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CLIXLR8 Affiliate Contest Plus Weekly Funpetition

If you are interested in taking
part  in referral affiliate programs online
then of course, you can take a look at this...

After you join, you can copy the below
email swipes to use to send to prospects : Here's The Funpetitors Promo Page

Email Swipe #1

Subject:  #Name# Join The New CLIXLR8 Online Program

I'm inviting you to join
my membership site which
pays you in any crypto
currency of your choice

It's a place to earn
compensation for your
content posted on site
we monetise it for you

You can join free but
it's better if you go
premium Start earning
from all site activities

Any genuine internet marketer
will make good money doing this.
Simply visit the link below to
learn more about this.

Email Swipe # 2

Subject:  #Name# New Program Rewards You For Every Activity

As soon as you join our
site you will earn BITCOINS
when you perform various
activities from:

- Register on site
- Login Daily
- Daily Visits To Site
- Post an offer
- View Offers Posted
- Comment, Like & Share Content
- Visit a recommended link
- Watch sponsored videos

Secret Sauce To The System:

You Get Paid For All
Your Activities Plus
An Incremental Rate
Paid Per Hour Based On
The Time Your Referrals
Spend On Site Each Month

Now what will your next
move be now that you're in
possession of such a valuable
piece of info?

Email Swipe # 3

Subject: Stop Wasting Time #Name# Get Better Results Here

Question: Why spend hours
online just clicking ads
with not even a single
result to show for it?

Are you able able to show
even your spouse proof that
with a bit of effort you'll
be able to see at least
100 dollar day every now
and again for your troubles?

You need an opportunity
that can grow into a
residual income stream
in a short space of time
I can tell you about
the best option available

You've tried almost everything
with no results then this is
the right solution for getting
back something for all that time
you've spent online

Check out the CLIXLR8 ONLINE
Get Paid For Every single
thing you do with your time
on our site

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Our Affiliate Program will share out $69,040 in cash prizes
and if you join now you will get extra bonus rewards if you
subscribe to our newsletter.

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Affiliate Contest | Weekly Fun…

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