clixlr8 money making power combo


CLIXLR8 Money Making Power Combo

Create A Landing Page Or Offer Page Send Traffic Get Paid ( This Is Too Simple)

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There are Two programs your can combine their power

to deliver a tsunami effect on the amount of traffic

you can generate plus earn money for every single

visitor you send to this program.

These programs have be heavily tested and have been
proven as a combined force to boost any marketing
arsenal and so far have delivered by blowing up the
competition and sinking them out of sight.

Program # 1 - LeadsLeap (Make sure you join this)

Program # 2 - CLIXLR8 ONLINE

Note keenly: The membership fee for your unlimited traffic
at Leadsleap is $27.00 per month.

"Join both programs and send the traffic to any members page
or your own at CLIXLR8 ONLINE and you get paid $1.50 per
1000 visitors if you're a free member or $3.00 per 1000 visitors
if you're are a premium member."

I have been getting consistent signup conversion

rates 25% or more (sometimes as high as 50%) from and have always been impressed with all

the powerful and amazing values that it offers to its

members, even for free members.

(...getting traffic as a free member you have to be

willing to give of your time - still value for your

effort but extremely time consuming to generate the

quality traffic you need.)

For example, you can...

- Advertise and get quality targeted traffic.

- Make money from its PPC program. (You don't need to

have a website.)

- Write reviews and get SEO traffic.

- Use its unique linking tracker to check if you're

getting real visitors or bot traffic. (This is my


- Hosted popup generation system. (Stop paying for

popup generators.)

- And many more...

To be honest at first, I was inclined to thinking

that the tools that they provide are basic and

similar to other free tools in the market. But after

trying out these tools, I was deeply impressed and realized that I was wrong.

The tools are totally state-of-the-art, even better than some paid ones being huckstered around town by the competition.

Give this program a try.

It's free to join and always will be free to join however the real above expectation value is to get a premium account which will cost you only $27 monthly for thousands to unlimited traffic all month long.

You have my guarantee you will never be disappointed with the results you will receive from LeadsLeap by opting for a Premium account :

Work The Program And Make Money

  • Join both programs and pay for your unlimited traffic at
  • Contact our support line with your username and receipt from Leadsleap so we can confirm you purchased through our affiliate link
  • Ensure you visit our affiliate program page join CLIXLR8 ONLINE affiliate program
  • Ensure you add your referral link to any page from the CLIXLR8 website
  • Point your traffic to your CLIXLR8 ONLINE affiliate  referral page or pages
  • Top Tip:  create your page here with your affiliate link and get paid for the traffic
  • You get min. $1.50 per 1000 visitors  if you're a free member of CLIXLR8 ONLINE
  • You get min. $3.00 per 1000 visitors  if you're a PAID member of CLIXLR8 ONLINE


Take Action Bonuses For Premium Members

  1. Free web graphic creative for use on LeadsLeap traffic generation site
  2. Give us your Mail Chimp signup form code and we add it to your landing page
  3. Your post optimized and indexed on all major search engines
  4. Continuous SEO ranking optimization to achieve Page 1 ranking on Google
  5. Hundreds of back links will be directed to your page to grow your PA
  6. Done for you marketing and promotion of your affiliate link and we will recommend any affiliate product you sell to our entire network
  7.  We will help you to write your page content just simply contact us for assistance

These bonuses are available to the next 50 premium members  who take action and claim this opportunity. You earn double from the traffic you send if you go premium.

Join and send your traffic to CLIXLR8 ONLINE and get paid $1.50 per 1000 visitors as a free CLIXLR8 member and $3.00 per 1000 visitors as a CLIXLR8 premium member. Now tell me which program online is doing this and paying better?

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