Top 10 Safelists For 2018 That Delivered In 2017


Top 10 Safelists That's Delivering Sign-ups And Results

The websites below are the top 10 safelists for sign ups over the last 100 days of promoting a number of program using viral mailer list, email marketing for safelist users. Viral Nugget came out on top with 21 50 sign ups from 288 clicks from emails and viral inboxes.

Viral Nugget  21 50 Sign ups from 288 1000 clicks 

BuildMyDownLines  12 40 Sign ups from 472 1000 clicks

Ads Messenger 9 36 Sign ups from 343 1000 clicks

Adchiever 7 28 Sign ups from 595 1000 clicks

Harmony Mails 6 20 sign ups from 108 1000 clicks 

Marketing CheckPoint 6 18 sign ups from 160 1000 clicks

10 x Mailer 6 12 Sign ups from 267  500 Clicks

HotListMailer 5 10 Sign ups from 299  500 clicks

ListJumper 10 Sign ups from 386 500 clicks





Screenshot from Google Analytic Account (first 40 days)

Are you using anything of the mailers above? If you are please comment your result for 2017 in the comment form below. Don't be afraid to report how well or how badly your marketing has been performing with using viral mailers and safelists.

If you see a mailer you would like to find out more about, go right ahead, click on the image to visit the viral mailer, sign up and see how well you can use it to boost the profit from your online effort.

Updated: December 1, 2017

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