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Easy Backlinks : Get Backlinks

Easy Backlinks : Get BacklinksAttention! Social media experts agree, if you want to be successful online: "You have to be everywhere!" but....

Dear Online Entrepreneurs, Social Media is the biggest thing ever. You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. Everywhere, it is: “Facebook this.” Twitter that”. YouTube is hot. And the latest social site is even hotter… It is a never ending list: LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Steemit, Snapchat, Digg…
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Cinderella Solution Top 10 Questions Answered Today

Cinderella Solution is a fat loss system designed to accelerate the fat loss process in an efficient yet healthy way. What we have here is a weight loss program designed by a woman for women.

The Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive online weight loss system that takes you through a four-phase process to understanding the hormonal transition that destroys the female metabolism from puberty to menopause.

This advanced weight loss system will let you have access to all the nutritional information, recipes, meal plans, specific exercise series and steps to turn your newfound information into action.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead, take a look at the table of contents and you’ll quickly see that the entire program is valuable, comprehensive, detailed, easy-to-follow, realistic and sustainable:

Skip the reading: Watch the Cinderella Solution Video

Cinderella Solution What's in the Box
Cinderella Solution – Table of Contents (Preview)
Main Manual

Chapter 1: Weight Loss from The Inside Out
Where and How to Get Started
Chapter 2: Weight Loss Rituals
Food Coupling
Flavor Pairing
Nutrition Timing
Slim-Sequencing Exercise
Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch 2-Phase Approach
Phase 1: The Ignite Phase
Phase 2: The Launch Phase
Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

PART 2: The Daily Nutrition Blueprint
Chapter 4: Cinderella Tools
14 Day Calendars
Daily Meal Plans
Bonus Recipes
Chapter 5: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals
PRIME Proteins
Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency
Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
Launch: 4 Meals Daily
When to Eat
female hormones weight loss

Cinderella Solution Fat Loss System

Chapter 7: 3-Step Instruction Guide
Chapter 8: Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends
Chapter 9: Portion Options
Chapter 10: Food and Portion Blocks

You also receive some bonuses for absolutely free which will help you on your newfound rebound weight-loss journey. The bonuses are:

21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
The Movement Sequencing Guide

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Cinderella Solution Fat Loss System
Cinderella Solution - Click on Image Above

What is the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day program made up of two phases. You start with the Ignite phase. It's 14 days of eating 3 meals a day. Your meals are recommended and custom written by the creator of the program. It utilizes the food combinations proven to regulate the natural hormones in the female and help you get rid of the weight.

What is your cinderella weight?

A Cinderella weight is a method that aims for a body mass index of 18, which is officially classified as underweight on the BMI scale (though it should also be known that the BMI scale is basically scientifically bogus). The Cinderella Solution “diet” helps to promotes healthy weight loss that's based on the individual's body makeup.

What foods does Cinderella Solution use to burn fat?

Cinderella Solution recommends the best fat burning and weight loss solution by putting together the best dietary combination that will help you to keep off the weight.

How Can I Boost My Metabolism?

While Cinderella Solution has a dietary regimen for lowering your weight and keeping it off sticking to the basic process of boosting your metabolism rate is simple:

Eat a Huge Compliment of Protein at Every Meal.

Eating food can increase your metabolism for a few hours. ...

Drink More Cold Water. ...

Do a High-Intensity Workout. ...

Lift Heavy Things. ...

Stand up More. ...

Drink Green Tea or Oolong Tea. ...

Eat Spicy Foods. ...

Get a Good Night's Sleep.

How Can Cinderella Solution Reduce My Belly Fat?

Follow the prescribed routine dietary and supplementary program outlined by the Cinderella Solution. The Four part program will help you to achieve your weight loss goals - lose belly and stay in shape as long as you stick to the program

How can I Kickstart My Weight Loss Program?

Be more goal achievement oriented and think more about life and the need to be around and be healthy to enjoy the fruits of your endeavours. Being overweight puts you at risk of other diseases i.e high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease which are the leading killers among the young and the old. Make sure you include the Cinderella Solution inside your daily routine for a successful and stress free life.

What Age Group and Demographic is the Cinderella Solution for?

This is suitable for all ages of women desirous of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but is more focuses on those who have already gained the weight are struggling hard to take if off. Weight loss is often a very difficult challenge for women in the age group 40 - 60 year old.

Get onboard with the Cinderella Solution today

Cinderella Solution Who is the Creator?

Carly Donovan is the creator of the Cinderella Solution system and has been at the frontier of the weight loss industry for more than 10 years now. She is someone who knows the pain of being overweight and is qualified to tell you what it’s like to fight the battle of taking off a few pounds. She used to be overweight. After trying just about weight loss plan on the market, she decided to do her own research.

She eventually discovered that women around the world in countries such as Japan and Spain, didn’t suffer the same weight problems that we find so prevalent across the globe. She was determined to find out what the secrets of keeping off the weight. Once she did, she wrote the Cinderella Solution so she could share her secret formula with those hopeful of finding themselves without the weight someday.

Who Should Buy the Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan actually created and developed the Cinderella Solution for women of all ages. Whether you’re in your 20s or 80s but as I have outlined before it should be most suitable for the living and working lifestyles of women 40 - 60 years old.

For the housewife, the grandmother, the career woman of the female business owner this program may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

If you want to lose weight without following a strict by well balanced diet, you’ll love the Cinderella Solution.

It’s perfect and suitable for a broader audience as below :

  • People who have tried to lose weight the traditional way without much success.
  • Women who have lost weight before but gained it all back (and then some).
  • People who hate to count calories.
  • Women looking for fast results.
  • Women who aren’t looking to commit to a long-term weight loss plan.
  • People who don’t want to eat rabbit food.

Check out the Cinderella Solution Now

Best Forex Trading Tool to Earn $100,000 a month

Best Forex Trading Tool - ND10X by Tradeology

The best forex trading tool for both beginners and pros is the new ND10X forex trading system by Tradeology. The Tradeology brand is one of the most recognized names in Forex education and has now released one of the best Forex systems in the world.

For years traders have been asking for an automated professional level system with tools that aren’t accessible to the ordinary joe trader.

Forex trading tools like Tradeology's ND10X metatrader platform were kept strictly under lock and key and traded by a selected and privileged group of elite traders.

The trading technology that ND10X offers is way more advanced than the typical forex trading application you might be already accustomed to but Nicola decided to make this available to the public for the greater good.

The first move was made earlier this year in June 2019 by introducing the ND10X Forex Trading System. Finally one of the most disruptive industry changing forex trading innovation has been released to the relief of the general public.

Forex traders all over the world will call this the best forex trading tool a god send as the ND10X contains some of the most advanced proprietary algorithmic software.

ND10X trading platform includes an exclusive Trading Assistant, that's extremely and highly capable of accurately identifying when the market is about to make a move in either direction.

This high probability low-risk way of trading has been the envy of thousands of trading, and this will be the first time Nicola Delic makes it available.

To make sure everyone who manages to get a copy of the systems truly understands how powerful it is, there is a one-on-one training and direct access to Nicola himself.

To register for your copy of ND10X, you only need to visit this link  and simply enter an email address to secure your discounted pre-order price.

The combination of one of the trusted names in trading with one of the best systems ever invented should make for an event not to be missed.

Register your interest at:

ND10X Forex Trader Best Forex Trading Tool by Tradeology

best forex trading tool for all levels of traders
The Best Forex Trading Tool - Click on Image Above

Understanding Forex Trading

The forex and currency trading market is not something you beat, but something you understand and join when a trend is clearly defined and is more than likely to pan out as expected

As a forex trader you need to know that the market is something that can shake you out if you are trying to get too much from it with too little capital.

Never ever set yourself in the "beating the market" mindset as this often causes traders to trade way too aggressively mistakenly going against the trends, this is the classic case of manifesting the chickens before the eggs.

Get ND10X Forex Trader the Best Forex Trading Tool by Tradeology

Forex Trading - How Much Should I Start with?

To become a success at forex trading you definitely need money to make even more money. Trade with patience and consistency and it becomes more likely for you to generate significant returns on your limited capital outlay in the short term.

Never trade in your emotional sweat pants however, with only a small amount of capital and outsized risk because of too-high leverage, one might be tempted to become emotional with each swing of the market's ups and downs and jumping in and out and making rash and irrational decision against one's better judgement.

With time and practice comes experience along with a keener sense that will help you to get past this by never having to trade with a too-small amount of capital.

This is truly a real obstacle to get around for someone who can only manage to trade on a tiny investment. $1,000 (or maybe $500) is the recommended amount to start off with if you prefer to trade with low capital amounts (micro lots or smaller). You have to give yourself enough space to navigate on your options else you just won't do well as you might expect.

Get ND10X Forex Trader the Best Forex Trading Tool by Tradeology

Forex Trading Managing Risks How to?

Getting to understand how to do forex trading risk management is key to survival as a forex trader as in any other profession that require an informed position for decision making.

It doesn't matter if you're the world's most profitable trader you're still at risk of being wiped out as a result of poor risk management. Sure,your primary aim should not be mainly to score profitable trades, but instead manage efficiently your investment. Remember that the more your capital gets depleted, your ability and chance to make a profit are lower.

To overcome this obstacle you need to improve your skills at implementing good risk management by knowing how to place stop-loss orders and adjust them upper or lower once you have made a reasonable and substantial return on your trade.

When setting up your trading option try to use lot sizes that are reasonable compared to your account capital. Most of all, if a trade seems no longer viable, simple make an informed adjustment.

No Place for Indecisive Trading in Forex

Sticking on the issue of emotions and being prone to being hurt by trader's remorse. This is the case whenever a an open trade isn't immediately showing as profitable and then you find yourself regretting your action believing you picked the wrong direction.

Indecision will motivate you to erroneously close out your trade and reverse it but then you see the market go back in the initial direction that had previously chosen.

There's just one and only one way to deal with this, you need to pick a direction and stick with it. Never get in the habit of switching back and forth as this will only cause you to continually find yourself in a higher risk position losing little bits of your account throughout your trades over time resulting in you losing most if not all out your investing capital.

Get ND10X Forex Trader the Best Forex Trading Tool by Tradeology

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Niche Laboratory Pro: Niche Research Software For Professional BloggersFind Long Tail Keywords That Actually Rank Chat About Making Money Online Find Your Blog's Competitors Find E-Commerce Product Ideas Physical Niche Finder Tool Get Low Competition Niche Ideas Generate Blog Clickbait Titles Find Niche Discussion Forums Download Niche Laboratory Pro Product Reviews of Tools Affiliate Program Directory More Links...

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Innovative Business Ideas for the strategic planning process

Innovative Business Ideas for the strategic planning processForget manually brainstorming ideas. Your business can now instantly discover and capitalize on commercial opportunities, based on market research for what your prospects and customers are actually searching for.

Is your business ready to monetize new frontiers? Instantly empower your business with the market intelligence to understand your audience and cost-effectively experiment viability.
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Big Bucks Flips

Big Bucks FlipsI sold other things from around my house and scoured yard and garage sales regularly. But I had years to go before I learned the kind of strategies that have me bringing in healthy profits regularly, and before I learned the "secret" places and techniques where I could find the best quality stuff consistently, at a low enough buying price to handsomely profit.

While sharing my strategies and successes regularly with the readers of my "Yard Salers" newsletter, I opened up the doors to the wonderful stories of the readers, and we all learned from their savvy techniques and amazing finds.
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Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System for Web Publishers

Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System for Web PublishersWe help make it easy to RANK #1 for your KEYWORD PHRASE! 1) Create a relevant page for your target keyword 2) Get linked the "right way" in our blogs

When you join you will have the RIGHT KIND OF LINKS at your fingertips! As a Blogging Underground member you get 100% access to our growing network of quality blogs! As a member you get to post the way you want just as if they were your own blogs!
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Business Credit Blitz – Free Business Credit eBook

Business Credit Blitz - Free Business Credit eBook"A simple process that ANY company, business owner, or entrepreneur can use to effectively achieve higher approval odds and build substantial sums of business credit quickly." - David Cohen

It is NOT just another “how to” video on Building Business Credit. It is NOT about forming a business then applying for credit - there's much more to it than that, in which I will uncover. It is NOT about choosing the best business credit cards - yet the tactics I share will help you to get all of them. ​ The Business Credit Blitz Video Series is A SHORTCUT. Let's make one thing clear - building business credit doesn't happen overnight, but there's a much more efficient way of doing it to boost your approval odds greatly. I call my methods a shortcut because I've helped hundreds of others set the right foundation to build business credit and avoid rejections. While others go at it alone and receive one credit denial after another regardless of how small and insignificant the credit request is. Thus, damaging their corporate credit report/profile before they even get started. I'm going to show you how to avoid this dreaded mistake.
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IoT Opportunities – Just another WordPress site

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I walk the talk – and actually use the methods in my book to earn big money each and every month. Not just to say I use them – but more because I do make a lot of money from them.
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Network Crusader

Network CrusaderInstall and setup WordPress along with a Theme and Plugins in less than 2 minutes. In just a few clicks you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make a process that used to take 5-10 minutes completed faster than anywhere else. We also now have included the ability to be able to backup and clone your site onto another one instantly as well. That’s right, move your site to another site in a few clicks. No more plugins, database downloads or any of that nerdy stuff anymore.

One of the most sought after and beneficial parts of being a Network Crusader Member. Instantly scale your Private Blog Network. With this feature you’ll be able to increase the number of sites you have access to post to exponentially. Best of all you’ll be able to join networks that have been created by fellow SEO’s who know the best practices today. Even better, it uses our no footprint system so you’re posting to these sites without a trace as well!
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Blast4Traffic ™ or 5000 Facebook Clicks?

Blast4Traffic ™ or 5000 Facebook Clicks?

Blast4Traffic Sends Your Offer to 70 Million Emails Every Single Month

Blast4Traffic email blasting system sends your offer to millions of potential customers. You get 70,000,000 per month.

Do you want a simple hands off solution that does all the hard grinding for you to get you the sales target to help you stay in profit with a better than expected R.O.I - return on investment?

Would you like to get in touch with buyers leads from inside our email marketing system that has customers buying your products over and over again?

UPDATE July 21, 2020: Blast4Traffic appears to be down right now so in it's place I recommending 5000 Facebook Clicks from Facebook Ads, Groups and pages to your offer for just $25 plus you will receive a second mailing if we did not deliver as promised on the first.

Your Answer, The Blast4Traffic Email Marketing System That Delivers on Your Targeted Traffic Bringing You Quality Leads and Higher Than Expected Sales.

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then the Solution has found YOU! What is the solution? Targeted email is the most direct and powerful method of digital marketing used by successful marketers on the internet today.

There are potentially millions of targeted buyers willing to purchase your product or service. . .
Email Millions Right Now - Click Here

What is Blast4Traffic Email Marketing System?

Blast4Traffic email marketing system is a bulk email marketing system that delivers you ad promo campaign to a huge list of potential buyers list in the business opportunity, work at home digital marketing niche.

How to Use Blast4Traffic Email Marketing System

You can use this system once EVERY DAY to reach well over 2.3 MILLION prospects TARGETED to receive business offers like yours.

Email marketing companies regularly charge $200-$300 to reach 10,000 prospects once! Why pay for each blast?

You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to send out your ads in the most effective way without worry with our easy to follow Video Tutorial.

Bulk email marketing strategy works when you are able to get your message in front of millions who are pre qualified and targeted by interest or intent to receive your message without the feeling of being harassed or spammed.

Blast4Traffic is not to be seen as the be all end all for getting your message out as people in general are picky and at times indifferent especially those who will sign up to your program but are not focused enough to follow through.

You will find most of our email recipients to be from the internet marketing niche and due to the overflood of information received on a constant basis you might not find them responding to your offer at the rate or quantity you're expecting. Try to offer your own unique angle to a benefit solution.

ACTION TAKERS BONUS - Get Five (5) whole months of a premium email autoresponder to build your own mailing list. Activate your account right away to send unlimited mails without restriction and high inbox delivery and open rate CLICK HERE to sign up for your Five (5) months premium list management email autoresponder service.

Blast4Traffic Delivers Real Responses to your Ads, Not 100's of Counter Offers to your Email In-Box in response to your mail!!

With your Blast4Traffic membership you will also receive free e-book downloads training on increasing quality targeted traffic to your offer  and software downloads that are worth thousands of dollars.

You will receive even more downloads and lots of extra software and training material starting from your welcome email through the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program along with More Than 80 E-Book Titles from the Blast4Traffic system!

JOIN NOW (both Blast4Traffic and CLIXLR8 ONLINE) and save 50% on your bulk email marketing to millions of hot buyer prospects. Due to rising costs, we are being forced to raise our price soon Join now before the price goes up!

You will only pay once to be a member of Blast4Traffic, no further charges EVER! You will not be rebilled for posting your offer to millions, and there are no monthly fees!

Email Millions Waiting to Receive Your Offer - Click Here

UPDATE July 21, 2020: Blast4Traffic appears to be down right now so in it's place I recommending 5000 Facebook Clicks from Facebook Ads, Groups and pages to your offer for just $25 plus you will receive a second mailing if we did not deliver as promised on the first.

Blast4Traffic Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

"We just had a chance to check out your private membership area, and are completely BLOWN AWAY by all the advertising services and tools you provide for your customers! You're totally over-delivering and should be charging a monthly fee for this advertising service! Anyone looking to consistently generate more targeted leads to their website or affiliate links by using safe methods of email marketing should sign-up now. We will be recommending your product to ALL of our members." The Moderators

"Your approach is AWESOME! I am very impressed with all of the resources available here. I have been online for about 10 years, and trying to make money online for 1-1/2 yrs . Like just about everyone else, I have spent hundreds of dollars here and there, trying to find that magical combination to unlock my success.... I do believe I have found it here." Thanks! Billy Nelson Memphis, Tennessee

Hi..I'm jumping for joy..Just my way of thanking you for your service..I started a internet business about a month ago..Since I'm disabled, I'm on a tight budget if you know what mean..I kept trying to advertise my website through free offers, but was just not getting anywhere..Then I found you people..Wow, what a difference a day makes..My hits starting to increase.,and I'm not such a soarpuss all the time..Things are looking up..Keep up the good service..:-) KEEP SMILING." Don Britton Nebraska, USA

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"I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate this club. I have learned more in a few weeks utilizing all of the resources provided, than I have in six months of internet marketing. My business is really starting to take off. The low cost I paid for membership is absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart". Sincerely, Shirley D. New Hampshire, USA

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Even More Blast4Traffic Buyers Testimonials...

You guys are great, I've been looking for a long time for something to boost my internet business, but I didn't have a lot of the internet skills! With your system it was easy, almost like a walk in the park, no click, respond, click, respond...of a normal setup! With your directions I could do it (and that's really saying something!) Your staff is always prompt and friendly when responding to questions and I appreciate that. When you run a home business, time is money. Most of all your price just can't be beat and I'm recommending you to all of my co-workers. Keep up the great work!! Thanks, Lacey Nevada, USA

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If you want to put this in your testimonials, it's ok with me. I just wanted to thank you for everything. Your help is greatly appreciated. Since joining last month, I've had more hits to my web site than I did the previous 6 months! Honestly, I was getting a little sick of the only hits to my hit counter being from my own visits to my website.

Your system, the great price, the support are the best around, and all of the tools have helped me to become (at least in my opinion) somewhat of an Internet Marketing Specialist. My hat is off to you guys and gals at Blast4Traffic. Thanks a million! Best Regards, David B. Vineland, NJ

When I began this program, I was having trouble getting setup. Every time I had a problem, I emailed support for help (on a Sunday). I had to email them several times and was getting frustrated and was feeling burdensome. Not only did they reassure me that I was not a burden to them, they never gave up on me. In a short while they had...

Special Note from CLIXLR8 ONLINE

Special Note: You will send your promo ad campaign from inside our system by allowing us to mail our own email subscriber database of 2.3 millions recipients on your behalf.

We recommend you have a free to download quality ebook, WordPress theme, plugin, video training course or software offer setup on a lead offer page with a signup form to encourage prospects to sign up to your program and simply follow up with your own email autoresponder series afterwards.

We are encouraging you to use Blast4Traffic email marketing to build a mailing list you can market your products to from inside your own sales funnel. Any support you need in setting up leadpages, finding quality download offers and writing email autoresponder copy please feel free to contact CLIXLR8 ONLINE. Read more...

Traffic Ivy By Wildfire Concepts- Best Traffic App?

get traffic ivy by cindy donovan

Traffic Ivy Product Review - Best Traffic App for Online Marketers?

Cindy Donovan released the Traffic Ivy traffic app earlier back  this year.

Traffic Ivy By Cindy Donovan, WildFire Concepts
Click On The Image To See Traffic Ivy In Action

A product aimed at the online marketing niche focusing on a key ranking factor that Google is now putting a lot more weight on i.e how often your content is engaged and interacted on by your visitors and where that content is shared and how often.

Google is paying closer attention in 2019 and beyond to what users are finding and spending time on engaging and sharing online.

The Traffic Ivy product was officially released on January 23, 2019 and to date of updating this article has now sold in excess of 3000 copies.

I will offer some valid pointers within my own perspective in this article by  outlining whatever pros and cons I consider there might be:

Start My Traffic Ivy Campaign


Watch The Video Above and Learn How You Can Create A Steady Stream Of REAL Traffic In 60 Seconds!

Traffic Ivy – Viral Traffic Network Get You Quality Targeted Traffic.

Hello there my fellow digital marketing entrepreneurs,

What is Traffic Ivy?

This is a system designed by digital marketers  with digital marketers in mind who are searching for approaches to drive bot free, targeted and niche based traffic…

… in the event that you are one of them – Snap Here.

Traffic Ivy is a totally SaaS based Viral Traffic System.

You will only need to login to the traffic ivy system to create and submit your promotions to be shared on numerous social media profiles and groups… when distributed (utilizing our well ordered wizard), your article campaigns would go live and begin getting Genuine traffic right away.

You'll have the capacity to have your decision of:

Articles showed on our developing system of specialty focused on sites Standards showed crosswise over several social media platforms (this system is not restricted to only WordPress blogs).

You can make Facebook posts on genuine individuals' FB pages,  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit posts an on genuine YouTube accounts

Presently, I am certain you may think… that sounds like a great deal of work!

Nope – it's really 1-2-3 straightforward.

Stage 1: Interface your online life records and sites

Stage 2: Win focuses for sharing significant network content

Stage 3: Spend your focuses on focused traffic to your very own substance and offers

Watch a brisk Walkthrough Video above to see Traffic Ivy in real life:

Be prepared to be totally overwhelmed.

The cost to use this system is a very affordable $19.97 for the basic package and might be changed to a monthly subscription based system soon as the popularity of this software increases over time.

These are words coming from the developer, Cindy Donovan (Cindy's one of the leading product developer in the digital marketing space… one of the few that delivers really great products)

Getting the most out of this system is dead simple. You won't require a science degree to operate this system:

Step 1:

Connect your social media accounts and websites

Step 2:

Collect Points for sharing relevant community content simply by browsing and selecting the content you would like to share on your social media.

Step 3:

Use your Points to drive targeted traffic to the content & offers you place in the network.

Activate your marketing NOW as it's time to make your message heard by going viral on hundreds and hundreds of blogs and social media profiles.

This is really ONLY for serious Marketers who are looking for ways to drive REAL, targeted and trackable traffic……if you are one of them – Click Here.


Traffic Ivy - Traffic Generation Innovation By Cindy Donovan
Traffic Ivy - Traffic Generation Innovation By Cindy Donovan

Somehow this digital marketing traffic generating model reminds me of a content sharing exchange for credit website called Viral Content Buzz (formerly known as Viral Content Buzz) where you purchase credits to award to fellow members for sharing out your content to social media.

Guess What?!! It's A Lot Like CLIXLR8 ONLINE Here (Now I Wonder)

There are obvious similarities but in my professional capacity likewise as a digital marketer myself I believe Traffic Ivy has a number of distinct advantages (I will list those below so stay with me here).

Traffic Ivy What Is It Exactly?

Traffic Ivy designed and developed by internet marketing entrepreneur Cindy Donovan offers a solution to get quality not bot traffic to your blogs, websites or Youtube Videos.

The system is designed for you to generate traffic free of cost based on a points system, or if you so choose you may purchase credits to use to have your content syndicated on hundreds of blogs and social media accounts. You have the option as well to opt for a monthly subscription for the OTO's available.

Here's the screenshot below showing the dashboard of the site which is really an Saas. This is where you would setup your advertising campaign:

The above image shows you where you will setup your marketing campaign. You maintain the options of setting up your articles to have them posted on approved blogs, a number of Facebook posts/pages/groups — Cindy has taken every initiative to have only quality blogs and social media pages active in the system.

For those of us who wants wider social media coverage we can also submit our posts on:

Twitter | Pinterest | Reddit and Linkedin — the vendors have guaranteed that all accounts are real, active and meet the criterion of a real live quality above average account.

If you wish to advertise your site across all networks and platforms then how this works is that you being a member, you can set the price that you are comfortable with paying. You associated member publishers will be able to choose whichever marketing campaign that they are interested in publishing and promoting ad content for.

The traffic ivy system also ensures that marketing statistics are available in the members area of the software. This allows you to keep track of who is sharing, what is being shared and how many times your content is shared by members. You will know every time your content gets promoted or not. The stats are a good look and are reliable and up to date.

Traffic Ivy is a credit based points system where you can earn points for free or purchase point should the need be.

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Here’s how much the points system pans out should you opt to buy credits:

Membership options:

Traffic ivy review

There are three one-time payment options available as follows:

Option 1: $19.97 for 2,000 points - You choose the type of traffic you want
Option 2: $47.00 for 5,000 points - You Choose the traffic you want as well
Option 3: $97.00 for 10,000 points — Any type of traffic you choose

As with every IM product in the digital marketing niche, there are obvious upsells this are made available on Traffic IVY

Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription — $27 to $47 Monthly

For the Pro subscription, you can choose between the Gold Package @ 5000 points a month or the Platinum Package — 10,000 points per month.

After signing up you will encounter the first upsell for what is the pro version which you will watch a demo video explaining the features and benefits of the Traffic Ivy System:

Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle — $97

Simply pay a one-time fee of $97 and you receive a fully hosted wordpress blog that will include your own built in lead generation subscription optin forms that are built into an auto-responder system designed to managed affiliate marketing product funnels. Traffic Ivy adds a built in monetization system in addition to Five (5) “done-for-you” fully managed squeeze page funnels.

If you're already a self hosted wordpress blog owner this option should not be necessary but it's a great option for those of us who need help if they are new to setting up digital marketing systems.

Traffic Ivy Agency — $197

The agency option should you choose this — will allow you to setup unlimited accounts for other users and promote to the traffic ivy network on behalf of clients. Traffic Ivy credits can be allocated on a per account basis.

Traffic Ivy Reseller — $297

If you're feeling the entrepreneurial vibe you can set up shop as a reseller and be able to sell for yourself an unlimited number of clients and user accounts and pocket a full 100% of all subsequent sales using the system.

Traffic Ivy Refund Policy

The vendor as always will honour any refunds if you choose to request a refund after 30 days. You will have a full 30 days to try out the traffic ivy system.

Truth be told since 2012 when I first bought a product through Cindy I have never had to request a single refund in respect of products promoted by Cindy’s whether she is acting as an affiliate or as a vendor. So far I have not seen or read one poor review about using any of her products. Cindy Donovan is among the most genuine of digital marketers one could ever ask for

My Conclusion on The Traffic Ivy System

Traffic Ivy will trump (Donald will be happy to hear this) an outdated lack of innovativeness network such as a Viral Content Bee because Traffic Ivy is newer and fresher and is designed for marketers interested in promoting their products to earn from their creation and affiliate links.

  • Great for brand aware and building trust among buying prospects
  • Developed with 2019 and beyond digital marketing ideology
  • Has the capacity for exponential growth and will adapt over time
  • You get rid of dishonest traffic providers scamming with bot traffic
  • Build brand awareness and promotes engagement and relevance
  • Will prove to Google your content is worthy of being ranked
  • Keep your content in front  of like minded users attracting buyers
  • Serves to strengthen your social signals and attracts related backlinks

I'm recommending you get traffic ivy and start using to promote your blog and affiliate links.

I believe this system will help the digital marketer to make more money as it's a system developers by internet marketers for internet marketers and will become the go to source for quality traffic leads and sales.

If you know me, am not one to romp around and and mislead others to buy a product just for the sake of making a commission.

We all need money of course but I have never had the compunction to be dishonest about it.

Whenever I recommend a product (which are not that many) it's because I have identified that it has an intrinsic value for value benefit exchange attached to it and Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan is one of those products.

Go ahead and get Traffic Ivy it's highly recommended by yours truly.

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Traffic Ivy Bonus #1

Traffic Ivy is now the go to content sharing traffic generation service that gets your content shared across top quality blogs and social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and Twitters.


Boy, do we have a bonus for you read on:

How would you like your content shared even more to a wider network and influential outreach exposing your marketing campaigns to hundreds of thousands more?

All you need to do is go here to activate your Traffic Ivy account

using our sponsored link, set up your campaign and we will boost your campaigns beyond Traffic Ivy and on to other blogs and social media profiles each with a minimum of 1000 fans/subscribers/followers/members

Free members here at CLIXLR8 ONLINE getting Traffic Ivy - 1 campaign boosted per month after we upgrade you to a 90 Day Bronze Premium level account

Bronze Premium account holders will benefit from 1 Traffic Ivy Campaign being given an extra boost for more engagement, traffic and leads

Silver Premium members of CLIXLR8 ONLINE getting Traffic Ivy - 3 campaigns boosted per month

Gold Premium members of CLIXLR8 ONLINE getting Traffic Ivy - 5 campaign boosted per month.

Simply provide us with your Traffic Ivy campaign details and we will login to Traffic Ivy, locate your campaign and promote it for you by first sharing your campaign to the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Network which will automatically post to the following networks for you:

Instagram - We will Upload your Traffic Ivy campaign image to our network of Instagram accounts. With Instagram being
one of the most engaging and active social networks in the space today to have your content shared by others will do huge
for your marketing efforts and may even make you a household name someday.

LinkedIn - We easily post text, article, image or share a link to your profile, group, or a company
page you're promoting to our network of Linkedin associates. - Get your texts, images or links shared from Traffic Ivy to dozens of profiles or groups

Plurk - Your content autoposted to Plurk accounts related to your specific niches.
When posting to Plurk there is the ability to attach your images to posted messages

VK.Com - Post texts, images or share your links to multiple profiles and group pages

Weibo - If you do Chinese we will add your content to the biggest Chinese microblogging service - Weibo.
Weibo allows you to post your messages and images.

XING - Get your text messages out to targeted prospects expose your brand by sharing images and links

Blogs/Publishing Platforms

Flipboard - Get done for you auto posting service to niche marketing magazines found on Flipboard

Google My Business - Your Traffic Ivy campaigns will be mentioned and recommended on dozens of Google My Business posts
and promoted by our members.

Instapaper - Autopost to network members Instapaper accounts and be the toast of the digital marketing landscape

LiveJournal - Auto-submit your articles, updates and video content to LiveJournal blogs and communities.

LiveJournal engine based website is also supported with this outreach.

Medium - Auto-post to your profile or publications

Scoop.It - Auto post to your "Topics". Ability to attach your blogpost to scoop.
Ability to make "Image" posts

SETT - Auto-post to your blog

Tumblr - Create a text post, image post, audio or video post on your Tumblr blog.

Link Sharing/Bookmarks

Diigo - Auto-submit bookmark to your account

Email Marketing Service

Each time you submit a campaign using Traffic Ivy we will promote it for you by forwarding your links and details to our 5000 CLIXLR8 ONLINE subscriber base giving your more eyes on your content. Plus we will do email campaigns on dozens of other networks for you.

Messenger Marketing Services

Line - Autopost texts, images, or links to a host of Line channels around the globe, we push your messages out to as many groups or chats as possible. We will deliver to new audiences related to your specific niche.

Telegram - Autopost texts, images, or links on hundreds of Telegram account, promoting content outreach to groups and chats. Telegram is great for outreach and growing your business by finding like minded individuals who share the same interests as you

Image Sharing  Network Site

500Px - Have an interesting and attention grabbing image? We will have your images featured on as many 500Px accounts as there are members available to help promote your content bringing you more publicity and branding. Online users are keen on visuals and interesting images which are a key to branding and awareness.

Flickr - Just like Pinterest Flickr was there before and has not waned in popularity. We will auto post your engaging images to Flickr photostreams and/or sets and even tag them to get a viral spin going for them.

Flickr still boasts millions of daily users interacting with their content so if you have an interesting campaign image you would like to share then do so as will certainly make some new friends.


Traffic Ivy Bonus #2

If you get Traffic Ivy right now we will offer you the steepest discount possible on Social Media Graphics Pak one of our flagship products which has Thousands of social media graphics and viral images you can choose from to use in your Traffic Ivy marketing campaigns (now available at 92% OFF the regular price).


So you see, we're more than determined to over-deliver on an already quality product and we're to support you in making as much as you can from your online marketing.

Even if you're completely new or could not be bothered in the past, now is the right time to come onboard, get in touch and stay in touch.

We are here to help you succeed in the best ways possible. Thanks in advance.

Royan Shaw, Web Development Specialist/Content Marketer

Send Us Your Details We Will Do Your Marketing

Please forward your traffic ivy username following your purchase from my link, we will grab your content, promote it for you by sharing to our social media assets and post it to our network here,

We will create for you an original post adding your affiliate links and promote it on this site with a Bronze Premium Account.

Please visit this page and check out our premium membership options to see what we offer our members as premium benefits and how we can promote your content for you.

Join The CLIXLR8 ONLINE Network

Come join us and be a part of our network, we are a network of a few thousand strong but wouldn't mind having some more serious minded minded digital marketing savvy individuals on board, so, why not sign up below. Make it happen:

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Best Deals on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day 2020 should be even more successful the Amazon Prime Day 2019. In 2017 special deals and discounts ran for 30 hours, 2018 it was 36 hours. In 2019 Amazon Prime Day deals were offered for 48 hours.

What Date is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be held on Monday July 14 and will run to July 16 for 60 hours.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Starting June 15, 2020, existing Prime members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $119/year. Prime Student members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $59/year. Monthly Prime members continue to pay $12.99 per month. Monthly Prime Student members continue to pay $6.49 per month.

Is Amazon Prime Day Only for Amazon Prime Members?

Yes it is, you will need to register as an Amazon Prime Member to benefit from the special promotions and discounted deals offered by Amazon Prime.

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The Reason Why Amazon Prime Day Was Created and Recent Sales Trends.

Amazon created Prime Day not just to generate additional sales but also to increase membership in its Amazon Prime membership program, which carries a $99 per year membership fee (a free 30-day trial of the service is available).

In 2019 Amazon made a special offer was made to shoppers to sign up for a free 90 day trial membership so shoppers signing up before July 16 were able to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day Offers while on the trial offer.

Do Amazon Prime Member Get Free Netflix?

No and why should they offer you free netflix? Netflix is in business to make money and lots of it by the bucket loads. No way way Amazon is willing to foot the bill for your netflix account.

How Can I Get an Amazon Prime Account for Free?

Amazon will normally give new members a free 30 day trial and will pay anyway from $99.00 to $119.00 per year. There are special promotional offers from time to time that will offer you 60 or 90 days as a free trial.

How Can I Get Amazon Prime Cheaper?

If you're asking whether or not there is a groupon coupon for using with Amazon Prime membership there is none. The point of having an Amazon Prime membership is for members to enjoy special daily discounts when they shopped on Amazon. These deals can be huge so there's a significant benefit.

Is Netflix Better than Amazon Prime?

If you find yourself asking this question, you're five times as ridiculous as the question asked. What Amazon Prime offer is wide and varied while netflix is strictly for television and movie entertainment.

Netflix service has designed their membership plan to provide immediate access to thousands of movies and TV shows that can be streamed on any internet-connected device that has the Netflix app installed.

Compatible devices include smart TVs, game consoles, streaming players, mobile phones, and tablets which are all sold by Amazon. Netflix is compatible to be streamed to your desktop computer.

Amazon Prime offers its members free two day shipping on a wide range of products while Netflix only offer entertainment from film and TV.

Amazon Prime is more than moving picture entertainment and I just cannot see where Netflix even begin to compare to have an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 for Sellers

Promoting your product to an exclusive and shopping-friendly crowd on one of the most anticipated e-commerce events of the year comes with an impressive price tag.

Prime Day was free for the first two years, but in 2017, Amazon introduced a registration fee of $500 per Lightning Deal.

The intimidating cost of Prime Day Lightning Deals might dishearten sellers who worry if the performance of their products can sustain such an expense.

In fact, this might be a reason for the fee in the first place: a higher cost will cause Sellers to be more deliberate with their promotions — thus increasing the overall quality of Lightning Deals on Prime Day.

Prime Day breaks sales records every year, so the increase in traffic, sales, and exposure may well justify the initial investment.

Even if you can afford the sought-after promotion, your product must fulfill certain criteria to be eligible for a Prime Day Lightning Deal.

If you can’t submit your product, don’t worry — there are many more ways to cash in on the purchasing power of Prime Day.

Let’s take a look at your options.

How to Prepare for Prime Day 2020 — Tips & Procedures for Sellers & Vendors
Create Bargain Discounts: Amazon Deals, Coupons, and Prime Day Promotion
Prime Day Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are promotions that appear prominently on the Amazon Deals page for a limited time, usually around four hours.

Sellers who offer Lightning Deals typically experience a noticeable sales boost — especially on Prime Day, when Amazon turns its own marketing machine towards these eye-catching, scarcity-inducing bargains.

Submitting a Lightning Deal doesn’t guarantee that your promotion will be displayed, however.

With the help of an algorithm, Amazon determines the best deals out of the pool of submissions and ranks them according to sales potential.

Deals with the best price, quantity, and inventory are then awarded the best time and position on the Amazon Deals page.

Amazon Lightning Deals: Minimum Requirements for Sellers
Not every seller can take advantage of Lightning Deals. In order to be considered, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Professional Seller Account
  • At least 5 Seller Feedback Ratings per month
  • Overall Feedback Rating of at least 3.5 stars

On top of that, you must also offer products that are eligible for Lightning Deals.

You can easily find out whether your products qualify or not by checking for recommendations on your Lightning Deal dashboard.

If you cannot see any recommendations, then your products are not eligible.

Amazon Lightning Deals: Minimum Requirements for Vendors
Average customer review rating of at least 3 stars

Retail offer must be active and must meets projected customer demand threshold and approved sellers must be willing to guarantee that their discounted price is:

– at least 20% off the current Amazon retail website price
– at least 5% lower than the lowest price in the past 28 days
– the lowest price as of January 1, 2019

What Is Amazon Per-Unit Funding for Amazon Prime Day Sellers?

As a vendor, you are responsible for agreeing on promotional funding with Amazon. That means you decide on a so-called “per-unit funding” that is added to the Base Merchandising Fee ($500 per Lightning Deal on Prime Day).

For example: If 100 units sell during the promotion and you agreed on a funding amount of $2 per unit, the cost to you will be $200. If no units were sold, your cost is $0.

To help you plan your budget, you can also agree on a “max unit quantity”, i.e. the maximum number of units you want to provide funding for. Using the above example, if you agree to fund 100 units a funding amount of $2 per unit, your maximum cost will be $200.

What Are The Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals?

What are the special discounted deals available for 2020 Amazon Prime Day? From 2015 to 2019 the most shopped for items are usually on entertainment consumables, home decor and personal devices.

Food shoppers have now upped the ante making shopping for special deals on grocery items a top 10 favorite for shoppers.

Echo Show ‘ Save $100 on Echo Show, which brings you everything you love about Alexa who is really a half sister to Siri. Make video calls or watch video flash briefings, movies and TV shows, see music lyrics, smart home cameras, photos, weather forecasts, and more.

Amazon Brands ‘ Find Amazon’s lowest prices on products from collections available exclusively on Amazon, including up to 25% off furniture and décor from Rivet and Stone & Beam, up to 20% off AmazonBasics items, and 30% off everyday essentials from Presto!, Mama Bear and Solimo, among others.

Prime Video, DVDs and Blu-Ray ‘ Save up to 50% on popular movies and TV shows on digital, DVD and Blu-Ray. This is where shopper take the opportunity to grow their collections of DVDs and Blu-Ray of their favorite movies.

Amazon Music ‘ Prime for members who haven’t yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited can get four months of the premium, on-demand service with access to tens of millions of songs and hands-free listening, for just $0.99.

Twitch Prime ‘ Members can enjoy hundreds of hours of free gameplay as Twitch Prime gives away a free PC game every day through July 18.

Kindle Unlimited and eBooks for ‘ Prime members who haven’t yet tried Kindle Unlimited will have access to three months of unlimited reading for just $0.99. Buy your first Kindle book and get a $10 Prime Day credit valid towards eBooks, print books and Audible.

Audible ‘ Eligible Amazon Prime members can  get their first three months at more than 65% off for $4.95 a month.

In addition to online deals, Whole Foods is getting in on the celebration with an extra 10% off sale items and other savings.

For example, Prime members who spend $10 at Whole Foods from July 11 to 17 will receive a $10 Amazon account credit to use on Prime Day. Scan your Prime Code in the Whole Foods or Amazon app at checkout to get the deal.

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