun is Not About Playing Games

No one should flirt simply because they're just joking around and taking advantage of the feelings of those showing an interest in you. Flirting is not a game you play unless you feel comfortable with playing six rounds of russian roulette.

Flirting is more appreciated as a "game of pursuit" where, if all the cards are played right everybody wins and everyone is happy they took part. The art of flirting in a sexually seductive manner is not to deceive, deprive or mislead another into believing they have a good chance with you when they in fact don't.

The aim is not for you to attract those that you're not attracted to, lead them on, then have them later realise that it was a futile attempt on their part as you had no real interest in being pursued.

The wrong way to flirt for fun is like playing up to a guy you met at the club to get him to buy you drinks (while you purr and rub your head against his crotch) but when the night is about to be over you grabbed your purse and vanished.

What you're doing there is playing a dangerous game of fooling men to believe you're interested (and or sexually aroused) by their advances when in fact you couldn't care less one way or the other. It's a shitty thing to do and I suggest you never use that approach in the name of innocently flirtation.

When you flirt for fun, flirt with someone you might have genuine interest in and if you're not in a heated hurry you may very well develop a lasting and fruitful relationship.

Never flirt to send the wrong signals whether to the wrong or right people. It's not the right thing to do, sorry. Flirt with reason and compassion along with a pedigree of class and consternation for the feelings of those who may show interest (and of course sexual attraction) towards you.


6. Who You Should Flirt for Fun With

Definitely not your best mate's husband not the ex-spouse of your most hated neighbour. If you plan to flirt with the intimate interests of others around you then we all know you are certainly playing with fire. So, if that's your game how can I curtail all the possible dangers and embarrassment you most likely will find yourself facing?

To flirt for fun is not to put yourself at risk of falling into disrepute with those around you.  Never flirt to attract disrespect from others and to end up in dispute with them not approving of your actions. Flirting for fun is not a competition to get attention from a particular interest.

Who should you flirt with for fun? Someone eligible and someone suitable should things pick up for the better. Finding and flirting with someone who suits your preferences is the most likely and rational choice to make. Why would you want it any other way?  So if you have a type go where that type is usually found and ensure that the type you're interested in shares the same interests that you do.

Before you start displaying any form of attraction to anyone it's best you do your due process of finding out first (at least do some fact finding first) and not rush headon into anything.

Getting to show real interest in other takes careful thought and assessment and a good grasp of understanding how the human body speaks to you. A simple roll of the eyes, a blank stare or an averted look to the left can tell you a whole lot of things that you really need to know.

No one is saying you should start studying for a degree in the social sciences but the information you need on how to read subtle signals of the body to make you more aware is not hidden away out of your reach.

You need to be certain that whomever you're showing interest in is being truthful and genuine towards you, therefore knowing how to read a person's body language is vital to the endgame.

You should flirt for fun with someone who is real and and consistent with you goal and ambitions. Knowing what signs to look for will help you weed out the pretenders and save you a lifetime of regretting in the process.


7. Places Where We Should Flirt for Fun

Is flirting reserved only for a drug induced encounter at a sleazy bar or nightclub across the other side of town?  Would you rather you go somewhere where nobody knows your name? Honestly that's all up to you. It's your call but you need to be somewhere where there is space for the initial setup to be executed so that you can enjoy that rush of oxytocin.

The best place to be is your favorite space and place meaning somewhere where you feel at home and at ease. Flirting for fun with someone who shares your common interests without you having to ask is a great way to kick things off.

Whether you choose the museum or the movie theater, as long as you enjoy being in your environment of choice you're already prepared to make the best of any encounter. Meeting someone you're attracted to at a place where you enjoy being is a plus for starting out a friendship or a serious relationship.

You can flirt for fun or for love anywhere you like but the best places are the ones where you tell yourself that you fit in and want to socialize with people who share similar interests.

Introducing Flirting for Love or Fun (Free Download)

Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips How to Flirt for Fun or Love 12

Flirting for Fun (or Love) Overview

Product: Flirting for Fun (or Love) - The Complete Guide

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Who Is the Product Creator? Covert Commissions

What Problems Are The Products Solving? The problem of having to deal with the wrong kind in the personal attraction and dating game. Learn how to flirt for fun or love, avoid the pitfalls and be successful at doing it.

Who Are The Niches Users Suitable For The Product?

- For Single women seeking single men
- For divorcees and widows
- for those having trouble attracting the right person or persons in their lives.

A Cost Benefit Comparison Against Similar Products

A free download filled with practical and behavioural enhancing advice that you would have paid hundreds of dollars if you were to seeking professional advice.

Distinct Value Benefits Of Product

A guide on how to develop the human psyche to pick up signals and send the right signals for sexual attraction.

Summary Overview - You should opt for this download (after all it's free) and if you have no personal use for the information it contains why not use it as a handbook from which you can use the information to inform others.

Conclusion and Recommendation

A guide you should consider downloading. Although this is written mainly from a female perspective there's a lot a man can learn as well from reading a mind improving knowledge base guide such as this.


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“Digital Marketing Is For Everyone” Yes It Is

"Digital Marketing Is For Everyone" Yes It Is 14

What Is Digital Marketing?

It's that commercial method of advertising, promoting and initiating sales from electronic marketing of any product or service through the channel of a digital medium. This electronic media delivery method extends beyond internet marketing as it also delivered using channels not requiring the use of the internet.

What Are Some Forms Of Digital Marketing?

- Online marketers depend heavily on S.E.O Search Engine Optimization

- PPC or Pay Per Click the method of promoting ad campaigns with the use of search engines

- Social Media Marketing is the superfluous method of running ads that doesn't appear to be like ads on social media profiles (like a Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian who advertise and make millions without actually advertising).

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No One Can Guarantee How Much You Earn (Not Even Jesus H. Christ)

You have seen it. I have seen it - all those FOMO emails telling you that in the next 24 hours you will earn daily income of 100, 200, 300, 2000, 3000 or bordering on the ridiculous dare to telling you that you can earn $10,000 dollars a day with not much work nor much investment.

Do you know what it takes to earn one dollar a minute? could you rework that strategy to have you earning 100 dollar per minute instead? What about spending Two to Six hours online each day and you come out with the average dollar a minute for time spent setting up campaigns and sending out emails to a responsive buyers list?

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Some of us we call it Fool A Mascot Psychedelic Syndrome or F.A.M.P Syndrome for short so don't get FAMPed by the "latest" "easiest thing" to come along since man discovered that the moon is just a piece of rock floating around the globe affecting the tides and the seasons. Digital Marketing Is For Everyone is not here to fool anyone.

"Digital Marketing Is For Everyone" Yes It Is 15

Take for instance some so called internet marketing "guru" from way down under called Jaydon Foolton (not his real name) finding his way inside your inbox promising you some instant magic methods eaning tons of dollars if you latch on to his latest seven dollar ebook being peddled to penny junkies wanting to step up to finally making a dime and this latest push button magic money making prize is the cat's pajamas.

Now Jaydon is a guy like this, he hits you up with all sorts of dime sale hot out of the magician's hat products that promise all sorts of get rich quick income streams telling you to follow some "tried and proven" methods guaranteed to work if you follow the exact steps he used to sell 3000+ products on the WarriorPlus affiliate platform.

This Jaydon guy, he uses a method that pumps product after product after product offer each promising you will earn ten times more than the last offer he sent - which surprisingly not, that was only yesterday.

Now you tell me... are you a jackass? would you let him sell you some cheap ass product which from my experience delivers no real benefit not even if you were to buy these product for a dollar.

What Jaydon Foolton the "guru marketing trickster" is doing in reality is offering you a "baited offer" disguised as front-end products.  You're first elbow twisted in giving in and giving up that $7.00, $12.95 or $17.00 and next you are immediately bumped over the noggin with some useless OTO offer which now renders your previous purchase obsolete.

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"Digital Marketing Is For Everyone" Yes It Is 16

No more wasted money on paid traffic - The traffic, leads and sales you can  start getting while applying the strategies and techniques of Digital Marketing Is For Everyone is more than worth what you spend on this program.

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Most affiliates (especially the super affiliate or the guru kind) are too high flying and sophicated to answer the query of the little guy. They will always get your email and then pretend to be important and too busy as they are getting so called "hundreds of outreach" every day - it's a damn lie as all they do is sit around waiting for other big name high flyers to get in touch with them.

Here's my point, you will send an email about whatever product you need the social influencer to put the spotlight on and would love their assistance and what they do? Ignore your ass, O.K but if a Russell Brunson was to send them an email to an already "overstuffed" mailbox and they managed to find the one from Russell instead of the "lowly marketer", how did they do that??

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"Digital Marketing Is For Everyone" Yes It Is 17

I have contacted many an affiliate in the past (and even recent) and have gotten snotted - no fault of mine.

One thing I won't be doing though I will not send any "test copy" of any upcoming product I have in the pipeline to anyone be it a so called "guru" or "super affiliate". Too many stealers, copycats and reverse engineers are out there - I trust no one.

#9 - I disagree, focus on products that offer real value, solves a problem and offers innovation.
Real value, problem solving, innovative products that will change the way we do things and do it better are the products we should concentrate on.

Avoid cookie cutter, generic and derivative products (you will find these "look over my shoulder" click these magic button and boom!! products being dished out every single day on a number of not yet to be named networks - sometimes I feel a warrior lost in a zoo of hucksters and magic beans salesmen.

#10 The best point yet to encourage beginners with small pockets and big egos to get their feet wet in reality.

This program at the higher end offers Influencers Outreach methodology and the methods taught are way better than what you get from these just as hazy and over the top high flyers and self-proclaimed super affiliates.

The guys will snob you at the slightest chance they get and if they're not doing that they will be charging you an arm and a leg.

Don't bother asking their charge to even add a simple resource box at the end of an "high traffic pulling article" for you.

I recently tried my hands at the influencer angle and my numerous efforts at contacting influencers by the score and I have gotten at least a Two percent feedback I'd be the happiest man alive today.

This program will help you to avoid such teething pains and show the necessary techniques to get quality influencers in your corner.

Back to my story only one person out of many had the courtesy to drop me a note acknowledging my outreach and that was Matthew Woodward at Matthew Woodward dot com I tried contacting others but they're all living in a highfalutin jet stream right now.
big ups to Matthew, much respect bro and remember guys to get in on the action at:
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Here’s The 13 Questions For Kim Kardashian

Here's The 13 Questions For Kim Kardashian 20

13 Questions You Wanted To Ask Kim Kardashian About NanoTowels©® But We Already Answered

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The estimated search volume for the search term nano towels is 1600 average searches on Google USA each month from an indexed total of 3.7 million pages.

Kim Kardashian (now this girl, wow!! what is it with men and Kim Kardashain?) this famous world re-known celeb has over 3.4 million Google searches monthly on average along with a page index total of over 250,000,000!!! The most featured celebrity in the world.

Now Kylie Jenner is rocking around the same volume of search as Kim Kardashian but has a lower page indexation total of 151,000,000, however, search volume has sky rocketed for Kylie Jenner way ahead of her sister since it was made public that she is now worth somewhere north of 900,000,000 USD - what duh, what duh??!!

Honestly I prefer Kim over Kylie as I believe Kylie to be too made up and has built up her fame off her sister's brand and image so she owes Kim big time for her success.

Both women have their own cosmetic and beauty product lines so we decided to venture into the area of cosmetics in order to find out more.

We want to know not about how you put your makeup on but how you take your makeup off.

There's a product being sold by Amazon, E-bay, Walmart and through through thousands of online retailers. It's called nano towel which obviously means it has some cleaning of the person and body as it's function.

The're many questions ladies would love to ask Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner about removing makeup in the easiest and most effect ways. We've decided to pass all the answers to you so we can all get breathe a sigh of relief.

Here's The 13 Questions For Kim Kardashian 21

What are Nano Towels ?

The NanoTowels Makeup Remover is a simple yet revolutionary piece of fabric that can wipe away your ENTIRE make up with ONLY water. It is tough enough to tackle cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lipstick, or even sunscreen – leaving your face feeling clean, fresh and healthy

What are Nano Towels Made of ? 

NanoTowels Makeup Remover are made with a patented fabric technology called Nanolon Fibers. These Nanolon Fibers are hundreds of times finer than human hair – which act like tiny fingers reaching deep into your pores and pulling out the oil and dirt residues accumulated in them.

Our makeup remover cloth will leave your face feeling super soft and fresh – making it an essential piece towards your daily makeup routine.

Nano towels have the unique fabric that’s finer than ordinary human hair and its made of roughly 100,000 fibers per square inch. It entirely removes dirt, grime, liquid, and dust from surfaces without the need for chemicals.

Where are Nano Towels Made ?

Country of origin – While the Nano towel belongs to a company called Life Miracle based in the United States of America, the Norwex microfiber is a product from a company located in Norway. In spite of the difference in the places of origins, both the Norwex and Nano towel Microfiber are manufactured in China.

Do Nano Towels Disinfect ?

NO CHEMICALS AT ALL. The NanoTowels are specially designed to give optimum cleaning with nothing but water, and are so easy to use. Simply spray or wipe the area to be cleaned with water, clean with the NanoTowel and buff dry with the dry side (or use another dry NanoTowel). You will then have a clean surface that is TRULY clean, because it is free of chemical residue. Even tough to clean surfaces like stainless steel and glass come completely clean and streak-free.

Here's The 13 Questions For Kim Kardashian 22

Do Nano Towels Really Work ?


THE BEST MAKUP REMOVER, SKIN AND FACE TOWEL EVER MADE. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Makeup, soaps, chemicals, sunscreen and cosmetics--including the daily build up of oils, dirt and grime, all build up inside our pores. We think that taking a shower or washing our face cleans it, but it's not enough. The Nano Towel is a game changer for your skin, because it actually gets deep into your pores and pulls all of the gunk out. You are left with miraculously deep cleaned skin.

Is This The Same NanoTowel For Industrial Use?

Same technology but our makeup remover nanotowel is designed for use on your face and skin. Yes this towel technology also works as cleaning applicator for use in other areas but our nanotowel makeup remover is specially engineered to clean the skin and rid it completely of all makeup residues by simply using water to clean your skin,

This is NOT old, common microfiber cloth. Nanolon® is a new, next generation fiber PROVEN in laboratory testing to clean as well or better than chemical cleaners and paper towels using only water.

How Do Nano Towels Compare to Norwex ? 

Wondering whether to buy a Nano towel or a Norwex towel?

Well, here is a comparison between the two.

• Average Customer Reviews on Amazon.com : At the time of writing this article, Nano and Norwex towels had the following customer ratings; Nano Towel: 4.8 out of 5 stars from 2031 reviews & Norwex Towel: 4.6 out of 5 ratings from 239 reviews.

• Material – Nano towels are made of a new generation of fabric technology called the Nanolon fiber while Norwex is made of microfiber cloth. Nanolon are actually a superior technology. That’s something worth considering.

• Health matters – Nano towel require the use of ordinary water only and therefore eliminates the use of chemicals. Similarly, Norwex towels require no chemicals to use. Thus, the two types of towels play a fundamental role in promoting environmental conservation by reducing chemical exposure to the surrounding.

• Environmental friendly – both Nano Towels and Norwex are environmentally friendly and perfect replacement of the paper towels.

• Top seller- Although Norwex towel is rated 4.6 out of 5 ratings from 239 customer reviews, Nano towel is the top seller as compared to the latter with 4.8 out of 5 stars from 2031 reviews.

• Color – Norwex towel color ranges from purple, grey, pink, green while Nano towels are customized in an assortment of different colors including green and white.

• Size – On the one hand, Norwex towel comes in 17.72” x 17.73”, large, and combo pack sizes, while on the other, Nano towel’s dimension is 14 x 14 x 14 x inches

• Shipping – Norwex towel offers free shipping whereas Nano towels charges at least $6.95 shipping costs.

• Item Weight- Norwex towel weighs roughly between 3-4 ounces while Nano towel comes with about 4.2 ounces shipping weight

• Cost – One pack of Nano Towels goes for about $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping fees that total to $26.9 while Norwex towel costs roughly $31.35

How Do Nano Towels Work

A TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR FACE. This build up of foreign matter like makeup may cause bad skin, acne, wrinkles and premature aging. It could also be a culprit in acne, rashes and other issues.

Everything that goes on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. If there are toxins or chemicals in your pores, you need to remove them.

The Nano Towel Makeup Remover is the only thing that exfoliates DEEP into the pores and pulls that stuff out, and allows your skin to breathe again

  • Does not contain any chemicals(preservatives)



  • Cleans effectively and safely your skin



  • Get deep into skin pores to pull out gunk



  • Is tough enough to tackle cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, powder, blush, or sunscreen



  • Is super gentle for all types of skin


Here's The 13 Questions For Kim Kardashian 23

How Long Do Nano Towels Last ?

Buy a pack of Nano Towels, and you won’t have to think about repurchasing for at least two years. Buy a few packs, and you’ll be set for nearly a decade.

With regular use, Nano Towels can keep on cleaning for 2-3 years and can survive 300-400 trips through your washing machine.

Not only does this keep costs in check, but it’s plain old convenient to always have your cleaning cloth on hand without having to worry about restocking when you head to the grocery store.

How to Clean & Care for Nano Towels ?

Hand washing is often the most straightforward cleaning method, and with microfiber cloths all you need is water! Let the dirty microfiber cloths soak in cool or warm (not hot) water, and use your hands to help agitate the towel and release the dirt and grime. Rinse well and let air-dry.

How to Use Nano Towels ?

In most cases, you need to use two NanoTowels--one wet and one dry. For example, if you are cleaning glass and want to avoid using glass cleaner, just scrub the dirty glass with a damp NanoTowel, and then go over it with a dry NanoTowel for no streaks and crystal clear glass. The same goes for stainless steel, wood and just about everything else. They are particularly good for dusting.  Use them for dusting, washing counter-tops, floors, bathrooms, glass, stainless steel, spills Also, they are great for washing a car because they are so soft, they will not scratch the clearcoat, and they absorb a huge amount of water.

How to Wash Nano Towels ?

Won't the NanoTowels® get dirty after cleaning? Of course they do! But unlike paper towels, you can wash them and use them over, and over and over again. You can just hand wash them in warm water throw them in the washing machine with your normal colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. These can destroy the unique cleaning characteristics of the NanoTowels

Where to Buy Nano Towels ?

Nano towels are available for purchase on Amazon (what’s isn’t these days?), but I personally recommend picking them up at Water Liberty because you save about 20% off your purchase.  Water Liberty also offers bundle packages, which Amazon does not, resulting in savings as much as 33% off id you buy directly from us.

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Minimalist Fitness Review

minimalist fitness training program for all ages
Minimalist Fitness: Building The Ultimate Physique - Improve Your Life Score No Matter Your Age

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Minimalist Fitness Question You May Ask

Q Who would you say is best fit to find this program a requisite in their day to day lives?

This is for people who can read and will read and not afraid to apply the methods
People who are just starting out and have no idea what to do
People who have been working out for years but haven’t seen any results
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People who don’t want to pay expensive instructors who can’t give the results that they want
People who want to be guided by me

Q: What gender is this program more suitable for?

A: This program is totally suitable for both males and females at any age

Q: Would I need a personal trainer or a fitness coach to work this program?

A: You may very well achieve maximum result under the supervision  
of a professional or certified trainer as this will work to your advantage 
(Please remember to always consult with your doctor first)

Q:Would I need to consider a gym membership to apply the weight training program?

 A: Most likely, yes. The exercises in this program require a barbell, dumbbell,
 bench, pulldown machine or pull-up bar, and other free weight equipment to execute. 
If you have these at home, you’re all set, and you can do your workouts there for 
the rest of your life

Q: Was this program written with absolute newbies or beginners in mind?

 A:Absolutely. This step-by-step training program was written primarily with beginners 
in mind but it should be easily modified to fit various fitness levels (from beginner to advanced). 
Whatever your fitness level is, you will get a lot from this.
minimalist fitness training program for all ages
Perfect Fitness For A Healthy Lifestyle

Q: What's my weekly fitness workout schedule like?

A: No more than 3x per week if you’re a beginner. If you’re an intermediate, you’ll be working 
out 3-4x per week depending on which workout phase you choose.

Q: I am a cardio enthusiast would it help to include cardio with this fitness training program?

A: Cardio is 100% optional. It’s not necessary. Though if you really want it, there’s a section 
here where I outline the best ways to do your cardio

Q: I do sports and outdoor activities will I still benefit from using this program?

A: Yes this program runs right up your street. Minimalist Fitness only requires you 
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and make sure you perfect the form on each of them.

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Minimalist Fitness Review 25

Make Money Your Own Mobile App Business

Make Money Your Own Mobile App Business 27

Earn $1000 Per Day With Your Own Mobile App That's $30,000 Every Freakin' Month!!

We are currently seeking to partner with online business interests who are desirous of promoting mobile games within their local and more so their regional territories.

Did you know that if you manage to have 1000 users playing your free to download mobile game each day can bank  you over Thirty Thousand Dollars each month?

If you promote your online game in a territory with one million or more internet users
assumimg your market share of 0.1 per cent you're definitely in the money from ads
displayed inside your mobile app.

The top Five problems with mobile games is the cost to have your game developed, hosted,
updated and promoted so you can have 100,000 addicted game-o-philiacs playing in no time.

download premium mobile games
                                             Click On The Above Image or Click Here ==>> Get Your Game Source Codes

The best way to promote your mobile game is to offer it for free download by running promos in newspaper
ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, SMS blasts, email broadcast, gmail ads and have all of your local your regional
cinema network show your ads at movie houses at every location in your territory.

Next the best platform for Thousands of downloads is social media where you can offer your
free downloads using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube video ads, social media top
influencers and not at all least for immeasurable results my favorite social media site of all, REDDIT.

Interested in going to the places online where real money is made? We know you are, so,
developing and offering a mobile game to users will definitely take you straight to the

But then reality  will hit home, where is that Thousand Dollar budget to get my mobile app to
Millions of anxious users gonna come from? How am I gonna put this all together and start
profiting as a digital income earner?

To build a mobile app we will need source files for the games, a dot mobi (.mobi) domain
name, a web host with affordable VPS hosting, a developer to convert your source files to
a mobile game and to submit your game to the Iphone or Google Play Store.

For monetization Google Admob is the monetization network of choice. Why? It's the best. It's not difficult to
get approved to display in app ads inside your mobile game once it's submitted to the Google Play store.

Our partnership offer to you is aimed at dramatically cutting your costs by using our
recommended approach. We have affordable options available for building and launching your
own game in no time.

We will put your mobile game together and launch your game for you after you get your
mobile game source codes, domain and web hosting accounts set up after visiting the
recommended links on this page. Question: who doesn't want to own a mobile game site?

VPS hosting for mobile games
Click on The Image Above To Get Your VPS Hosting Account


Get Your Own Mobile Game Site:


Promote your game right here on the Ultimate Profit Builders Network. We will help you to
a large extent to get your mobile game off the ground and in front of Thousands with
primary focus on your local and regional territories. You must use the methods in paragraphs
4 and 5 cited above.

We will offer you unlimited technical and marketing support for your mobile game as long
as you're a Gold Premium monthly member of the CLIX L R 8 Online Program. Mobile game
owners who acquired their mobile games through our recommended links will be offered set
up support at no additional costs if you're already a Gold Premium member.

Mobile games are huge income earners for creators and owners of such digital assets as
they are downloaded by the millions every single minute through out the day and are
bringing in huge income every single day so imagine if you were making all that money

All you have to do is follow the links provided here on this page here plus we will
let you have a promo code that will get you a $150 marketing campaign to get you started.

(You will receive your $150 promo code to advertise your app as soon as you contact our support line with your transaction details for your game files, domain and web hosting and then we will get started)


  1. Click here to  download Pick your games be uploaded to your dot mobi web hosting account
  2. Register your domain Get a domain name with a .mobi extension along with a hosting account to host your games host your game source files
  3. For unlimited support subscribe to a Gold Premium Account monthly account at CLIXLR8 Online
  4. We will set up your website on your .mobi hosting account - let us handle all the technical stuff
  5. We will convert your .mobi site to a mobile app with the games your selected at 1.
  6. We will submit your mobile app to the Google Play Store - no further cost to you
  7. We will monetize your mobile with Google Admob network using your credentials (if so)
  8. Get in touch with our support line here to get help to setup, convert and launch your mobile app
Take The First Step In Launch Your Mobile Game Site App
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MailJam Review Best Email Autoresponder

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SuperChargedSoloAds.com Review Plus My Case Study

MyTrafficJacker by Joshua Zamora

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SuperChargedSoloAds.com Review Plus My Case Study 34

SuperChargedSoloAds.com 10,000 Clicks Case Study

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These list members are more conducive to ClickBank products rather a product from affiliate networks such as WarriorPlus, PayKickStart, Amazon or JVZoo (read between the lines).

I have decided to run a promotion for Traffic Ivy which I have written a product preview about (I bought Traffic Ivy and will write a comprehensive review on it's effectiveness shortly).

Traffic Ivy is a product innovation by Australian Cindy Donovan out of WildFire Concepts fame and is an avid product creator with her heart at the center of digital marketing innovation.

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Content Siphon Review 35

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How To Keep My Husband|My Spouse Happy

8 Little Mistakes That Make Men Lose Interest

You meet a new man and hit it off. You both love to talk and have fun together, and things just click.

But then he stops calling as often and seems to lose interest.

You’re baffled. It was going so well, and he didn’t say anything was wrong.

So what's going on?

Let’s step into the mind of men to understand this better. After talking to many men about it, I found some surprising things that make them lose interest.

We can a closer look at 8 little mistakes that women do that make men lose interest.

Some of these might not seem “little” but women sometimes do them very easily, even though they seem like a big deal. I’ll end with some little things that do drive men crazy and make them lose interest.


Mistake #1: Killing the thrill too quickly

A woman reading that might not have any idea what it means.

A man will know instantly: they like chasing a woman, and when she starts talking about being exclusive, the chase is over.

It’s like waiting for Christmas morning, and then you open your presents, the anticipation and excitement is gone.

You see this same effect with free merchandise. If something is free, we often assume it’s not that valuable. “You get what you pay for.” A surprising truth is that customers who overpay are often happier. That seems backwards, doesn’t it? But they feel like they’re getting a really good product.

Someone who buys a BMW, Porsche, or Corvette won’t go around complaining that they spent too much. Just the opposite! They might brag about how much they spent.

In relationships, men like to feel like they earned a prize through their own merit.

So let a man chase you. If things go great from the first date, that doesn’t mean that you should drop all other men you’re dating.

Don’t let this new man think that this is a guaranteed thing, because then it’s a boring thing for him.


Mistake #2: Being over demanding and unable to please

Pretend that “Mandy” met a man, it went great, and after a couple of dates, she decided they’d start seeing each other more and more.

That can be Mistake #1, listed above, if she goes into committed, comfortable relationship mode too early. You see, that might end any flirting, teasing, and playfulness that men crave.

Even if you’re seeing each other, you can make a man really fall hard if you continue to let him chase you.

Let’s say that Mandy starts expecting him to see her every few nights and begins demanding certain things, which is Mistake #2.

It might not happen that soon, but when a woman startsgetting tense on a man, he can lose interest quickly.

This will sound a little absurd, but we’ve probably all been there before. We want a man to fall for us, and then we think that he’ll show his feelings by doing the things we want.

It can turn into ordering him around, or telling him that he can’t do certain things.

The mistake might also be asking too much, too soon, before he was ready to commit on the same level.

If you want the ultimate secret to make him desire you more…

Click here to check out Respark The Romance << LINK THIS TEXT VIA YOUR AFFILIATE LINK


Mistake #3: Talking about your ex

In a new relationship, exes will come up. There’s a point where you probably need to talk about them, especially if they’re in your life in some form, such as a parenting agreement.

But talking about an ex early on is a big no-no, and will cause a man to lose interest. It doesn’t matter how you’re talking about the ex.

If you’re complaining, that means you’re still hurt and angry, and the ex is still on your mind.

If you’re talking about what good friends you are with your ex, that might indicate future competition and resentment for the new man.

If your new man asks about your ex, keep your answers short and straightforward.

This new man probably wants to know how things stand, so why not give him your honest answer and move on. Dwelling on your ex in any fashion can cause your new interest to, well, lose interest in you!


Mistake #4: Giving up your life

It’s so exciting to fall in love that it’s easy to focus on your new man. But if you give up your life so you’re always free, he’ll lose interest.

Don’t empty your calendar so you can give all of your time to your new man. Your lives are bound to mix, but it causes problems if you dump your life and try to integrate into his life.

He fell for you the way you were, with your own life and interests, and things to talk about. So if you become someone waiting around to see him, he’ll lose interest.

Keeping your own activities and being unavailable at times makes you more of a catch — see #1 again.

When he gets to see you, it’ll be more special.

And you’ll be happier if you keep your life, friends, and activities, and then you won’t feel like you’re waiting for him to give you some time.
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Mistake #5: Gossiping

Gossiping with your girlfriends can be fun, but it can flat-out annoy a man. He probably doesn’t know who you’re talking about, and he’ll see you more negativity, not them.

Studies have shown that when we hear people gossip, the negative feeling we get is attached to the gossiper.

You’re also using time that you could use to talk about your life, goals, dreams, new things you’re learning, or about new things going on in town. Discussing something you’re going through is different. You can share about your life, but don’t dump on your man about people you find irritating — you’ll lose his interest.

If you find his interest is flagging… discover how to Respark The Romance << LINK THIS TEXT VIA YOUR AFFILIATE LINK


Mistake #6: Sending mixed signals

Sending mixed signals will make a man lose interest quicker than anything else.

You might tell him you don’t mind if he goes out with friends…but then you’re hurt when he does and get angry with him.

Men can’t read minds and they wont. We all want them to know what we really really want, but you can’t test a man this way.

It’s not his fault if he goes by what you say. If you’re hurting and say you’re fine, he might not be able to read the subtle body signals, or be able to connect something that happened last week.

One example is asking him, “Do you think that woman is pretty?”

By asking such a question, you’re indicating that it’s okay for him to answer honestly, but he might not realize you’re testing him.

If you say things this way but act another, he’ll also become discombobulated, and then not know what to do or how to act around you. And you’ll lose the interest he has in you.


Mistake #7: Doing everything for him This Is Wrong

Women show care by doing little things, but men can get annoyed if their woman is trying to do everything for them.

If he’s losing interest, and you don’t know why, consider how many things you try to do for him.

You’re just trying to take care of him, but he might feel like you’re controlling him.

Doing too much, too early, can make him lose interest.


Mistake #8: Always being late and other little things

You probably have friends who are always late to everything. It seems that they can never plan enough time to do their makeup.

Men get annoyed by that too and lose interest, even though some women see it as a power play.

You can make men lose interest with some other seemingly innocent little things like:

Fishing for complements

Critiquing other women around you

Texting other people all the time

Being more engaged with your phone than him (looking at news, FB, Instragram, or whatever)

Complaining too often

Being too picky

Having a negative outlook

Always changing plans—saying you’d rather go somewhere else or do something else whenever he suggests something

Always playing devil’s advocate

Agreeing to everything he says and not having your own opinion

Maybe you spotted something you’ve done in that list—I think we’ve all done a few of them at different times.

So, now you know 8 things women do that make men lose interest. You probably want to know how to keep a man interested. It’s huge turn on to men if you know your worth.

He met this amazing woman and wants to date her…so don’t doubt yourself!

You have interesting ideas, cool activities, and plans. Men love to talk up their girlfriends and tell others about how smart, cool, fun, and amazing they are.

Many of the mistakes listed above happen because women get afraid that things aren’t going according to plan. They try to read into it too hard, and try to take action to keep things going well.

But when a man falls for you, he’s falling for you the way you are. You shouldn’t have to change or start doing things to keep him interested. When you’re worried, remind yourself that he chose you. He already decided that you’re good enough. In fact, he decided that you’re more than good enough. He wanted to be with you!

One big difference between men and woman is: Men want the woman to stay the same while the woman wants to change the man. So the simple answer is: continue to be yourself and enjoy the relationship, and don’t try to change the man!

Remember that he fell for you and likes you, and you deserve to enjoy your life and be yourself.

Check the mistakes above to ensure you’re not causing him to lose interest, and then you can relax and focus on nurturing an open, caring, committed relationship.

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