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Recently, Candy bouquets have become a popular gift in addition to gift baskets. Many times, I saw an individual’s eyes sparkle when they received a candy bouquet. I can understand why.

Candy Arrangements are floral like edible creations that are not only beautiful but also delicious. People want to surprise their loved ones with unique gifts (not just box of sweets or flowers) and a candy bouquet is the answer. It makes a recipient feel really special. Almost all kids and adults love candy and always welcome candy bouquet gifts. Believe me, your candy bouquet gift will be a hit!

Candy Bouquet arrangements are the perfect gift for any occasion. For example, your sweetheart will be blown away if you give her or him Chocolate Roses instead of the usual bouquet of flowers for St. Valentine’s Day. A candy bouquet can be of any shape, size, color, or theme.

Candy Bouquets can be an amazing centerpiece for any party. People will not stop talking about it! If you want to be a hero of a party, create a candy bouquet centerpiece.

Here are a couple of my candy bouquets that you can easily make yourself following the step-by-step instructions in my eBooks..

Do you want to learn how to make candy bouquets like the ones above? If yes, then download the candy bouquet e-books shown below.

This 236 page E-book (pdf file download) reveals everything you need to know to create beautiful candy bouquets, like a Pro, for any occasion that will make amazing gifts for your friends, family, or colleagues. Candy bouquets also make awesome raffle prizes or auction items.

The eBook contains 23 unique candy bouquet projects (different from the ones in the eBook "How to make candy bouquets for fun & profit") Read more...

Both books are step-by-step guides with colorful pictures that will teach you how to make your own beautiful candy arrangements.

In addition to each e-book, you will receive great bonus material. These E-books will help you to create beautiful candy bouquets even if you have never done so before. Get an instant access to the candy bouquet e-books "How To Make Candy Bouquets For Fun And Profit" and "The Candy Bouquet Design Book" now!

Buy these two books together for only $39.95 (SAVE $5)! Get 47 amazing candy bouquet designs!

This 101 page mini e-book contains 10 candy arrangements specifically designed for girls and boys. There is a “Candy Doll” arrangement, “Candy Bouquet Plush Toy”, two “Candy Car” arrangements, "Candy Truck", "Treasure Chest", "Purse", "Sponge Bob", and others. I will show you how to make these candy arrangements using step-by-step pictures and directions. If you are interested, you can download it now for only $9!

This 114 page mini e-book contains 10 candy arrangements specifically designed for MEN. There is a “Sailboat” candy arrangement, "Money Tree", “Candy Ship”, "Large Ship", "Notebook", "Bear Mug", "Soda Can", and other candy arrangements. I will show you how to make these candy arrangements using step-by-step pictures and directions. Download it now for only $9!

This 76 page mini e-book contains 5 beautiful Wedding Candy Centerpieces that make amazing wedding gifts. There is a "Wedding Candy Cake" centerpiece, "Wedding Arrangement in a Basket", "Two Swans", "Candy Bridal Bouquet", and "Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres". I will show you how to make these candy centerpieces from start to finish, supporting the how-to directions with 107 colorful pictures. Download it now for only $5.95!

"Thank you for making something so easily accessable and for the wonderful new ideas that you send."

"Hi Lana, I work in aged care and we are having a fete in Oct. I had seen chocolate bouquets and dearly wanted to make some for the fete and something simple but attractive that elderley residents can make with assistance. I hunted high and low looking for clear instructions on how to make these. I came across your web site and with a few pushes of buttons, there it was, wonderful step by step instructions that are easy to follow.There is no one particular bouquet I like as they are all beautiful, so I have incorperated a little bit of each in our designs. Thank you for making something so easily accessable and for the wonderful new ideas that you send. I print each one off and keep it in a folder to refer back to." Karen Anderson, Australia

"Your books are so comprehensive that I now have the information needed to pursue a candy bouquet business if I wanted to."

"Lana's eBooks on Candy Bouquets are outstanding. I originally only wanted to buy one of the eBooks just to see if the book was even worth my money and time. When reviewing her website, I noticed that Lana offered a better deal if you buy both eBooks together and a free preview of the contents by request. That's all it took for me! Lana sent portions of the eBooks to my email and within minutes of reviewing them, I bought both books. The books are awesome. There are similarities in the two books, but they offer great designs and easily understandable directions in creating beautiful candy bouquets. I completed my first "chocolate sundae" bouquet in less than 30 minutes...and it was a hit! I've made candy bouquets for my family, friends, and co-workers; and it's only been a week since I ordered the books. I don't know if I'll use this new skill set to build a home-based business, but it's absolutely possible with Lana's help. What I most appreciate is her availability through email. I've sent questions directly to Lana and received responses very quickly. These books are great additions to any creative person's library." Yvette Costales, Virginia, USA

"I bought the books because I live in a VERY rural area where we have to travel 45 minutes in any direction to get...

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