Top 10 Most Popular Trends For 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Global Trends 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Trends For 2018

We did some extensive research and looked into year 2018 for the top tens that were the highest trending in various categories such as :

  • Top 10 Movies 2018
  • Top 10 Amazon Products 2018
  • Top 100 Viral Videos 2018
  • Top 10 Iphone Accessories
  • Top 10 Newsworthy Celebrities
  • Top 10 Trending Foods
  • Top 30 Most Streamed Songs 2018
  • Top 10 Memes That Went Viral 2018
  • Top 10 Instagram Stories 2018
  • Top Youtube Videos 2018
  • Top 10 Breaking New 2018

We will kick off with the Top 10 Movies of 2018 and we all know that the top movie for the year is the Avengers Infinity War sequel so we're gonna tell you what the other Nine top gross are, so here goes:

Top 10 Grossing Movies For 2018

  1. Avengers Infinity War (2018), the third in the avengers movie franchise was released in the United States on the 27th April 2018 with a first week-end opening gross of approximately $258,000,000 and went on to a world wide gross of over $2,000,000,000

Box Office Statistics


$321,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend USA:

$257,698,183, 29 April 2018Wide Release

Gross USA:


Cumulative Worldwide Gross:


2. Black Panther - Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, directed by Ryan Coogler this ephemeral comic book character now brought to life on the big screen and so far has grossed in excess of $1.3 Billion dollars at the box office. Storyline: After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Prince T'Challa returns home to the hidden away, vibranium advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as new king following the death of his father. However, the king designate soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from unruly factions inside the kingdom . With two foes plotting to destroy Wakanda, our hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakandan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being ushered into a world war...

3. Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom

4. Incredibles 2

5. Venom (2018)

6. Aquaman

7. Mission Impossible - Fallout

8. Deadpool 2

9. Bohemian Rhapsody

10. Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Top 10 Most Popular Global Trends 2018
Top 10 Most Popular Global Trends 2018

Top 10 Selling Amazon Products 2018

  1. Jabra Elite Active 65t
  2. Mattel Lil' Gleemerz Glowzer Figure
  3. Becoming By Michelle Obama
  4. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker
  5. All New Echo Dot
  6. Fire TV Stick 4K
  7. What Do You Meme
  8. Fire HD 8 Tablet With Alexa
  9. ZonLi Weighted Blanket
  10. Educated - A Memoirs

Top 100 Most  Viral Videos Of 2018

Watch the 100 most watched video that went viral all over social media

Top 10 Iphone Accessories Bought In 2018

  1. Anker PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C
  2. Anker USB-C In-Car Charger
  3. Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Case
  4. Moshi IonSlim 10K USB-C Portable Battery
  5. Crazybaby Air 1S wireless earbuds
  6. Jabra Elite 65t
  7. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick
  8. Apple USB-C fast-charge cable
  9. ESR [2-Pack] Screen Protector for iPhone Xs
  10. Seneo Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand

Top 10 Celebrities On Instagram 2018

  1. Selena Gomez: 133 million followers
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo: 121 million followers
  3. Ariana Grande: 117 million followers
  4. Beyoncé: 111 million followers
  5. Kim Kardashian: 108 million followers
  6. Taylor Swift: 106 million followers
  7. Kylie Jenner: 104 million followers
  8. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 100 million followers
  9. Justin Bieber 97.1 million followers
  10. Kendall Jenner 87.6 million followers

Top 10 Trending Foods For 2018

  1. New Cuts of Meat
  2. Vegetable-Centric Dishes
  3. House-Made Condiments
  4. Asian Treats & Sweets
  5. Street Food Inspiration
  6. International Breakfast Fare
  7. No-Waste Cooking Movement
  8. Flowers for Flavor Accents
  9. Cream Puffs, Wisconsin State Fair

    It's said that the original cream puffs are the essential food at Wisconsin's state celebration. How can you argue with a mountain of sweet cream sandwiched in a puff shell? You can’t. I implore you to also eat a brat or 2, along with some cheese curds. ’Cause hey, you're in Wisconsin!
  10. Grilled Caesar Salad, California State Fair

    Who said fairs only do food that’s crummy for you? Leave it to the Californians to give us some healthy fair foods, such as grilled Caesar salads and peaches with cottage cheese. That being said, news of the Big Beef Rib (24-ounce steak on a 17-inch cow’s rib) has traveled all the way to me in Minnesota. Gotta try that next time!

Top 30 Most Streamed Songs 2018



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The fitness and weight loss industry generates tens of billions of dollars each year and yet more and more people all over the world are fighting out of control weight gain.  According to, for example, Americans alone spend roughly $60 billion annually.  This makes sense when you consider that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70% of Americans over the age of 21 are overweight, with 25% being considered obese.

Globally, these figures rise to a staggering level.  Nearly 10 times as much.

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As a result, Brian Flatt has become a well-known name in a very small segment of the fitness industry that presents accurate and truly helpful information to consumers.  In this line, Brian Flatt is pleased to announce another winning program – the 2 Week Diet.

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get on the one week diet
                                         Check Out The One Week Diet

 Check Out The One Week Diet

The 1 Week Diet is a simple program requiring only minor changes and that delivers remarkable results.  No heavy exercise, starvation or strange foods.  You simply learn how to use your body’s natural bio-chemistry to shed unsightly pounds.


The 1 Week Diet focuses on three main components to help dieters lose unwanted weight: diet, exercise, and mindset. Dieters learn what, when, and how to eat for optimized weight loss. They also receive supplement and exercise advice to accelerate the process. Finally, they develop the mindset—or willpower—to lose weight and keep it off. Brian Flatt, nutrition coach and owner of R.E.V. Fitness, developed the 1 Week Diet in Southern California.

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The Joys Of Apple Cider Vinegar

10. Helps Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. When mixed with water and taken before every meal, the acetic acid increases metabolism, reduces water retention, and suppresses appetite.

9. Controls Blood Sugar

Apple cider vinegar improves the sensitivity to insulin which maintains the body's blood sugar level. When mixed with water and consumed three times a day, blood sugar level can be controlled.

8. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar limits triglycerides levels and bad cholesterol and causes the blood lipid profile to improve. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to increase good cholesterol.

7. Balances The Body's PH

Apple cider vinegar can strengthen immunity, slow the ageing process, and boost metabolism so a person can have clearer, wrinkle-free skin. People who use Apple Cider Vinegar in their diet experience improved energy levels, reduction of anxiety, irritability, headache, and sore throat.

6. Helps The Digestive Process

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Although not the best, but my first Arowana using the methods I've learnt turned out to be a beauty.
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